Sunday, November 25, 2018

Story: Tam's Amber

Tam's Amber

copyright 2018 Taedis
(Couple, Cuckold, Cock Worship)

Tam had taken me, as he always had, whole into his mouth, holding my entire naked body there on his tongue while his hands explored Carrie's exposed breasts and thighs. I could feel their little earthquake kisses radiate towards me from the other side of his lips, but he waited until he'd salivated a black sea for me to drown in before he opened those lips and pushed me into the waiting cave that was my wife's mouth.

They kissed me back and forth more than a dozen times. Each adding to my spit black sea. Until I'd lost track of whose mouth I was in; whose tongue stirred the tides washing over me.

Story: Poison Pen

Seated Woman With Bent Knee Egon Schiele (1917) Poison Pen copyright 2020 Taedis (NSFW, cruel, sex, offensive language, slow shrink...