Monday, September 3, 2018

Story: Moving Day (Giant Male/Shrinking Woman Story)

Moving Day
copyright 2018 Taedis
With the blessings and ideas of Anoka Kon

Anoka'd driven all the night and most of the next day to get to her new home. Her old home. It was complicated. This was the final trip from the place she'd lived in for years to the place she'd been raised in. A part of her couldn't help but feel defeated.

There wasn't much in the car with her. Most of it had been sent ahead or brought in previous trips. It was just some bags of clothes, her laptop, and her tired body making the 14 hour one way trip southwards.

She found her old hometown easily enough, but her street eluded her. She'd driven from the edge of town home a thousand times before, but it was different that day. In that heat. In that light.

Anoka Kon was so tired.

She found her street after three wrong turns. Her house was on the wrong side, but by that time she didn't care. She didn't bother locking the car even though she was too tired to carry anything inside. She just stumbled through the noon day sun carrying nothing but the clothing that clung to her sweaty tired body.

Her bed wasn't anyplace she could find it so she crashed on a familiar couch.

It was dark when she finally woke up. She didn't hear anyone else in the house. She couldn't remember if that was normal or not. 

She lay there in the darkness a very long time thinking about everything. The decisions she'd made. Things she had no control over. All the items and events that led her to waking up on that couch in that darkness in that town that wasn't quite her home.

It was dark, but her eyes had adjusted. She closed them until everything was black again and made a wish.

When she opened them again she was disappointed nothing had happened.

She was being silly; wishes were for kids.

She pulled herself up from the couch. It must have been after midnight, but the heat clung to her like mist on a morning pond. Her clothes felt welded to her by her own sweat. She stumbled through the darkness on legs that weren't as awake as she thought to the picture window that dominated the far wall.

She didn't remember having a picture window. She didn't remember this room that well.

She couldn't see the moon from where she stood, but its light blanketed everything she could see. She could almost make out her sweat beading off the green striped fabric of the wrinkled dress she'd fallen asleep in.

She grabbed the dress by the waist and lifted it up over her head. The warm air felt momentarily cool against her skin as she wound the wet fabric into a ball and tossed it into the darkness. She didn't care if anyone looked inside and saw her standing there exposed. She almost wanted the attention. At least it would prove someone wanted her.

She needed to be wanted.

The window was open to the outside letting the warm breeze pass over her burning skin. She debated taking a long cold shower to clean off and calm down. Then she saw the tree and all thoughts of a leaving that window vanished like a fist after you've opened your hand.

It was a spruce.

Or an elm.

Anoka didn't know much about trees and it was still dark out despite the thick moonlight. Whatever it was it was very tall and very old and hadn't been there before she pulled her dress off.

He was in the tree.

She could see him clearer than she could make out the spruce or the elm or whatever the fuck it was. She could see him lounging there naked on a long branch cool and perfect in the moonlight. Despite the distance and the dark she could make out his face like he was standing right in front of her. Chiseled and clean shaven. With piercing blue eyes that stared into the night sky with the same longing she had when she looked at him.

She stared at him so long she was sure dawn was on its way, but nothing changed. She'd never seen his face before, but she knew that she loved him. She'd never heard his voice, but she knew if he called her now she'd recognize it. The voice of her lover in the tree. The voice of the man she was meant to be with.

After awhile he grew tired of longing for the sky. Or maybe he knew he was on display and wanted the show to end. She couldn't be certain. She couldn't be certain of anything anymore.

He tucked his feet under his taut ass and jumped out of the elm or the spruce or the whatever. He landed on his feet with his back facing her. She could see the curve of his legs as they joined with his thighs and butt. He pulled his legs apart slightly as he rose framing his genitals in the stark moonlight. Despite all the impossibilities she could make out every hair that covered his testicles; she could see the way his flaccid head dangled down below his balls.

He started to walk towards a house that hadn't been there when he left the tree. She had never seen it before. She was convinced no one had.

Anoka watched him stride towards it and she knew if she let him go now she would never see the man in the tree again. If she didn't act now she would only have a memory of his body and his eyes to comfort her as she dove her fingers deep inside herself.

She wasn't going to become a widow to a man she'd never met.

The window had no glass. She'd thought she'd been on the second floor, but when she stretched her leg outside it landed on cool night grass.

She called for her tree lover as she ran towards him in the grass, but he didn't hear her or it wasn't the right time to hear her.

He'd made it through the door by the time she reached the porch. She could see the screen door still bouncing from the closing, but there was no sign of him.

She felt the wood of the porch on her bare feet and rushed inside.

The house was larger on the inside than it looked like on the out. It wasn't a matter of square footage so much as scale. The screen she'd flung open just then had seemed to be only a couple feet taller than her on the outside; inside it towered over her. She doubted she could shift it now it was so much larger.

Everything was bigger than she was now. She wasn't certain if she'd shrank or if the house had grown, but she now stood eye level with the tops of the boots that rested on the mat to the side of the impossibly tall door.

She heard another door open somewhere deeper in the house; she didn't have time to think. She barely had time to run.

The more she ran the larger the world became or the smaller she shrank. It made sense to her if she didn't think about it so she let it make sense and focused her mind on making her tiny legs run faster as she searched desperately for the man who was her future.

Anoka found him in the bedroom.

She guessed it was his bedroom. It was a man's room. Filled with the furnishings, decorations, and scents of a man who lived on his own. The room was neat and tidy. What she could see of it anyway from her place on the floor. The only thing that seemed out of place was a small pile of cloth halfway between her and him just laying on the floor.

His back was to her as she entered the room. She wanted to call up to him, but she was suddenly embarrassed about barging into his home like this while he was naked and she was immodest. She scurried to the cloth and hid behind it.

His scent almost danced off the fabric. A musky aroma she'd never smelled in real life, but recognized on some primal level. It was the scent of her man. She wrapped herself up in it and the fabric that had delivered it to her.

When she was covered almost completely by his scent and his clothing she looked up at him standing above her through the one eye she allowed out. His legs were two pillars rising on either side of her curving upwards to far more interesting parts of his anatomy.

She stopped breathing when he turned and faced her. She was convinced she'd been found out when a hand larger than her entire body reached down from the sky towards her.

She ran back into the fabric trying to escape his looming hand, but secretly wanting to be taken up into the sky by it. She wanted to see his clear blue eyes again up close even if they were each larger than her head.

She ran so far she should have made it out, but she was still charging madly forward when she felt him pick up the briefs she'd hidden inside and pull them up his legs.

Anoka collapsed to the bottom of the cloth facing upwards, breathing heavily. Taking in more of the intimate scents that surrounded her as she was lifted closer and closer to the cock and balls that dangled above her tiny head.

She told herself she should close her eyes, but she was unable to pull her gaze from the mammoth dick she was rising towards. The light cut out moments before she was pressed firmly against the smooth firm skin. 

Fingers taller than she was adjusted her until she was trapped in the gap between his cock and balls. Her arms were useless squeezed between semi-hard shaft and the softer sack. Coarse hairs tickled her feet.

She didn't think he knew she was there. If he did he didn't care. Or didn't mind. She thought to call out to him again, but she didn't want to. She'd found the place she wanted to be and she didn't want to risk being removed or laughed at for her desires.

She felt ashamed she wanted to stay there. She was an adult. She had responsibilities. She couldn't find comfort and happiness under a man thumb. How was it possible she could feel that way under his manhood?

She felt him throb above her as he went about whatever else he was doing in his giant world. It was a world she'd been a part of her whole life. A world she'd been cut off from like a castaway on some obscure island the satellites had blinked over. She would stay there until he saw fit to let her out. She was a prisoner of his cock until he decided otherwise. The fact that he may not even know he was her jailor didn't change how she felt.

She loved it.

Anoka planted a gentle kiss on his shaft and rested her cheek against the faintly throbbing muscle. She was too small to reach any further up his cock; even flaccid the head was out of her reach.

She snuggled into her new home and melted away.

She was bathed in sweat when she woke up. A very small bit of it hers. The rest smelled of him. She didn't even know his name, but she was soaked in his dick sweat and she knew that she loved him.

She had no idea how long she'd slept or what her giant had done while she slumbered. Maybe he went to his job. Maybe he'd gone on a date with some giant woman. She'd never know; that wasn't her world anymore. Her world was here, between his rock and his hard place.

She could feel him stir above her. The shaft stretched and grew under her cheek rubbing her face as it grew erect.

There wasn't any moment of shocked surprise when the giant hand came back and reached for her in the darkness.

He knows I've been here.She thought. That will make this easier.

His fingers got twisted in her bra and underwear contorting her like a puppet until she was tied by them to the palm of her hand her arms pulled up and pressed flat against his fingers; her legs spread wide against his palm.

He was laying down when he took his hand and her from his underwear. They were in the same bedroom she'd trespassed into. For all she knew he'd never left. If she could have torn her eyes away from his body she'd have seen that the sun was out, but not far from setting.

His face was too far away for her to make out. She could just see his chin jutting out like a small hill in the middle distance. He kept his palm and his prisoner pointed to his torso as he lifted both to his face. The sight of his rolling abdomen and firm chest made her want to play her fingers over herself. She struggled to move them, but wasn't able to budge.

Her helplessness made her happy.

He had to lift his hand up so she could see all of his face at once. Even then it dominated her vision.

She watched his blue eyes move ever so slightly as they traced her body against his palm and fingers before staring directly into her own. He looked like he didn't judge her for needing the things she craved. He looked like he understood her even when she didn't understand herself.

“please” Anoka moaned.

It was the only word she'd said to him; it was more than she needed to say.

He brought his hand to his lips placing her face just below the bow that formed on his upper lip just below his nose. He kissed her face clean of sweat. He kissed her until she smelled of his warm sweet breath and then he ran the tip of his tongue down her neck and up her bound arms.

He kissed her exposed breasts without having to use all his mouth. He licked both nipples at the same time with the same tongue.

She was worried he'd misinterpreted her “please” and was planning on letting her go. The last thing she wanted at that moment was that. Then she felt his mouth and tongue slowly work their way down her exposed spread body and she knew he understood her.

She humped her tongue against his tongue until she was on the brink of exploding in his mouth. She would have finished only he took his hand away. When she opened her eyes again he was staring up at her, in his palm, panting and desperate.

He brought her back to his mouth only this time instead of kissing her slowly he licked her from toe to face in one rapid gesture leaving her drenched in his spit. Her long hair hung damp and low around her blushing face.

Then he moved his hand and she could no longer see his face.

By the time he'd brought her back to his crotch he'd kicked off the briefs. He was hard now. Hard and rising up from the plains of his thighs like a ziggurat in a cornfield. More than he could wrap around his already large hand. More than she could touch at one time even if there were two of her.

He cupped his palm halfway and pressed her close to the head of his twitching cock. She had to strain her neck to reach it's quivering surface with a kiss. It felt hot and powerful under her tiny lips. She kissed her way to the one angry hole at the end and kissed that. It was the same size as her mouth; she let her tongue rim the inside edge. She could taste salt and imagined what had caused it.

She hadn't finished kissing him when he lowered his hand to the base of his cock and wrapped it and her around it. She felt the massive penis tremor against all of her body. From the heels of her feet, up her wide spread legs, to the the wet and open lips that flowered for him between her legs. She held him between her legs and arms. When he stroked her slowly upwards she kissed her way up the shaft. She wasn't even sure if he could feel it, but she could. That love and devotion to something so much greater than herself.

His tempo increased. She wasn't able to keep up with her kisses. Not going that fast. Not riding a pillar of dick flesh that quickly.

She heard him talk to her then. Heard him call her name in a voice she'd never heard, but knew she'd recognize. He called her other things to. All the words she'd wanted to be called when she was alone and dreaming of her man. Kind words. Degrading words. They were the same thing to her now; bound by her bra and underwear to his hand, masturbating him as he got her off.

She could feel the heat build and burn away the spit she was covered in like sunlight on mist. She could feel the heat rise between her own thighs as her body melted into a new shape she'd never imagined. Felt the heat rise as she stopped being a thinking person and transformed into one quivering, needy, animal. All erogenous. Nothing cerebral.

She shook and trembled and moaned against that hard thrusting flesh until there was nothing but the pleasure erupting from between her thighs and the flesh she rode.

She was still riding that crest when he grabbed the base of his shaft with his other hand moving his palm and his prisoner to the head. She opened her eyes to see the same toothless mouth she'd kissed before open wide as the giant mushroom head throbbed purple under her. 

She knew what was going to happen. She welcomed it. It would be her baptism into a new life. Their marriage ceremony. Their sacrament. She stared at the hole until the white spasms erupted up and her and she was washed in his cum.

It covered her face, her eyes. It shot up her nose and into her mouth forcing her to cough or choke. Part of her wanted to die just then. Part of her was terrified she'd never experience something so pure and perfect again.

He held her against him as they both came down. She tasted the salt and smelled the bleach of the load that had washed over her. It was a good taste. A good smell. She was proud even if she wasn't sure why. She could feel him oozing over almost every part of her body. She wanted to rub the rest down with what was still slowly leaking from his spent cock.

She kissed the head and thanked him so quietly even a mouse couldn't hear her.
This time when he brought her up to his face she could see the trail of hot white cum lining his stomach and chest. He'd caught most of it against her, but not all. She wanted to get off his hand and walk along the white trails she saw, but before she knew it she was once more at his face looking down from his palm.

They smiled at each other for a very long time. The two lovers didn't need words to get in the way. They both knew what had just happened. They both knew they'd wanted it. They knew it wouldn't be the last time.

He brought her down to his lips and kissed her face. She could see white cum on his red lips as he lifted her back up. She saw him lick them clean.

He could have untied her if he wanted, but he didn't. She wasn't sure if he was too tired or if he preferred her in bondage like this. She didn't know if she preferred it, but she was happy to just be with him basking in the afterglow.

He placed his hand on his chest pressing her firmly against his chest and turned out the light. She'd have to get used to him being the one who controlled their world. She was comfortable with that.

Yesterday's moonlight didn't return. It was dark in the room. Darker under her tree lover's hand.

She closed her eyes and felt the heat rise off his still heaving chest. As his breathing calmed she could hear the sound of his heart beating. A steady beat that tremored under her. It was a good sound. A loving quake. She knew in time her own heart would beat in the same pattern. If it wasn't doing so already.

She kissed his chest. She doubted he could even feel it. She tasted the salt of his sweat and his cum. She lay her cheek in a puddle of both.

As Anoka drifted off to sleep riding his heartbeat she knew she had found her special place in the world. She didn't know what would happen tomorrow, but she knew she'd found home.


  1. I don't think I've read another story in this community that felt so much like a true rebirth--and that includes literal unbirthing stories. You are doubtless our foremost chronicler of Male Giants.

  2. Thank you so much, Njord. I appreciate the feedback and am glad you liked it.


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