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Story: Vows: Wedding Day Pt 2

I've received some very kind words concerning my previous story so I've decided to continue.  Thank you for the positive responses, I hope you enjoy this and any future installments.

This part is also safe for work though future parts will get smutty.  Not sure if we're talking a hard R or an X rating, but I'll be sure to give a warning before stumbling into the hot and heavy.  The shrinking man aspect of the narrative is still in slow burn mode here, but should blossom (yeah, I mixed that metaphor) in the next part.  As in the previous part there are secondary shrunken women characters.

Vows: Wedding Day Pt 2
copyright 2017 Taedis


Carrie's arm was wrapped around mine. To all the guests in the pews it looked like she was holding my hand and leaning in close to share another “I love you,” but really Carrie was keeping me from crashing face first into the carpet as we walked up the aisle to the vestibule.

I didn't know how many shoe sizes I'd lost when Carrie shrank me; the cheap shoes that came with the tux were only staying on my feet through force of will. I didn't know exactly how many inches of tuxedo pant leg I was dragging on the ground, just that it was more than enough to almost cause an accident.

“I feel light headed.” It sounded better than saying I felt weak.

“That's natural. Just a few feet more and we'll get you sorted out.”

“Sorting out” was going to happen in the nursery off the vestibule. The wedding party, all five of us, would wait there while the guests filed out and got ready to pummel us with rice or birdseed or doll clothes; whatever they throw at newlyweds in this weird religion.

David closed the door behind us once I staggered inside.

“Are you ok, man?” He asked.

“Yeah … no … I will be.”

“Sit down.” Carrie ordered.

Carrie bent down to kiss me before I could offer any protest then walked me over to the one adult sized chair in the room. She put a hand on my shoulder and pressed down until my butt made contact with the seat. She left the hand there when she was done. It felt good.

“What you're feeling right now, is normal.” Joan sat down on a toy chest next to my chair and put her hand on my other shoulder. “Your body isn't used to that kind of change. Yet. Some people take to it real quick. Others can take months. Everybody's different.”

Millie was sitting opposite me sidesaddle on a rocking horse. She pulled a normal sized flask out from under the skirt of her flower girl dress and took a long drink. If her breath was any indication, it wasn't her first of the morning.

“Some women say that getting shrunk all the way down gets ya used to it faster.” There was something in the way Millie said “women” that sounded accusatory.

“'All the way?'” David looked confused.

“There's a minimum.” Carrie said. “For most people it's a couple inches, but it varies.”

“Matt did that for me.” Joan said. “Maybe it helped. It's kinda hard to say.”

“Did you bring Jack's wedding bag?” Carrie asked Joan.

“I have a wedding bag?”

“You do.” Joan said. “In the crib.”

Carrie gave my shoulder a squeeze and retrieved a large carpet bag out of the crib.

“Does Mary Poppins know you raided her wardrobe?” David asked.

“It's traditional.” Millie said. She didn't sound happy. Or very sober.

“Yeah, every new …” Joan paused. “Geez, I almost called you a bride, Jack. Sorry. It's just all the other people I know on our half of the binding equation are … not dudes.”
Millie snorted and took another swig from the almost empty flask.

“I get it.” I said. “It's ok.

“Like I was saying, everyone in your situation gets a wedding bag like this. Full of stuff to help you through your first day as a … what you are. What we are.”

Carrie was already rummaging through the bag. She pulled out one of those things they use to measure your shoe size and handed it to Millie.

“Put the hooch down and make yourself useful.”

“Why me?”

“You're closest to his feet.”

Millie gave Carrie that look teenagers give their parents when asked to do anything, but put the flask down and took the device. I felt tiny hands pull up my cuffs and pull off my shoes. Then the metal hardness as my foot was pressed flat against the device.

“You look like you could use this.” David handed me a can of iced tea from the mini-fridge.

“And these.” Carrie handed me some pills from my wedding bag.


I drank my tea and downed the pills while Millie got my shoe size. Carrie wrapped a cloth tape measure around my waist and chest. She even managed to get an approximation of my new inseam by having me stretch the leg Millie wasn't playing with. Both women called out my new sizes to Joan who tapped them into her phone.

“Tell Matt he doesn't need to get much.” Carrie spoke to Joan. “A pair of dress shoes for tonight. Sneakers for tomorrow. A tee shirt. A pair of shorts. A pack of sweat socks and underwear.”

“Any preferences?”

“Boxers.” I said.

“Boxer briefs.” Carrie said. “That should be enough until we can shop for Jack's new wardrobe tomorrow.”

“We can't afford a new wardrobe.” I was feeling more like my old self after the tea and pills. “And what's wrong with boxers?”

“Boxers are the least attractive underwear since people stopped wearing bloomers.” Carrie said. “I know you like them, but you look a lot better in boxer briefs. And it is our wedding night.”

“But boxers are more comfortable.”

“Joan, have Matt pick up a pair of boxers for me as well. And if you can go through my suitcase later you'll find a little Victoria's Secret bag that you and Matt can have fun with later. I'd wear it myself, but it's just so uncomfortable.”



“Maybe boxer briefs will be ok after all.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I'll wear the boxer briefs.”

“OK, Joan. Tell Matt one pair of boxer briefs for my husband, one pair of boxers for me.”

I gave her a dirty look.

“You two are too cute for words.” Joan said, and hit send.

“OK, now that we've all had a good laugh over my underwear what was that about a new wardrobe?”

“None of your old clothes are going to fit you at your new height, honey.”

“But you can just make me normal sized again? Can't you?”

“This is your normal height.”

“I … I mean my old height.”

“If I wanted to, yes, I could make you your old height again. But I don't.”

“Why not?”

“We'll talk about that later. In private. Until then all you need to know is your current height is as tall as I'm ever going to let you get. That's what most of your wardrobe will be sized for. Plus a few other outfits for when you're smaller. Probably some kids clothes. Definitely some doll stuff.”

“But how are we going to pay for it?” I asked.

“The church takes up a collection for newlyweds so they can buy the b … ound partner clothes that fit. They call it a trousseau.”

Millie giggled on the floor. Joan gave her a gentle kick in the leg to quiet her.

“Penny for your thoughts.” Carrie asked.

There were so many questions I had. So many concerns. But Carrie had made it clear that that discussion had to be private and it was hours to go before we'd be alone together. I looked in her eyes and remembered that I loved her and trusted her, and pushed down the doubt.

“I'm wondering just how tall my new normal is.”

“Let's find out.”

Carrie offered me her hand and helped me to my feet. This time I didn't need her to steady me; I could've walked fine without her help.

But I still took it.

She walked me over to the back wall where a height chart had been painted onto the wall in rainbow colors.

“Stand up straight with your back to the wall and we'll see how small I made you.”

“This is for kids, so they can measure how big they get?” I asked.

“And new spouses can tell how small they've gotten.”

Carrie leaned in close to read the height marker behind my head. I could smell the remnants of her perfume that hadn't been baked off in that oven they call a church. She leaned in closer, putting both hands on the wall above me, trapping me against the wall with her greater size and reach. She leaned down further and planted another kiss on my upturned mouth.

“I could get used to this angle.” I said.

“Get a room.” David was never comfortable being around public displays of affection.

“I think they're cute.” Joan snapped a picture with her phone.

“Four feet two inches.” Carrie said. “If you were still wondering.”

“How am I going to explain that at the DMV?”

“Have Carrie bring you.” Joan said. “They won't believe you unless they see it themselves. Then they'll put a 'V' in for your height. 'V' for variable.”

“While you're at it you can have them change your name.” Millie was making snow angel motions on the floor.


“What's she talking about?”

“She's joking, honey.”

“And drunk.”

“You are the woman in this marriage, aren't you? You could be Mrs. Jack Rucka. Hey, maybe at the next wedding you can be the flower girl. I'll loan you my dress if you ask real nice.”

“Get out of here, Millie.”

Carrie rose to her full height and brought her arms down to her side. I saw the look on her face before she turned away from me and aimed it at Millie. I don't think I'd ever seen her this angry. I don't think I'd seen anyone that angry.

“I'm only sayin' what everybody's thinking.”

“You're drunk. Go home and sober up before I tell Paul that you embarrassed him. We both know what happens then. Don't we?”

“You don't have the balls.” Millie stood to what there was of her full height and glared at Carrie.

“Already dialed.” Joan handed Carrie her phone.

“Hi, Paul. It's Carrie. … Yeah, still getting ready. Matt should be getting back from the store soon. Sorry it's taken so long, you remember how it was. … I'm actually calling about Millie. Hold on a sec.”

Carrie put the phone to her shoulder and looked down at Millie.

Millie face sagged in defeat. I think she said “I'll go,” but she said it so softly I couldn't here her.

“Yeah, Paul.” Carrie said into the phone. “Millie's not feeling so good. I think she got a little overheated in the church. She's gonna meet you out back so you can take her home. … I know. … I know. Thanks.”

Carrie hung up.

“Don't talk to me again until you're sober and you've apologized to my husband.”

Millie stomped to the door, acting every bit as immature as a typical flower girl. She even slammed the door shut behind her like a little brat. The only thing missing was her sticking out her tongue at us.

Carrie took me in her arms and pulled me close to her. My face was level with her breast so I turned my head and let her press my cheek into her bust. Everything was so much larger now, so much … more. It was almost like being in the arms of some gigantic stranger. But only the proportions were alien. They way she smelled, the way she felt, the way she held, that was all Carrie.

“I'm gonna give you two some privacy.” David said. “I'll be right outside the door when you're ready.”

“Me too.” Joan said.

“I'm so sorry. She's drunk. She's stupid.” Carrie said when we were alone.

Carrie rested her cheek on the top of my head. I was only a few inches smaller than her, but I felt like I had been engulfed . Hearing her voice above me, being wrapped in her much larger arms was somehow comforting yet disconcerting.

“She's not the only one who thinks that.”

Carrie didn't say anything, we both knew it was true.

“And it's not like calling me a woman or a wife is an insult. Some of my best friends are women.”

“To her it's an insult.”

There was a knock on the door.

“If that's my mom, let her in; if it's Millie … use your imagination.” Carrie kissed the top of my head and let me answer the door.

“Is everything alright?” Carrie's mom asked through the crack in the door.

“Yeah, Mom. Just a little drama from Millie. Nothing we can't handle.

“Hi, Irma.” I opened the door all the way. “Come on in.”

“You bought the cow, Jack, you can call me Mom.” Irma pulled me into a hug. “Welcome to the family.”

Irma was a few inches shorter than me wearing a teal dress that had almost been in fashion twenty years ago.

“For the hundredth time, sex is not milk and I am not a cow, Mom.”

“Can't you take a joke, dear?”

“When I hear one I'll let you know.”

“Matt texted Joan that he's almost back from Target. Lucile and the rest of the Pinup Girls are ready to get started whenever you're ready. And there are a lot of people standing around outside in the hot sun waiting to see you. So that better be soon.”

“We're good now.” Carrie said.

“I'll let Lucile know. I'll be waiting in the van with your father.” Irma shut the door behind her.

“Are Pinup Girls what I think they are and why is your mother sending them in here?”

“They're not as fun as you'd think.”

I didn't know the names of the four women who walked through the door, but I'd seen them in church. Based on their size at least three of them were Vanksian. The fourth just might not have been shrunk at the time. The two smallest came up to my ankles. One came up to my stomach. The tallest was Carrie's height. None of them looked younger than sixty.

“I'm Lucile.” The mid-sized woman offered me her hand to shake. “Greta and Donna will be working your bottom. Bridget only works above the waistline. I go both ways.”

I didn't have a mirror, but I'm pretty sure I had a deer in the headlight look on my face.

“They're Pinup Girls.” Carrie said. “Literally. They're here to pin your clothes up so you don't fall out of them during the reception. Lucile just likes to make younger men soil themsleves by flirting at them.”

“Only the handsome ones.” Lucile smiled when she said it.

“So long as you remember who he belongs to, I'm cool.”

“This is the first time we've had the honor of pinning up a groom before.” Lucile turned her smile towards me. “Hopefully you're not the last.

“Now stand here in the middle of the room and don't move unless we tell you to. If you get pricked it's not our fault. And keep your legs far enough apart that Greta and Donna can move around down there. If you start feeling unsteady on your feet let us know and we'll take a break. No need to feel rushed. This is your and Carrie's day; those crybabies outside aren't going to die if they spend five more minutes away from air conditioning.”

“I'm feeling better now.” I said. “I think I'll be ok.”

“The first time is always the hardest.” Lucile began to work on my sleeves.

“You and Carrie make such a lovely couple.” Bridget stepped in front of me and began working on my collar. Her eyes reminded me of my grandmother's.


“We were sitting by Hannah the videographer.” Greta was pulling pins the size of arrows out of a leather quiver on her hip.

“She caught the moment when Carrie first took your strength, Jack. When she shrank you. I almost cried it reminded me of my wedding day so much.” Donna held the cuffs of my pants up while Greta pinned them.

“The tux is a rental, you know.” I said. We hadn't budgeted on losing the deposit.

“Everything is going to be just perfect. Like you and Carrie. Don't fret.”

The women rotated around me as they did their work and kept up a steady stream of conversation. They adjusted what the could, pinned what they couldn't, and hid the rest. Their movements reminded me of a three dimensional model of the solar system. The kind you'd find in a high school science classroom. Each woman had their own orbit around me like one of the planets; always in motion, but never colliding.

Only one of the planets was bigger than the sun, so maybe it wasn't the best analogy.

By the time Matt pushed the Target bag through the door I was almost looking normal.

“What do you think?” Lucile was getting Carrie's opinion, not mine.

“You're a miracle worker, Lucile.”

“Yeah.” I said. “I don't want to sound rude or ungrateful after all that, but wouldn't it just be easier to have smaller clothes for me ahead of time?”

“We would have, but Carrie doesn't have any control yet.” Lucile said.

“No newlywed does.” Bridget added.

“The ritual doesn't come with an instruction manual. Carrie's going to have to feel her way around her power. Figure out how to make you exactly the size she wants when she wants. Until then she's gonna have to improvise.”

“I'm looking forward to it.” Carrie was undressing me with her eyes from the other side of the room.

“My Conrad wanted me to be four feet tall when I walked up the aisle. He tried his best, but I ended up half that size. I shrank right out of my wedding dress. Gave the best man an eyeful, I tell you.”

“This way is longer, but there are fewer wardrobe malfunctions.” Bridget said.

“Enough yammering. These people have a reception to get to.” Lucile put the Target bag in my hand and gestured towards the small bathroom at the back of the nursery. “Go in there, hand Carrie your suit, and put on what you need to out of this while we do what we need to out here.”

In less than fifteen minutes I was dressed in my new shoes, the underwear Carrie had chosen for me, and a suit that looked like it was cut to fit my new size.

“You look good small.” Carrie said, her hands playing with my tie. “I wonder how much better you'll look tonight.”


“You'll find out soon enough.”

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