Tuesday, March 29, 2016

World Of The Magic Atom (The Good Parts Version)

   So here's the deal.  I've posted complete Doll Man stories before.  Some gems from the 40's that have gone into the public domain even if the character himself is owned by DC.  I plan to post further Doll Man stories from time to time, but would like to expand to some of the other shrinking super heroes who are out there.
   The thing is, I don't want to get in trouble with DC over copyright violation.  So I can't just throw a full Atom story up if I want to.  Copyright law does, however, allow me to post a "Good Parts Version" (tip of the hat to The Princess Bride) where I show the parts of the story that either matter most or matter most to members of the size community such as myself.
   I'm not sure if this is going to be a regular thing or not, but I found a story that I really wanted to post and came up with the GPV idea.
   One of my favorite super heroines from childhood was Zatanna. I loved the way her magic worked (she said her spells backwards, perfect for the comics medium) and as I hit puberty I really appreciated the way she was drawn.  If you know what I mean.
   I recently came across the issue of the Atom where the Tiny Titan meets the Maid of Magic.  What follows is every moment when both Zatanna and the Atom are shown together in a panel of this comic.  Plus some commentary by yours truly.  The story will have gaps, but those gaps should keep me from getting a cease and desist letter from Warner Brothers' lawyers.
   So here it is "World of The Magic Atom."

Take note of the pose Zatanna is in; we'll be seeing it again.
Also, I'm pretty sure that Ray has been doing pilates.  That is one toned butt.

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Her quest for her father wound its way through
several DC titles in the 60's.

I like the fact that they showed that Ray is 
actually taller than her at his normal size.  
It adds a little something IMHO.

She can now shrink just like the Atom.  Yet he decides
to remain significantly smaller than the woman in the fishnets.
This speaks volumes about Mr. Palmer.

It was the 60's.

I think this guy makes a return appearance in a later
Justice League story, but I'm not sure.

As you can probably guess from the sudden jump from part 2 to
part 1; the two super heroes don't spend much time in the same panels.

Yes, this is the third time that they have used essentially 
the same sexy defeated pose for Zatanna this issue.
I'd blame it on 60's sexism, but they're still doing that stuff today.

We need more shots of the Atom on a
super heroine's shoulder.  Just saying.

Or on her top hat.  

Or being carried around in her hand.
And remember, he could be the same size as her right now.
He chose to be carried around like this.

That first panel is pretty damn awesome.
The fishnets better drawn there than any place else in the book
and Zatanna's pose is both very cute and sexy.

   So that was it.  A fun little story with two of my favorite Silver Age super heroes.  The image of the Tiny Titan standing on Zatanna's top hat has got my mind working over time.  

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