Sunday, August 30, 2020

Story: Christmas Wanted Him Dead (and notes)

Image from "Let Him Have It" (1991) 

Christmas Wanted Him Dead

copyright 2020 Taedis

(Warning. Contains gun violence and execution.)

Based on a true story with some sci fi nonsense thrown in.

Submitted for the HistoricalJuly20 SizeRiot writing contest.

27/01/53 (10:01 PM)

It's against the rules to show myself to anyone. I could ruin everything. I could get hurt.

But the guards left Derek's cell at 8:30 and there's no sign they're coming back. They were supposed to stay with him all night playing cards. He's alone. Scared.

Derek's a convicted murderer. The tallest prisoner in Wandsworth. I'm watching him from a vent so small only a mouse could slip inside. He could kill me a dozen ways and no one would ever know I was here. 

If I was thinking with my head I'd stay quiet, but my bleeding heart won't shut up.

I yell Derek's name till he looks straight at me.

02/11/52 (9:25 PM)

It took two days to climb the warehouse. It was filled with candy, but all I could smell was sulphur.

It was going to be a bad winter.

A pigeon couldn't fit where I perched, but I could see everything sitting on the lamp above the lift shed.

I heard them climbing the drainpipe before they set foot in the light on the roof. Derek looked so young. I know he's 19, but I'd only ever seen his picture before. Even babies look old in black and white.

It wasn't a heist. Not a caper. Just a couple bored guys playing crooks. Derek seemed surprised when the door to the stairs wouldn't open, like it hadn't occurred to him it'd be locked. 

Derek tried to hide when he heard the police, but it was too late.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

New Novel Premiering At SizeCon 20 Micro

Through a combination of good fortune, hard work, and lucky timing I am pleased to announce I will be premiering my latest size novel at SizeCon Micro taking place this Saturday. Starting the morning of the Con interested readers will be able to buy PDF copies through e-junkies. Print copies are still in the future, but that's not a concern for an online con.

One Big Love is a different kind of novel for me. Those of you who've read my longer form work know I tend to lean heavier into the fetish in them than I sometimes do with my short stories. A heavy focus on the kink side of the community. Sometimes cruel, others gentle. Always with a lot of sex.

This novel, not so much.

This is the story of a woman who finds love and has to figure out how to keep it while navigating both her first polyamorous relationship and being the size of a Princess Leia action figure. That sounds like a recipe for sexy fetish shenanigans, but that's not the thrust of the book. It's a shrunken woman love story. An exploration of more than just romantic love.

There's some steamy scenes, but anything too explicit takes place off camera. There are some moments of risk and violence, but things work out. It's a gentle story. If you enjoyed “Overwhelm Me A Little,” “You Are Not Alone,” or “Moving Day” I think you'll like this. 

I've got a gorgeous cover made for me by Morgana Art. I'd share it now, but I want to save it for the big reveal in a couple days. 

I hope you like it.

From the cover:

Anna's life was ok. Not great. Not terrible. OK. She wasn't working her dream job, but she liked data analysis and the sleepy state she ended up moving to. She had a best friend with anger management issues. A nurse roommate with a cute accent. A fiance who worked a lot. A mom with a brain sharper than Oppenheimer's and a mouth filthier than most truckers. And a dad who got her jokes.

The accident changed everything. 

It was Anna's day off, but she came in anyway. If her mom was going to change the world Anna wanted to be there to bask in the reflected glow of history. Besides, it was a good excuse to introduce her to her future son-in-law. The nurse and the best friend were there for other reasons.

When the smoke cleared Anna was the size of a toy kept alive by a trick of physics even her genius mom barely understood. Not that the mom didn't have her own problems with the transformation she underwent.

In less than five minutes Anna went from independent woman to someone completely dependent on other people for everything. This is the story of a woman who loses everything, but still wants to love and be loved. A woman figuring out what relationships mean when her girlfriend can hold her in the palm of her hand and her boyfriend's kiss reaches from her chin to her navel.

(This 80,000 word science fiction novel contains adult themes including adult language, brief violence,

polyamorous exploration, and mature subject matter.)

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Story: Overwhelm Me A Little (Gentle, Male Growth, Sexual Situations, Brief Consensual Bondage)

Overwhelm Me A Little

copyright 2020 Taedis

“No one wants coffee at two in the afternoon unless they're a perv, weird, or a writer.” The orange coffee cup Mel slid on the table was almost comically oversized. “I speak from experience.”

“Good thing I'm all of the above.” Sara had to use both hands to lift the hot cup to her lips. 

“You think you're cute don't you?”

“I'm frigging adorable, babe.” 

The coffeehouse was empty except for the waitress and her customer buddy in the corner table.

“You're holding enough caffeine to make a grown man bounce off the walls for hours.” 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Story: Equal Love

Equal Love

copyright 2020 Taedis

(NSFW, gentle, sexual content, female growth)

Gail was waiting tables when I met her. It was snowing the afternoon I walked into the diner. I was playing hooky from a job I hated. Gail fed me chili and topped off my coffee enough I knew she was either bored of the kitchen or interested in me.

I flirted at her hard as we watched the snow pig-pile on the sedans and SUVs across the street. She was cute. I was lonely. Neither one of our lives had turned out like we'd planned. Gail wanted to work in a finance; I wanted to be Tony Stark 20 years younger.

I didn't ask Gail for her cell, but she wrote the number on the side of my to go cup anyway.

Our first date was bowling and walking her home. We talked. A lot. Gail laughed. She has a pretty laugh. I kissed Gail on the mouth on her doorstep and told her I didn't want to be a jerk. I walked home in the cold tasting her smile on my lips.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Audio Adaptation: Safe Word: Snape (Narrated by The Goddess Clue)

Content warning: Strong sexual content, male growth

I recently made the acquaintance of The Goddess Clue while getting ready for the upcoming online SizeCon. She's a writer and voice talent who very generously offered to provide some narration. After listening to her samples I thought her voice would be perfect for a male growth story I wrote a couple years ago. I think she did a great job. Click the link above to see if you agree. Feel free to look her up on Twitter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Story: I Could Let You Make Me

I Could Let You Make Me
copyright 2020 Taedis

(Content Warning: Blood, Violence, 
Graphic Threats,Attempted Vore,
Predator/Prey Dynamics )

Submitted to SizeRiot's GentleApril2020

There was a road.

It wasn't the road to Hell or Heaven; it wouldn't take you back to childhood or forward to the grave. It was only a line of black asphalt and yellow paint connecting here to there. 

Which here and which there are another story.

On the east side of the road lived people; monsters on the west. The people called the monsters giants and the giants called the people prey

And that's all you need to know about that.

A god walked that road.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Dolly Dominatrix and The New Direction

I've spent the last few month investing in making my stories more than just text on a page. I've reached out to a number of amazingly talented creators in the size community to create new covers for existing projects, new covers for new projects, and audio narration.

I have many irons in the fire right now, the above is the first of what I hope to be many pleasant surprises for the people who've supported my work over the last five years. It's me tipping my toes into audio books. Seeing if I can make enough to pay the voice talent what they deserve for their work on a smaller project before attempting a full scale novel.

I met Aoife at SizeCon, but  I didn't know she did audio commissions until a little later when I saw them mentioned on Twitter. I had enough of a feel for her voice and personality from the Con to know she'd do a great job narrating one of the longer, sexier scenes from my novel Purse Pet.

I was right, she did an amazing job. She also drew the cover.

One of the nice things about the sales site I'm using is they have the option of letting me price something for nothing without having to jump through hoops. Meaning I can provide a five minute free sample of the thirty minute story. If you're interested you can go here.

If you'd like to support independently created size smut please click on the links to the right and buy either the sound file for Dolly Dominatrix or the PDF of Purse Pet. PayPal will take its cut, but the rest will go into paying for more art, more narration, more people in the community being able to make a little money from what they're so passionate about.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Story: Poison Pen

Seated Woman With Bent Knee
Egon Schiele (1917)
Poison Pen
copyright 2020 Taedis
(NSFW, cruel, sex, offensive language, slow shrink, 
SPH, shrinking man/normal woman, dubcon, 
feminization, bisexual, cuckold)

c/o Alexander House
Derrygore Drive
Enniskillen, Fermanagh
This first day of July
In the year of our Lord
Nineteen Hundred and Seventeen


I loved Harry too much to kill him, but that didn't stop me buying the poison when I learned you'd 
been fucking him. I'd ask if it was worth it, but we both know he wasn't. 

Was it money? I knew things were tight for you, but for Christ's sake I'd've given you anything; all you had to do was whisper.

I know it wasn't for his mind; I'd be disappointed if it was his body. He had broad shoulders and a horse prick corralled between his thighs, but only a rat's ass to push it with. The only time it ever did me any good was when I climbed on top and threw my twat down on it till I could feel the tip gag the back of my throat. 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

the small print

Before the doors opened on the first SizeCon I've wanted to see an anthology of some of the best writing in the community. Various things prevented that from coming to pass for the first three cons, but I'm taking the bull by the horns, going rogue, performing various other cliches, and putting something out myself.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Story: Alex Sang

Alex Sang
copyright 2019 Taedis
(NSFW, gentle, hardcore sex, intersex genderqueer/male crossdresser, 
shrinking man, insertion, blasphemy)

“I like your dress.” The angel stood in their doorway surveying the new arrival. “But aren't you rushing Halloween?”

“It doesn't have to be Halloween to crossdress.” Alex shivered as the October breeze played along his shaved stockinged thighs.

“I'm teasing.” In the time it took Alex to blink the angel seated themselves on the sofa on the other end of the apartment. An open hand and warm smile invited Alex inside. “But it is what you told your sister. Before you borrowed it.”

“She wouldn't understand.” Alex closed the door behind him glad of the warmth and privacy. Gender bending had been Tom's thing, not his. Alex felt exposed going out like that. Exposed to people. The cold. “I should've borrowed a longer skirt. Everything else I got online. I'm not the kinda guy who wears his sister's panties.”

“I know.”

“My friend Bill did my makeup.” Alex pulled nervously at the hem.

“You look very pretty.”

Alex didn't know what to say; he'd never been called pretty. Now he stood there in some strange angel's apartment wearing Maggie's dress, a bra he couldn't fill, panties he overflowed, heels that almost fit, and stockings that felt too good.

“Maggie's in remission.” Alex smoothed his skirt in back with both hands before sitting opposite the angel. He'd seen Tom do that. When they'd dated.

“I know.”

“Is there anything you don't?”

“Whether you'll go through with this.”

Alex must have blinked again. When his eyes opened the angel was standing in front of him, a full glass of wine in their proffered hand.

“What'll happen to Maggie if I don't?” Alex stared at the glass, the way the maroon wine set off his pink nail, too scared of the answer to look the angel in the face.


“The doctors were giving her days; there's gotta be another shoe to drop.”

“There are rules. Consequences.”


“Only one way to find out.” The angel looked pointedly at the exit.

“No. I'll do it.”

“Are you sure?”

Alex waited till he'd drank down to the dregs before whispering “yes.”

Alex blinked again and he was sitting on the angel's bed empty handed. The angel smiled the same warm grin just as close as they'd been a heartbeat ago. Close enough Alex could smell their heat. It was a good scent.

“You understand what you have to do?” The angel pulled their tie off and tossed it on the dresser.

The bed was tall. Alex's three inch heels barely made it to the floor. He kicked them off before sliding his weight from butt to knees. Firm mattress to thick soft carpet.

Alex rested both hands on the angel's narrow hips to steady himself. The heat of the angel's cock, even through the pressed tweed trousers, was enough to make the man in the miniskirt blush. Alex rested a rouged cheek against the angel's fly. He could smell the heavy musk of their cologne through the Eternity he'd dabbed behind ears and knees and neck.

The angel throbbed a morse code lullaby into Alex's flushed face.

“Has it started?” Alex whispered. “Am I getting smaller?”

“Bit by bit.”

“How long?”

“Long enough.”

“Thank you.” Alex kissed the pulsing heat before working the zipper down with his teeth.

The angel unbuttoned their dress shirt as the mortal rooted through their pants like a hog starved for truffles. The shirt joined the tie on the dresser. The angel wasn't wearing anything else over their small breasts. They left the suspenders on to rub and tease as their nipples grew fat from cool air and lust.

Alex kissed his way past flannel briefs to the hard silk treasure inside. Lips and tongue read the unseen penis like a blind woman's fingers on a kind man's face. The blind touch answered Alex's lingering questions.

Circumcised. Alex thought. That'll make this easier.

Alex took his hand from the angel's hip to help his mouth pull their cock all the way out. The head barely fit Alex's mouth. He'd wrapped his jaws around some monsters in his day without this much trouble. Was the angel that much bigger than mortals? Was Alex really getting smaller?

Alex danced his tongue against the tip until it cried salty tears down his eager throat. The head swelled in constant erection as Alex shrank around it. Pressing against his tongue and palate like an inflatable gag until it was too big and Alex finally expelled it with an obscene wet plop.

“Thank you, Gerald.” Alex whispered the words lovingly into the cock's one eye. “It will be an honor and blessing having you inside me.”

Alex looked up to the angel. “Fuck me while you can.”

Alex tried to look alluring rising from his knees to be taken by this new and final lover, but he'd already undergrew his borrowed dress and online underwear; he started crashing down when skirt and hose and panties tangled around his quivering feet.

“Careful.” The angel grabbed Alex in their powerful arms.

“You're huge.”

“You know better.” The angel put a foot between Alex's legs holding the mess of feminine clothing in place then lifted him out of the fabric puddle.

When he'd knocked on the door Alex stood slightly taller than the angel. Now he had to look up to see their breasts.

“This is stupid.” Alex said.

“You can change your mind.”

“No. I'm stupid. This is supposed to be the most important thing I ever do and I feel like a little boy caught in his mom's stuff.”

“You aren't. You don't.” The angel ran a hand through Alex's hair.

“I must look like a freak.” Alex turned his head away. “I've got nine inches of makeup on a six inch face.”

“You're not.” The angel stepped back three paces to give Alex room to think. “You're so pretty and brave. I want you so very badly. But not until you say the words.”

“Yes … Please. I want this.”

The angel lifted Maggie's blouse from Alex's back. Once the bra was gone he was naked but for the mis-sized makeup.

“When this is over can you get Maggie her things back?” Alex asked.

“Of course.”

“And tell her what happened.”

“As much as she'll believe.”

“Thank you.”

The angel slipped their arms from the suspenders and let the elastic fabric fall to their waist. Tweed pants and flannel underwear became another cloth puddle on the floor.

Angel and mortal stood there completely exposed before the other, admiring different types of perfection.

The angel's body rose above Alex taut and muscular. Hard in all possible ways. Breasts that would've barely filled Alex's mouth five minutes before were as large as his face. Their broad shoulders tapered downwards in a V to a narrow waist. An arrowhead pointing straight to their cock. Alex caught brief flashes of glistening arousal from the angel's other sex organs through the lush pubic hair. Just as thick and luxurious as the hair under their arms. Growing wild in stark contrast to the angel's manicured Van Dyke and neatly curled mustachios.

Alex's muscles were less defined. His shoulders and hips formed a square instead of a triangle. His legs and arms and bush were clean shaven that morning. His makeup was runny and awkward. He was the most beautiful thing the angel had ever seen.

The angel made the first move stepping forward until their hard cock flattened against Alex's flat breast. Alex kissed the angel's stomach until they put their hands under his arms and slowly pulled him upwards. Alex kissed his way up until their lips met.

Alex was face down on the giant bed in a blink. The warm oil felt cool against his fevered skin as the angel playfully worked it deep inside. One, then two greased fingers trailblazed Alex's passage, scouting the path for the colonizing cock.

The head felt like the whole of the world was pressed into Alex's backside. He was eager and open, but had to push back into the angel's thrusts seven times before the thickest part of the shaft penetrated his constantly tightening muscle ring.

Once inside the angel grabbed Alex by the hips thrusting in time to a song only they could hear. The music of a thousand voices echoing from balls to glans marking their own collective time to the driving beat of the angel's fucking.

With each thrust the angel swelled bigger inside the shrinking man, filling Alex more completely than Tom ever had. Than any mortal could. Alex's need grew as his body melted, but he held back the urge to spasm into the soft bedding. His orgasm would come later.

The angel swelled until Alex's walls had to either expel the welcome invader or Jericho in blood and agony. A familiar warmth passed between them. Alex bit his lower lip and dug his fingers into the velvet bedding. It was happening.

The angel had to hold Alex tight to keep their exploding cock inside him making sure that every last gasp of orgasm was fired firmly into Alex's dwindling body.

“It feels like I'm gonna explode.” Alex cried into the bedding.

Alex had shrunk so much the angel had to work to extricate their spent cock.

“What's inside you isn't shrinking as fast.” The angel pulled him to their breast. “It'll feel worse before it catches up, but you must hold it all until you're inside me.”

“I know.”

Alex lay between the angel's breasts clenching himself tight through pain and pressure. Was this what a pregnancy felt like? His organs pushed aside to make room for the life injected deep inside.

When the angel's breasts were larger than he was Alex started the long crawl to the angel's flaccid penis. By the time he'd crossed into the jungle of pubic hair he'd adapted to his strange pregnancy. Barely noticed the pressure as he crawled the length of the shaft to the tip.

The angel had placed a pillow between their legs for Alex to stand on. A tall feather pillow that brought him eye level with the resting angel cock. Even spent it was bigger than Alex.

The shrinking sacrifice kissed the top of the head down to the hole. It tasted like their love and reminded Alex of going down on the few girlfriends he'd had. When Alex heard the angel moan he knew they were close; when he tasted liquid salt on his tongue Alex knew they was ready.

Alex had to climb on the angel's cock to line his own erection up with their hole. Had to wrap eight fingers around the ridge of the mushroom shaped head for leverage as he slid himself into the angel's urethra. A few drops of hot precum were enough lubrication.

Alex didn't last long. Nine thrusts and he fired his load, what there was of it, into the angel's tight passage. Alex didn't bother pulling out. He melted faster than his deflating cock. Leaving it inside the angel moored him. Drug his shrinking body closer to where he needed to go.

In a blink the angel's hole was a cave. Dark and warm going on forever. Lined with the remnants of what hadn't been fired into Alex and the fresh cum the mortal had just deposited when he was a three inch giant. Alex crawled inside the penis cave spent and exhausted. He wrapped himself in his and his lover's semen and dreamed about the life Maggie would have without him.

Alex slept 40 days before another mortal voice woke him; nervous and scared like he had been.
Light fell through an opening at the front of the cave. A strange giant stared straight at him.

“Thank you, Alex.” The giant whispered.“It will be an honor and blessing having you inside me.”

Alex heard the thousand man chorus rise up inside him. The ones who'd also sacrificed themselves to save lovers, family, friends. The thousand men the angel orgasmed into him.

Alex sang.

Story: Christmas Wanted Him Dead (and notes)

Image from "Let Him Have It" (1991)  Christmas Wanted Him Dead copyright 2020 Taedis (Warning. Contains gun violence and execution...