Thursday, August 2, 2018

Size Shenanigans

No tinies were harmed in the making of this  book.
No tinies were used inside this book.

I have a theory about the book pictured above.  I suspect that someone at Companion Books had a bit of a size thing, but didn't know how to market it at the time.  Maybe it was the artist who drew the cover, maybe it was the editor who commissioned it, but someone there thought that this was an image that would sell a dirty book in 1971.

I can't find a synopsis of this title, but I'll bet there are no scenes involving tiny people having a mini-orgy on a plate of pasta.  It there's a shrunken person in this book I'll give you a dollar.

It's sad in a way, thinking about that person back then unable to express his kink they way she or (probably) he wanted to.  Having to rely on size subtext instead of the real thing.

I found the image on Twitter, retweeted it with a bit of a joke about deceptive advertising, and thought that would be the end of it.

Then GP Ellison asked who was going to write the story him, me, or someone else.  Then I got to thinking who I'd like to see write that and I realized I kinda wanted to see all my writer friends' hot takes.  GP suggested something like Aborigen's Size Riot writing contest only not in the format of a strict competition.

And I kinda like the idea of the very old microphiliac who was behind that cover getting to pick and chose from a number of stories.

I'm in the middle of finishing up a major project so I don't have any firm ideas for rules yet.  I like a 2,000 word limit, but I'm not sure if it would be better for us to post the stories to our individual blogs/web pages or submit them for anonymous review like SizeRiot.

Right now this is just to see who'd be interested and figuring out how we want to do it.

And if you find another image down the road like the one above maybe we can play around with that too.

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  1. I'm interested! I don't even care what the rules are. I just saved the cover and will be thinking about something. Anything. Whatever comes to mind, because I never think of tiny couples in spaghetti. :)


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