Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I've Found Claire

I'm going to write up a longer blog post about my experiences at this year's SizeCon, but I don't want this to get drowned out by all the other amazing things that happened this weekend.

The above image is Claire from my first novel.  Since I first released the book in 2015 I've gone through multiple cover options including three separate models trying to find the woman I'd pictured in my head.  The current cover I'm using is the closest I've come to, but she's probably a little too model-y to be Claire.

I met an artist at the Con this year named I Am Filled With Static.  Our booths ended up facing each other and we had a great time that I'll discuss in the larger SizeCon post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Eyes Wide Shut

Neither of them were looking at the other.

He turned his head away, too ashamed to look up at his new owner.  He tried to cover his modesty with a bit of rag he'd found under the tub that had once been a piece of her old towel.

With a body like his he'd gotten used to people staring at him.  At the beach.  At the gym.  But this was different.  This time his muscles weren't a sign of how powerful he was.  Now they were just ornamentation.  Something his owner found pleasing.

She'd seen him posing at the gym.  That's when she decided she had to have him.

She'd watched him scamper around the bathroom floor for the longest time as she had a relaxing soak.  It amused her to stare down at him.  It was cute the way he tried to cover himself with that scrap of cloth she'd left for him.  It wasn't enough to cover all his goodies.  She'd caught fleeting glimpses of what he was trying to cover.  She hoped he'd stay this modest as he adapted to his new life; he was adorable when he blushed.

She closed her eyes and imagined what she'd do for him once she left the tub.  She wondered if he'd take the hint and try to climb up her hair.  He'd have to jump to reach it, but he had those sinewy legs and tight butt for a reason.

Besides, if he tried he'd have to ditch the towel.

Queen of His Lies (SW NSFW Cruel)

Queen of His Lies copyright 2019 Taedis [Author's note: This story was submitted for the 2019  CruelJanuary  contest. Par...