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Four Giant Women Walked Into 50s Hollywood and All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt (Part One)

Humanity has been obsessed with giants and tiny people since the species evolved imagination. When we invented myth, People of Unusual Sizes populated them. When myth crossed the blurry line into fiction, we wrote them into our novels, short stories, and blog posts. When our artists figured out perspective and proportion, giants graced our cave walls, canvases, and computer screens. The history of media is the history of Size. As soon as a technology is born someone will bring capital “S” Size into it.

The first person to ever pay to see a film forked over their centimes in 1895. In August of 1901 a tiny man materialized on top of a glass of beer in “The Cheese Mites”. He was the first tiny person on film, no matter what lies Wikipedia wants to perpetuate. A few seconds later he was joined by an equally tiny couple who dragged themselves out of a bread bag. In less than a minute the tiny boys were wrestling on the tabletop while the little lady was dancing a jig. 

It took another three months for cinema's first giant to take a bow. He didn't have much screen time, but the ogre in “The Magic Sword” made dramatic use of the seconds he was given, moving the plot along as easily as he carried the helpless damsel to his cave.

In-between the introduction of cinema tinies and giants made above, Vore was introduced to film in October of 1901. But that's a story for another day. It's only mentioned here for perspective. To show how quickly the new technology embraced Size. Méliès worked in Size the way Georgia O'Keefe experimented in watercolors. Gulliver and Alice made their leaps from literature to the silver screen when the 20th century was still a toddler. Since then there have been enough Size displaced film stars to fill a book.

When filling that book, an interesting gender dynamic becomes obvious. Up to a certain point women were rarely shown as being the larger character. Giants tended to be male. Tiny characters, mostly, interacted with normal-sized men. There were exceptions, but, for the most part giant women weren't a part of the cinematic Size landscape until the 50s.

Then all Hell broke loose.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Represent (Giant Woman Story)

 Author's Note: Not too long ago I found myself on the Body Positivity panel at a SizeCon Mini. There were some great people on the panel and in the audience. I learned a lot. 

EnormousEri brought up an issue I had honestly never thought about. When I think about representation I tend to think in terms of race or gender. If someone mentioned weight I'd think of the many images and stories I've seen of big beautiful women and men. I hadn't even thought about the other extreme. Eri wasn't seeing her body type when she looked through size content. 

Better people than I gave her advice and shared their personal experience. I didn't have either, but I am a writer. I can't make the world better; but I can do better with my stories. I offered to write a piece that had the representation she was looking for and she very graciously allowed me into her DMs to ask her about her experiences. 

After a couple false starts and numerous issues (I was finishing other stories and there were personal matters that kept my head out of writing) I finally finished and sent it off to Eri for her final approval. She was very forgiving of my silliness. Including the story title. Originally it was meant as a placeholder, but the more I wrote the more it seemed the best choice. Even if it is a bit on the nose.

Content Warning: There are moments of intimacy and tension, but the actual sex and gore occur offscreen. At its heart it's a love story between two women. There's enough blue language and an after-the-act bedroom scene that pull this into NSFW territory. Nudity is mentioned, but not dwelt on. And one of them becomes a giant. 


copyright 2021 


“Stop picking on the girl and pass the gravy.” 

“Who's picking? Is it my fault boys don't wanna date skeletons?”

“Maybe I don't want a boy.”

Thursday, November 18, 2021

the small print 3: The Search For Speck (Updated)

[Update. Due to a dramatic increase in my day job workload I am unable to devote the time required organizing this collection by the original October 1st deadline. I am hoping that my schedule will level off in the next couple of months, so I am tentatively extending the deadline until December. Thanks.]

Submissions are now open for the third “small print” anthology, a not-for-profit showcase of some of the finest writing in the overall Size community. 

Print copies of the first edition were given away at the 2020 SizeCon. E-book versions were given to attendees at the two online SizeCon Minis that followed.

The second edition was made available to the public with a free e-book and a print edition available at cost. In addition to the 36 authors who submitted their works this edition included public domain pieces related to Size dating back centuries.

In both previous editions I was asked what the theme was. The closest thing to one I had was “get it done.” That's always going to be the overarching goal, but this time around we're going to make things a little more interesting and go with a proper theme. 


Loosely defined that's two people at the same scale interacting with someone who isn't their size. That could be two tols with a tiny. Two tinies with a tol. A pair of expansionists with a non-expanded person. Etc.

I want this to be representative of the Size community as a whole. That isn't as easy as it sounds. It's been said that Size is siloed. You have the giantess lovers, the shrinking women fans, people who are into it for sexy reasons, and those who prefer things remain innocent. And those who favor scales from the microscopic to the galactic. 

I'm opening this up to almost any story. Growth. Shrinking. Expansion. Inflation. If it's size related it's welcome here. There are some content limitations, but I've made them broad enough we can have the full spectrum of what's out there in size. SFW to XXX. Sweet gentle romance to extreme vore. Gay, straight, bi, pan, cis, trans, genderqueer. Nothing human is alien to me. And if you don't identify as human that's fine too.

Submitted stories must meet the following guidelines:

1.3000 words or less. This will have an e-book and a print edition. I want to fit as many stories (and authors) into this collection as possible. Excerpts of longer works are fine so long as they can stand alone. I want the reader to want to look you up after reading your story; not feel like they need to find the next chapter of your novel.

2.Characters must be 18 or older even if you're submitting a SFW story. There will be fetish content elsewhere in the book and it's better if we don't cross streams. You don't have to explicitly state character ages, but please avoid situations where underage is likely to be assumed. If your story involves an IRS auditor and a lion tamer my brain fills in a rough age range. If you're setting your story in a high school ... don't set your story in a high school.

3.Please don't use other people's intellectual property. I don't want to get sued. Pastiche/parody is acceptable. So I can't accept your Ant Man and The Wasp story, but I can consider your Bug Guy and Hornet homage. Characters in the public domain are fine. Gulliver is on the table.

4.In general avoid putting real world people in your submissions unless you have their permission. A meta story where Aborigen, Tina, Nyx, and I are having an adventure is fine as long as all of them agreed to be in it; a story about becoming the tiny slave of your celebrity crush or voring a politician you hate isn't.

5.Stories must be submitted with tags. That should include a general idea of the content (shrink, growth, inflation, etc) and content warnings for sex, violence, etc. The latter is very important. I want the readers to decide if they want to be exposed to the rated R/X end of the spectrum.

6.I reserve the right to reject any story.

7.Previously released stories are not only ok, they are encouraged. I want some of your best, not what you can crank out by a deadline.

8.Deadline is October 1st, 2022.

That's it.

On to the book itself.

I can't afford to pay you for your stories. Not what they're worth. And trying to do a royalty split with 30+ people is more work than I have time for. And there's the question of taxes. 

The first time around I got around all that by not charging for the book. No profits, no profit split, no taxes. Easy. I printed up a 120 copies (paid out of my own pocket) and distributed them at the 2020 SizeCon. I found ways to get copies to contributing authors who were unable to attend the Con. E-copies of the book were given out as part of the Con package for the first two SizeCon Micros, but that's it. And a copy I gave my sister, but that's beside the point.

The deal I made with authors for the first anthology was that it would not be used to make a profit and that it would primarily be given out at SizeCon. They kept their end of the bargain; I kept mine.

The second time around I stuck to the former and dropped the latter. I made the e-book available for free on my e-junkies page. While it isn't possible to make print books without someone paying for them, they can be made without profit. Most print on demand companies will provide authors with copies at cost. It's makes selling our books at cons and Ebay practical. 

Lulu lets me set the price at cost. What you pay is what Lulu charges to get the book made. Here's a cut and paste from my sales page to show you what I mean. 

As you can see, the revenue is 0. 

There is one other thing I'm doing differently this year. I'm asking for help. I know I'm not reaching every corner of the size community and there are many authors who I'm not reaching. Authors and genres of size I want to see represented in this book. I could use a hand finding them. I could use some ambassadors. If you'd like to help drop me a line here, on Twitter, or email me at 

Thank you. Thank you all.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Giantess Hut: Slave Princess V. Radioactive Fire Turtle (Story)

Giantess Hut: Slave Princess 

V. Radioactive Fire Turtle

copyright 2021 Taedis

(CW: Kaiju style monster fights, profanity, sexual references)

[Yesterday I came across a collaged poster of Slave Leia as a Godzilla-esque monster by GiantessStudios101. I tweeted it out with a joke about wanting to see her fight Gamera. My friend and fellow author Praedatorius challenged me to write that story. This is the result. Not my best or weightiest story, but it was a hoot to write. I hope you enjoy.]

The worst part was all the damn SUVs.

There wasn't a square inch of wilderness in a five mile drive. Why were there more of them than bicycles? At least bikes could get somewhere through the congested streets.

The effin' things were worse than Legos. All but breaking the skin every time Carrie's weight came down on one. Strike that. SUVs were worse. Legos didn't have gas tanks that went up with even the slightest hint of pressure. Seriously, walking on eggshells would be easier.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Carrie'd been given shoes when she suited up for tonight's event. Stepping from hotfoot to hotfoot couldn't help anyone's mood.

Come to think about it, the costume was the worst.

Why'd it always have to be the slave girl outfit? Would it kill anyone if for once she showed up in that winter planet getup? The one with thick soled SUV resistant boots.

And pants.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Gender Reveal

I'm trans.

Every time I say it I feel the need to add an asterisk. That I'm not trans enough. That my experience and emotion don't line up with what I'd been told being transgender was all about. That since I didn't conform with what the media (both sympathetic and not) told me it meant to be trans I had to be something else.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Saturday Morning Size Line Up

Today's challenge -- come up with an old school Saturday morning TV lineup using only real Saturday morning fare I could've seen when I was a kid. Stuff I either watched when it debuted some Saturday morning in the 70s/early 80s or caught in reruns later. And it has to include size content.

For those of you not familiar with American television, there was a stretch from the 60s to the 90s where the three networks dedicated Saturday mornings to children's programming. From seven or eight in the morning till noon or one in the afternoon (depending on network and year) you could enjoy some very interesting and sometimes quality cartoons, live action stories, and educational snippets. A number of these shows featured size either as a plot point of a particular episode or as the basis for the shenanigans. 

Enough talking. Let's get this show on the road.

                                                                "Oh, what heights we'll hit."

Friday, March 5, 2021

small print 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

 Submissions are now open for the second "small print" anthology. For those who aren't familiar with the first you can find out more about it here.

No that's not the official title, but it's how I've been referring to it since I came up with the idea.

There will be some changes to the way this collection is put together as opposed to the first. I'll get into those a little later, but I'll go over what I'm looking for first.

This will be a showcase of writing within the size community. Growth. Shrinking. Expansion. Inflation. If it's size related it's welcome here. There are some content limitations, but I've made them broad enough we can have the full spectrum of what's out there in size. SFW to XXX. Sweet gentle romance to extreme vore. Gay, straight, bi, pan, cis, trans, genderqueer. Nothing human is alien to me. And if you don't identify as human that's fine too.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Daughter of SizeCon: Fangirl Audiobook

It seems like an eternity ago, but in February of last year I loaded up the car and drove to NJ with one goal in mind. 

Don't get lost.

And have fun nerding out with my fellow size enthusiasts at the 2020 SizeCon. Attend some panels. Be on some panels. Maybe sell a few of my books, maybe a few of the mainstream size-y comics I'd brought along. 

And find some voice talent to make some of my stories into audio books.

I wanted to find someone who GOT the dynamics of size, not some random narrator who was willing to do erotic/fetish content. I want my words to sound authentic even when they describe impossible things. I might get that from someone outside the community, but I thought it best to "shop local".

I knew what book I was going to pitch. Spoiler alert: it's in the title. Fangirl has the advantage of being long enough to be a good experiment, but not so long paying a fair price for narration was going to cripple my budget.

I ended up meeting a number of people who I thought might have potential. I ended up meeting three people who ended up doing audio work for me on this and other projects. 

At the time of the Con I didn't know Aoife did narration. Unfortunately I'd already lined up someone else to do Fangirl by the time I made that discovery. Aoife very generously agreed to narrate a scene from Purse Pet that was released as The Dolly Dominatrix. She also made the art of little Becky putting her giant slave girl through her paces.

The second voice talent shall remain secret for now.

The third was Miss Molotov the woman who wound up taking the job. It was a first time experience for both of us. I'm biased, but I think she did an excellent job and went above and beyond to make certain I got my story told the way I wanted it to be told. If you have any narration you need done I highly recommend her.

The community got called on again in every aspect of this audio book's creation. The cover art is by CobaltDreaming and the audio editing was performed by Dick the MicroGiant. Please support their work as well.

As I'm typing this up the stage is set for SizeCon 2021 Micro. After the opening ceremonies Fangirl: The Audiobook will be officially available. In honor of the occasion I'm offering 50% off with a promo code you can get at my virtual booth. (Or you can message me for the code. I don't want to let anyone out.)

You can find the free nine minute sample here and the full 2 and a half hour story here.

Thank you for your support and have a great day.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Story: The Boy In The Silver Atom (With Bonus Materials and An Annoying Introduction)


Still from Judex. My inspiration for Jean's Halloween costume

I cheated with this one.

SizeRiot rules say you can't use recognizable characters and this story is nothing but characters someone else made whom I became intimately familiar with decades after their genesis. I let myself off the hook knowing there wasn't going to be any voting to influence and the fact that the characters are deeply linked with my experience in Size. A few of you knew of my interest in Ray and Jean, but I told myself that wasn't enough of a tell to tip my identity.

This is going to get wordy and nostalgic. Feel free to skip to the story at any time. I won't mind.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Story: Widow's Doll (Sexual Content, Dubcon, Femdom)

Author's note: This was originally written as a safety story for the 2019 Cruel January SizeRiot contest. Something I could submit if I wasn't able to finish "Queen of of His Lies".

Widow's Doll

copyright 2019 Taedis

Paula Grimaldi sat at the head of the table doing everything she could to keep from getting wet.

She wasn't a low woman. Unlike some people she'd been brought up right, not dragged. Only sometimes, when the situation warranted, would she ever think an innocent word in such a vulgar context. She certainly never said it aloud. Not even when there was a Mr. Grimaldi sharing her bed.

Mark passed the serving bowl along, but his attention was fixed on Susan instead of the peas or his hostess. Their conversation had jumped from poetry to history to music in that way young people did when they were trying to seem deeper, more profound than their time on this Earth justified.

Story: Giantess Hut (Sexual Content, BDSM)

 Author's Note: There have been times when I wasn't sure if I could pull off an idea for SizeRiot. When that happened I sometimes wrote a "safety story". Something I could submit if I wasn't able to make the more complex story work. That took some of the pressure off since I could always submit the safety.

"Giantess Hut" was the safety story I wrote for GentleApril 2020. The theme was rescue. I had an idea for a dark fairytale love story that wasn't coming easy so I wrote this as a safety piece. I've known a number of tinies (mostly women) who find themselves harassed by people who want them to them to be giants. I liked the idea of a tiny woman getting rescued from being conscripted into being a giantess. I'm not 100% happy with the way I landed this one, but I managed to get "I Could Let You Make Me" finished so I didn't have to worry about it. 

Giantess Hut

copyright 2020 Taedis

Roger crawled on all fours following a DSL line thicker than a telegraph cable. There was no light inside Rachel's walls; only the wiring to tell him which way to go. Between climbing up to her floor and crawling through the wall he must've covered 20 feet; more than a mile at his current scale.

He saw the light when he skirted the next corner. The indirect glow of mammoth electronics filtering through a hole in the wainscoting a mouse had gnawed. Roger walked like a man the rest of the way, but had to return to his animal crouch to squeeze through the rough opening.

The table he'd emerged under was impossible. Each leg was a sequoia whittled square and varnished black rising up to a top that made a better sky than ceiling.

Light flickered on a screen bigger than IMAX. Strange sounds thundered down from it. Roger watched a whole minute before recognizing a game he'd played yesterday blown up a hundred times. 

Four Giant Women Walked Into 50s Hollywood and All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt (Part One)

Humanity has been obsessed with giants and tiny people since the species evolved imagination. When we invented myth, People of Unusual Sizes...