Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Story: Vows: Wedding Day Pt 3

This part went a bit longer than anticipated.  Not as long as some of the later chapters of Belittled got, but longer than what has come before.

Some quick notes.

This is the chapter that swings into NSFW territory.  If you're not into that sort of thing you should probably stop reading after the wedding photos.  If you're only here for the smut (and there's nothing wrong with that) you might want to skip to that point.

Right now my plan is to work on finishing the first part of Carrie and Jack's story, getting them through their wedding day and maybe part of their honeymoon.  That should be another two parts.  Maybe three.  I can get wordy.  I'll probably take a short break from this to give me time to work on plotting the rest of the story and getting the new Shrink Inc book edited for publication.

Thanks again to those people on GiantessCity who've given me encouraging words.

And for the foot fans out there, there's no foot content in this part despite the image I chose to accompany it.  Sorry. I just like the picture and the perspective.

Enough jibber jabber.

Vows: Wedding Day Pt 3

copyright 2017 Taedis

“Obviously Jack's not allowed back in that Olive Garden. Ever.”

David was hoping for a big laugh at that point, but all he got was a smattering of nervous titters from the school age kids. They weren't laughing at his skills as a raconteur, they were giggling because a grown-up had screwed up so badly so publicly. Everyone else was too uptight or too sober to appreciate David's crash and burn approach to his best man's speech.

“But seriously, I've known Jack since we were six. I've seen all the other girls he's been with and none of them are anything like Carrie. You got yourself a real winner there, dude.”

He'd spent twenty minutes rambling on about the most embarrassing moment in my life and he was trying to salvage the speech with that.

David gestured at us with his champagne flute before draining it down in one long guzzle.

“To Jack and Carrie.” David said before quickly sitting back down.

The rest of the room drank their toasts in silence except for Earl and Josephine who gave David a slow clap ovation. I think little Jo was trying to stomp her feet in Earl's breast pocket, but only managed to kick her husband's nipple.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Story: Vows: Wedding Day Pt 2

I've received some very kind words concerning my previous story so I've decided to continue.  Thank you for the positive responses, I hope you enjoy this and any future installments.

This part is also safe for work though future parts will get smutty.  Not sure if we're talking a hard R or an X rating, but I'll be sure to give a warning before stumbling into the hot and heavy.  The shrinking man aspect of the narrative is still in slow burn mode here, but should blossom (yeah, I mixed that metaphor) in the next part.  As in the previous part there are secondary shrunken women characters.

Vows: Wedding Day Pt 2
copyright 2017 Taedis


Carrie's arm was wrapped around mine. To all the guests in the pews it looked like she was holding my hand and leaning in close to share another “I love you,” but really Carrie was keeping me from crashing face first into the carpet as we walked up the aisle to the vestibule.

I didn't know how many shoe sizes I'd lost when Carrie shrank me; the cheap shoes that came with the tux were only staying on my feet through force of will. I didn't know exactly how many inches of tuxedo pant leg I was dragging on the ground, just that it was more than enough to almost cause an accident.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Story: Vows: Wedding Day

The following story contains relatively little shrinking and no sexual content, but sets the stage for future stories with the characters.  If I decide to continue it (reader feedback will be key in determining that) there will be more size play and probably more sexual content as things progress.  I'd qualify this as one of my gentler/sweeter stories and will remain so even when/if I bring it to a NSFW place.  

Vows: Wedding Day
copyright 2017 Taedis

“You sure you want to go through with this?” David asked trying to get my tie straight. “It's still not too late to change your mind.”

“I love her. Besides, I've already rented the tux; it's a little late to call things off.”

“I'm not talking about the wedding and you know it.” He patted the tie flat on my chest. It mostly stayed put.

“Carrie's family are very … religious.”

I was going to say traditional or old fashioned, but what Carrie and I had planned wasn't either of those things. It was doubtful Carrie's folks would define it as “religious,” but that didn't matter so long as Carrie was satisfied.

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