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Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version Part Two

Here I am with the second installment of Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version. My attempt to bridge the (not too big gap) between my love of comics and my size fetish.  

Elastic-Girl has it all going on.  She shrinks, grows, was written by someone who allowed her to kick ass, and was drawn by someone who knew how to draw a pretty woman.  The only knock against her is the fact that her adventures (and the rest of the Doom Patrol's) are not in the public domain.  In order to bring you the awesomeness of Elasti-Girl and not be sued I'm not able to show you the whole story.  Copyright allows for a fair use exception and god dammit if I'm not going to take full advantage of it.  

So I'm going back through these old stories and clipping out the parts where Rita (Elasti-Girl's secret ID) is shown either grown or shrunk.  And a few other points when I just feel like it.  You will not be able to keep up with the story since a good chunk of the comic is getting jettisoned to highlight the real star of the series.  I could help by filling in the gaps, but I'm going to be too busy making snarky comments and trying to pass them off as deep thoughts.

So we're covering My Greatest Adventure #81 this time around and it is a real showcase for Our Lady of Size.

Rita was shrunk on her first cover making this the first time we see her go full on giantess on a cover and boy do they go for the gold with this one -- Rita ramming a torpedo into a giant octopus.

What would Freud think about this cover.

We get to see both sides of Rita's giantess aspect in this one.  The cover highlights the violent fighting aspect of the trope while the splash page below shows Rita as an almost divine gentle giantess showering her benevolence down on us mere mortals.  I mean, look at the expression on her face.  They don't let super heroes look that happy anymore.  And she's wearing mittens.  Mittens, people.
Sorry, guy who wrote the intro caption, but
a team of four people doesn't constitute a "legion."

Here we get a little bit of an indication about the limits of Rita's powers.  Her clothing obviously changes size with her.  They have to since this is a code approved comic and not my fever dreams printed out on pulp stock.  Here we find out that she can't just change the size of anything she's carrying/wearing.  Presumably.  I mean it's totally implied that she can't since The Chief went to the trouble of making this giant sized scuba tank and mask.  So either he's got a lot of time on his hands to fritter away, or Rita can't enlarge normal sized scuba gear.

This is a nice panel of normal sized people interacting with giant(ess) sized equipment.  It reminds me of a number of size related films that came out in the 50's that featured giant props.

I really like both of the following panels.  So much that I'm going to post them together (for the full effect of the sub) and do some slightly blown up versions of Rita in both panels.  I love both of them so much.   The artist really captures Rita's size in relation to her teammates.  They look like toys that she's playing make believe with.

I'm getting a real Scuba Steve vibe off of Larry.

"You will surrender or I will bludgeon you
with a robot and a radioactive man."

There is so much to love about this page.  And I'm not just talking about the giantess scuba diving around a downed sub either.  In many of the super team comics of the 60's the one female member of a team was usually given the short end of the stick in terms of character development or her impact on the adventure.  I'm not going to say that Rita is some sort of feminist icon, but she was a much more fun and interesting character to read about than say the 60's era Invisible Girl or Marvel Girl.  Rita gets things done.

The only criticism I have about the next page is the fact that you don't have any way of telling that Rita was giant sized in the first panel, but that's just a quibble.  Sure, they could have put something in the background to give a sense of scale, but the rest of the issue has done such a good job of showing off giantess Rita that I'm not going to complain.  And they more than make up for it by having Rita grab a fucking torpedo .

Just like a squid to bring ink to a torpedo fight.

I think it's scared of YOU, Rita.  I know I would be.

That's giant girl for the win, Alex!

Truly, words to live by.
 And after the battle is over we get to see the toys putting away the giantess' gear.  Cliff has a line that is very important to the main plot for those of you trying to score at home.

From now on I'm going to read the Chief's
dialog in the voice of Prof Farnsworth from Futurama.
Try it yourself and tell me it isn't fun.

Most of my size smut focuses on the dominance of a large woman over her smaller subject.  Even my nicer giantesses tend to be only gentle-ish.  The screen captures below of Rita rescuing the avalanche survivors are excellent examples of a truly gentle giantess.  She clearly has amazing power, but she focuses it on preserving the lives of tiny people.  The look on her face as she beams down love and happiness onto the people she's saved is truly beatific.

Rita just cut out a hunk of ice at least three feet
thick and bigger than a tank. In your face Wolverine!

She almost looks like a happy mom helping her kids make a snow fort.

Photoshop that ice into a frying pan and you'll make a lot of Vore fans happy.

There's a lot of exposition between the giant rescue and the next time we get to see Rita size shift again.  It's not that Rita isn't involved in pushing the plot forward, it's just that she's doing it at normal size.  But we're not here for the plot.  At least not the stuff that doesn't feature images like this one. 
A knight in shining armor fights a dragon only to be rescued by a giant damsel.
That's my kind of movie.

I did't notice the fact that they called Rita Elast-WOMAN at this point.  Most of the team just goes by their civilian names.  I'm not sure if they had definitively decided on going with the name Elasti-Girl at this point.  I did a little quick skimming ahead and saw Rita referred to as Elasti-Girl in issue #85.  So if there was any debate it doesn't seem to have lasted very long.  For the record, Robot Man was Automaton in the last issue.

Anyway there are some shenanigans going on with high tech illusions and Rita thinks that Cliff is some sort of giant dragon thing.  

This does not bode well for Cliff.

So Cliff pretty much puts everything into his double fisted punch and only manages to make Rita feel a little bit of pain.  Enough to make her drop him, but it's not like she's been crippled by it or is about to give up.

Again we see one of the main male characters pretty much looking like a toy in comparison to Rita.  I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the way Cliff is drawn in the following panel and the placement of the rigging leave me with the impression that he's a marionette that Rita has stopped playing with.  Maybe that's just me reading too much into it.

And for those giantess fans with a thing for feet, we get another good look at how Cliff compares to giant Rita's boots.  Just eyeballing it I'd say that he could almost lay down flat on the sole.  Well as flat as he can given the heel of the boot.

That's the last we see of size shifted Rita in this adventure.  She wins.  The bad guy was someone named Janus who I'd never heard of before.  In the first adventure Rita got to play around with being both shrunken and grown, but this story focused on the giantess aspects of the character to great effect IMO.  I wonder if I'll come across a story where Rita ends up only shrinking.  Only time will tell.

Until next time Tall Believers!  Make mine Rita!

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