Monday, September 3, 2018

Moving Day (Giant Male/Shrinking Woman Story)

Moving Day
copyright 2018 Taedis
With the blessings and ideas of Anoka Kon

Anoka'd driven all the night and most of the next day to get to her new home. Her old home. It was complicated. This was the final trip from the place she'd lived in for years to the place she'd been raised in. A part of her couldn't help but feel defeated.

There wasn't much in the car with her. Most of it had been sent ahead or brought in previous trips. It was just some bags of clothes, her laptop, and her tired body making the 14 hour one way trip southwards.

She found her old hometown easily enough, but her street eluded her. She'd driven from the edge of town home a thousand times before, but it was different that day. In that heat. In that light.

Anoka Kon was so tired.

She found her street after three wrong turns. Her house was on the wrong side, but by that time she didn't care. She didn't bother locking the car even though she was too tired to carry anything inside. She just stumbled through the noon day sun carrying nothing but the clothing that clung to her sweaty tired body.

Her bed wasn't anyplace she could find it so she crashed on a familiar couch.

It was dark when she finally woke up. She didn't hear anyone else in the house. She couldn't remember if that was normal or not. 

She lay there in the darkness a very long time thinking about everything. The decisions she'd made. Things she had no control over. All the items and events that led her to waking up on that couch in that darkness in that town that wasn't quite her home.

It was dark, but her eyes had adjusted. She closed them until everything was black again and made a wish.

When she opened them again she was disappointed nothing had happened.

She was being silly; wishes were for kids.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Safe Word: Snape (Male Growth Story)

Safe Word: Snape
copyright 2018 Taedis

He'd lived in a purple house, back when he still lived in a house.

He'd forgotten how long ago that had been, but he'd remembered telling his wife he wanted to live in a purple house and the hours she spent searching for the perfect shade of violet that would complement the garden she'd allowed to encroach upon the sides of the home he no longer could fit inside.

It didn't happen all at once. The height that is. It accumulated on him slow like a pearl forming around a piece of sand. Sometimes he wondered if that's what he was; a piece of grit something of great value had been spit out on and hardened over.

At first the new height had been exciting. Those were the early days when he'd first crossed six feet. The papers had heard about him then, but most of them figured it was a hoax so they mostly left him alone.

He knew his wife liked what he was becoming. All of him was growing proportional to the piece of sand that used to be her husband.

All of him.

Safe Word: Time Out (SW Story)

Safe Word: Time Out
copyright 2018 Taedis

It was a Saturday when Sally first noticed anything was wrong.

Pearl had left her to have some fun on their bedroom floor while she put out some fires in her home office.

Sally liked her dollhouse. She loved her hamster cage. But unsupervised time in the normal world was why she'd taken the Eki in the first place. Straining her head upwards at the skyscraper like nightstand or the stadium sized bed drove home how small she'd become. Being alone in it allowed her to explore some fantasies she'd never even told Pearl about.

Pearl had some idea about her wife's more offbeat fantasies. She didn't understand them, but that didn't mean she wasn't willing to indulge them from time to time.

That day it meant leaving the bedroom floor in a state of disarray Pearl normally wouldn't tolerate. She'd never leave a pair of tights dangling from the laundry hamper or leave her heels tipped over in the middle of the room where any mouse, or tiny wife, could crawl into them. She just hoped her freshly worn underwear crumpled up by the hamper looked like they'd been thrown there and not shimmied out of and left there a minute before she collected Sally from her cage.

Pearl didn't understand it, she just watched her wife scamper to the laundry basket, climb up her tights, and jump face first into a week's worth of her dirty clothes. She didn't understand the allure of her laundry or why Sally felt the need to climb like that. Pearl had cut a hole in the bottom corner so Sally could get in an out safely. She even told Sally it had been made by a mouse. She knew Sally would like it more that way.

Pearl left Sally to her fun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New Novel Sneak Peek

Coming Soon

I started a writing project last year and I'm very near completion.  It's the longest story I've ever created; longer than all three Shrink Inc books put together.  It also marks the furthest I've stretched myself as a writer in terms of story structure and plot.

And it's dark as fuck.

And hopefully sexy, fetishy, and as twisted as my other size writing.

There's a story behind this book, but I'll save that for the post announcing its release.  For now all you need to know is that I gave away print outs of this scene at SizeCon last weekend and am sharing it now with a wider audience.

What I haven't told the SizeCon crowd is that this piece is a commission from the very warm and creative gentleman behind Rated Raw Pictures.  I'll go into more details about how that happened in the announcement e-mail, but for now I'll just thank him for his support, his friendship, and his willingness to indulge some of my weirder impulses.

You'll find a sample scene after the fold.

To give you some context.  John is a reporter.  John put his nose where he shouldn't have.  Dr. Vaughn shrank him.  Unfortunately she had to sneak him out of the lab she was in and her only good option was inside a piece of plastic inside her.

The problem is he ended up staying there much much longer than he was supposed to.

NSFW in case you hadn't figured that out.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Size Shenanigans

No tinies were harmed in the making of this  book.
No tinies were used inside this book.

I have a theory about the book pictured above.  I suspect that someone at Companion Books had a bit of a size thing, but didn't know how to market it at the time.  Maybe it was the artist who drew the cover, maybe it was the editor who commissioned it, but someone there thought that this was an image that would sell a dirty book in 1971.

I can't find a synopsis of this title, but I'll bet there are no scenes involving tiny people having a mini-orgy on a plate of pasta.  It there's a shrunken person in this book I'll give you a dollar.

It's sad in a way, thinking about that person back then unable to express his kink they way she or (probably) he wanted to.  Having to rely on size subtext instead of the real thing.

I found the image on Twitter, retweeted it with a bit of a joke about deceptive advertising, and thought that would be the end of it.

Then GP Ellison asked who was going to write the story him, me, or someone else.  Then I got to thinking who I'd like to see write that and I realized I kinda wanted to see all my writer friends' hot takes.  GP suggested something like Aborigen's Size Riot writing contest only not in the format of a strict competition.

And I kinda like the idea of the very old microphiliac who was behind that cover getting to pick and chose from a number of stories.

I'm in the middle of finishing up a major project so I don't have any firm ideas for rules yet.  I like a 2,000 word limit, but I'm not sure if it would be better for us to post the stories to our individual blogs/web pages or submit them for anonymous review like SizeRiot.

Right now this is just to see who'd be interested and figuring out how we want to do it.

And if you find another image down the road like the one above maybe we can play around with that too.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

SizeCon 2018 Long Post (UPDATED)

The police were called in at one point during this year's SizeCon.  I wasn't directly involved with whatever they were called about so I ended up hearing a few different versions of why they were there told by people who were probably as in the dark as I was.

I saw three officers walk into the vendor's area where I was, look around briefly, and leave.  Fifteen minutes later two of the responding officers were playing Mario Cart in the Wonderland Room while the third was rolling her eyes, annoyed at being called out for nothing.

I don't want to say "that's the magic of SizeCon," cause that's corny, but that's the magic of SizeCon.

[Update: the real story is that the organizers of the convention had been working closely with the police both before and during the event to make sure that things went smoothly and everyone was safe. The police were NOT responding to a 911 call; rather, they were just stopping by for a planned check-in — and happy to play some Mario Kart while they were there.  For the full version see the end of the post.]

I'm not an adventurous person.  I rarely travel and I tend to avoid crowds whenever possible.  Think of me as a taller New Hampshire Bilbo Baggins if Bilbo spent his mornings working an industrial job and his evenings writing dirty stories about tiny men and women being put in the most peculiar places.

I also, in all due modesty, have a much better hat than Mr. Baggins.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I've Found Claire

I'm going to write up a longer blog post about my experiences at this year's SizeCon, but I don't want this to get drowned out by all the other amazing things that happened this weekend.

The above image is Claire from my first novel.  Since I first released the book in 2015 I've gone through multiple cover options including three separate models trying to find the woman I'd pictured in my head.  The current cover I'm using is the closest I've come to, but she's probably a little too model-y to be Claire.

I met an artist at the Con this year named I Am Filled With Static.  Our booths ended up facing each other and we had a great time that I'll discuss in the larger SizeCon post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Eyes Wide Shut

Neither of them were looking at the other.

He turned his head away, too ashamed to look up at his new owner.  He tried to cover his modesty with a bit of rag he'd found under the tub that had once been a piece of her old towel.

With a body like his he'd gotten used to people staring at him.  At the beach.  At the gym.  But this was different.  This time his muscles weren't a sign of how powerful he was.  Now they were just ornamentation.  Something his owner found pleasing.

She'd seen him posing at the gym.  That's when she decided she had to have him.

She'd watched him scamper around the bathroom floor for the longest time as she had a relaxing soak.  It amused her to stare down at him.  It was cute the way he tried to cover himself with that scrap of cloth she'd left for him.  It wasn't enough to cover all his goodies.  She'd caught fleeting glimpses of what he was trying to cover.  She hoped he'd stay this modest as he adapted to his new life; he was adorable when he blushed.

She closed her eyes and imagined what she'd do for him once she left the tub.  She wondered if he'd take the hint and try to climb up her hair.  He'd have to jump to reach it, but he had those sinewy legs and tight butt for a reason.

Besides, if he tried he'd have to ditch the towel.

Monday, May 21, 2018

She, Possibly It

She, Possibly It
copyright 2018 Taedis

(Giant Robot, Rated G)

Once upon a when he knew things.

He knew he was a soldier alike in all ways to the dozens of others he had tracked and battled, met and ended, differing only in the person who issued his orders and the color of the flag she saluted when she had to.

He knew it had been a pause short of five somethings since he laid the last enemy soldier to the ground; exactly five somethings since he received his last order. He never knew the name of the woman whose orders echoed in his ears. After five somethings he doubted he ever would.

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone
copyright 2018 Taedis

(gentle, giantess, NSFW)

He was still with her when she woke from her good dream, smiling and gently snoring as he lay sleeping on her belly, wearing nothing but a shaft of early morning sunlight streaming through a window of bare branches in the forest they had spent the night in.

She marveled at his perfect body as he shifted in his sleep. The way his strong back and long muscular legs intersected in the hard curves of his sublime ass. The way his shoulders broadened out from that back forming an uppercase T that defined him as a man. Shoulders that were almost broad enough to stretch from her left nipple to the right.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Story: Vows: Wedding Day Pt 3

This part went a bit longer than anticipated.  Not as long as some of the later chapters of Belittled got, but longer than what has come before.

Some quick notes.

This is the chapter that swings into NSFW territory.  If you're not into that sort of thing you should probably stop reading after the wedding photos.  If you're only here for the smut (and there's nothing wrong with that) you might want to skip to that point.

Right now my plan is to work on finishing the first part of Carrie and Jack's story, getting them through their wedding day and maybe part of their honeymoon.  That should be another two parts.  Maybe three.  I can get wordy.  I'll probably take a short break from this to give me time to work on plotting the rest of the story and getting the new Shrink Inc book edited for publication.

Thanks again to those people on GiantessCity who've given me encouraging words.

And for the foot fans out there, there's no foot content in this part despite the image I chose to accompany it.  Sorry. I just like the picture and the perspective.

Enough jibber jabber.

Vows: Wedding Day Pt 3

copyright 2017 Taedis

“Obviously Jack's not allowed back in that Olive Garden. Ever.”

David was hoping for a big laugh at that point, but all he got was a smattering of nervous titters from the school age kids. They weren't laughing at his skills as a raconteur, they were giggling because a grown-up had screwed up so badly so publicly. Everyone else was too uptight or too sober to appreciate David's crash and burn approach to his best man's speech.

“But seriously, I've known Jack since we were six. I've seen all the other girls he's been with and none of them are anything like Carrie. You got yourself a real winner there, dude.”

He'd spent twenty minutes rambling on about the most embarrassing moment in my life and he was trying to salvage the speech with that.

David gestured at us with his champagne flute before draining it down in one long guzzle.

“To Jack and Carrie.” David said before quickly sitting back down.

The rest of the room drank their toasts in silence except for Earl and Josephine who gave David a slow clap ovation. I think little Jo was trying to stomp her feet in Earl's breast pocket, but only managed to kick her husband's nipple.

Moving Day (Giant Male/Shrinking Woman Story)

Moving Day copyright 2018 Taedis With the blessings and ideas of Anoka Kon Anoka'd driven all the night and m...