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Before the doors opened on the first SizeCon I've wanted to see an anthology of some of the best writing in the community. Various things prevented that from coming to pass for the first three cons, but I'm taking the bull by the horns, going rogue, performing various other cliches, and putting something out myself.

I've just submitted the above book to the printers. Once they've gotten back to me with their approval I'll be ordering print copies to give away at this February's SizeCon.

It'll be a thin volume, one hundred pages total, but I've done everything I reasonably can to pack as much size punch into those hundred pages. The table of contents, dedication, and introduction have been moved to the cover. The font is small, which led to the title. And I limited everyone to 3,000 words. This cheapness thrift allowed me to fit 28 stories into the budgeted page count.

Disclaimer: This is not a SizeCon anthology; this is something I've put together that I'll be giving away at SizeCon this year. If anyone has a problem with it the blame belongs to me; if anyone likes it the credit belongs to the authors who wrote these amazing stories.

This book will not be released as an e-book. It will not be made commercially available in print. A limited number of copies will be made available at SizeCon this year assuming everything gets back from the printers on time. I'm looking into ways to get copies into the hands of contributing authors who won't be able to attend the Con.

Introduction: (from the back cover)
This is about size. Giant or tiny, shrinking or growth, cruel or gentle, safe for work or not, you'll find a bit of everything in here by some of the best writers in the field today. 

By now it should be obvious this book was done on the cheap. The table of contents, dedication, introduction, and photo credits have been pushed to the cover. The font size is so pathetic the title's throwing shade at it. The only defense I can offer is the pages saved doing it this way meant I was able to fit 28 stories into the budgeted space. I'll trade making a book the way it should be done for two or three more stories from the authors involved.

Thanks to the authors for allowing me to use their stories. I know it's awkward typing out urls from a paperback, but if you enjoyed an author's work I've provided a link to more of their content. Please look those people up and let them know how much you care about their work.

Thanks to SizeCon for giving me the chance to meet so many of those authors and providing me a place to spread their work.

If you are a writer and your work is not represented here, the blame is mine. Even with 28 stories there are at least half a dozen authors I can think of who should be here as well. Your absence here is no reflection on the quality of your work, only my own incompetence.

–  Taedis

All stories are copyright their listed authors.

Dedication: (from the back cover)
I first came in contact with Aborigen when I was looking for contributors for a proposed anthology for the 2017 SizeCon. That ended up falling through, but the friendship that began between us lasted. Aborigen went on to found and manage the SizeRiot writing contests. Thanks to him and them we have many of the stories you're holding now. This book is dedicated to you, Aborigen and the hard work you do.


  1. Congratulations and thank you for including me in such august company! Twenty-eight stories is a magnificent gift for anyone. Thank you also for putting my story first; your case of Pym Particles should arrive by the end of the month.


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