Monday, September 3, 2018

Moving Day (Giant Male/Shrinking Woman Story)

Moving Day
copyright 2018 Taedis
With the blessings and ideas of Anoka Kon

Anoka'd driven all the night and most of the next day to get to her new home. Her old home. It was complicated. This was the final trip from the place she'd lived in for years to the place she'd been raised in. A part of her couldn't help but feel defeated.

There wasn't much in the car with her. Most of it had been sent ahead or brought in previous trips. It was just some bags of clothes, her laptop, and her tired body making the 14 hour one way trip southwards.

She found her old hometown easily enough, but her street eluded her. She'd driven from the edge of town home a thousand times before, but it was different that day. In that heat. In that light.

Anoka Kon was so tired.

She found her street after three wrong turns. Her house was on the wrong side, but by that time she didn't care. She didn't bother locking the car even though she was too tired to carry anything inside. She just stumbled through the noon day sun carrying nothing but the clothing that clung to her sweaty tired body.

Her bed wasn't anyplace she could find it so she crashed on a familiar couch.

It was dark when she finally woke up. She didn't hear anyone else in the house. She couldn't remember if that was normal or not. 

She lay there in the darkness a very long time thinking about everything. The decisions she'd made. Things she had no control over. All the items and events that led her to waking up on that couch in that darkness in that town that wasn't quite her home.

It was dark, but her eyes had adjusted. She closed them until everything was black again and made a wish.

When she opened them again she was disappointed nothing had happened.

She was being silly; wishes were for kids.

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