Saturday, May 14, 2016

The First Shrinking Super Hero (Sorta)

I first read about the character of Minimidget years ago.  I had a devil of a time finding anything more than his name and a brief description of his background and the fact that he was rocking an orange shirt with green pants before Aquaman was a puddle in his daddy's pants.

The early days of the internet weren't that helpful.  In the days when Yahoo ruled the Net and AOL was king I managed to find a couple images, but it would be years before I had any luck.  Thanks to the people at I was able to track down his adventures.  I've clipped his first several stories and posted them below.

I've posted some comics of Doll Man in the past and called him the first shrinking super hero with the side note that I don't consider Minimidget to be a super hero.  I accept that my opinion is in the minority, but I still rate the character as more of a shrunken adventure strip than a super hero.

That doesn't mean that the character isn't really a fun read.  In his later adventures he and Ritty travelled through time, had a giant robot pal who hung out with them, and started a revolution.  The art is a bit primitive by today's standards, but I've seen far worse.

As an interesting historical note, the first Minimidget story debuted a few weeks before Marvel Mystery Comics #1 making a shrunken comic book character older than the Marvel universe.  OK, I find that interesting, but I'm impressed by ABBA tribute bands so what do I know?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Story: Shrink Inc: Verbal Agreement

I was supposed to be working on the sixth part of Belittled on my trip back from SizeCon, but that didn't happen.  For those people waiting for the next installment of that series, I apologize.  I ended up having an idea for a new Shrink Inc story and had to get it down.  I promise that I'm getting back to Belittled ASAP.

This story deviates from my past work in a few ways.  The POV is from that of a shrunken man, but he is dominant in this piece.

For those keeping score -- Claire from the first SI novel makes a return to the series and Gail Gardner from SI 2 makes a Skype cameo.  You don't need to have read these books to enjoy this story.

(Warning: Contains sexual situations, strong language, elements of various kinks, and is definitely NSFW.  For mature readers only.)

Shrink Inc:
Verbal Agreement
copyright 2016 Taedis

“I've never met anyone who wanted to be shrunk who didn't have a … thing for size, Mr. Maddox.”
“I thought you people preferred the term 'resized.'” I replied.  “At least that's what your brochures say.”
“We do.  I just wanted to use a smaller word to make sure you understood what you were getting into.  If we accept your application your world will change totally and irrevocably.  Even those who have fantasized about this their entire lives pause before they sign on the dotted line.  Once you do sign you will stop being a person.  Your opinions will no longer matter.  You will be at the mercy of whoever purchases you.  And there's no way to return what your giving up.”

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Shrink Inc: Worshipping Claire is The April Book of the Month On BDSM Book Reviews

A couple weeks ago I was pleased to discover that BDSM Book Review had not only reviewed my debut novel, but gave it a glowing review.  I had submitted the first Shrink Inc book through their review process a couple weeks after I had published it and wasn't sure if they'd even consider a size fetish book.

Apparently they did.

And now I've found out that it is their pick for book of the month. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

SizeCon Pop Culture Video and Other Cool Stuff From Imagin8

The video that was shown at the Pop Culture Panel (and really kicked off the event) is now available online at Imagin8's site.  The link below will get you to his post about the Con and some other cool bits of art (both his and stuff he's discovered over the years.)  I know that I really wanted that framed print of the little guy on the step ladder, but had no idea how I'd navigate it safely on my bus ride home.


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