Saturday, May 14, 2016

The First Shrinking Super Hero (Sorta)

I first read about the character of Minimidget years ago.  I had a devil of a time finding anything more than his name and a brief description of his background and the fact that he was rocking an orange shirt with green pants before Aquaman was a puddle in his daddy's pants.

The early days of the internet weren't that helpful.  In the days when Yahoo ruled the Net and AOL was king I managed to find a couple images, but it would be years before I had any luck.  Thanks to the people at I was able to track down his adventures.  I've clipped his first several stories and posted them below.

I've posted some comics of Doll Man in the past and called him the first shrinking super hero with the side note that I don't consider Minimidget to be a super hero.  I accept that my opinion is in the minority, but I still rate the character as more of a shrunken adventure strip than a super hero.

That doesn't mean that the character isn't really a fun read.  In his later adventures he and Ritty travelled through time, had a giant robot pal who hung out with them, and started a revolution.  The art is a bit primitive by today's standards, but I've seen far worse.

As an interesting historical note, the first Minimidget story debuted a few weeks before Marvel Mystery Comics #1 making a shrunken comic book character older than the Marvel universe.  OK, I find that interesting, but I'm impressed by ABBA tribute bands so what do I know?

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