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Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version Part Three

I'm back for another go at everybody's favorite giantess/tiny, Elasti-Girl, in her third ever adventure from the pages My Greatest Adventure #82.  For those of you who are jumping into this without having read my first two blog posts let me do a quick recap of the basic concept. 

I have a size fetish.  Mostly giantesses, but tiny women to.  If you are reading this then chances are that you have a similar kink or got here via a really weirdly written Google search.  I'm also a huge fan of old comics.  There are a metric butt-ton of comics that feature size changing in some way.  Some are public domain and I can share them, others aren't.  To keep from getting sued (and to be a good netizen) I can only cut and paste parts of the latter.  The parts related to size and maybe the odd piece that amuses me.  This means that you won't be able to keep up with the plot.  I suppose I could tell you what's going on in the panels between Rita growing or shrinking, but that sounds like too much work.

Got it?

This is the third straight cover that features a size-shifted Rita.  Which makes sense, but isn't always the case.  It's a little bit prosaic, and does get repeated on the splash page.  It almost looks like Rita is jogging by and happens to notice that Cliff has fallen on the stove.  Still, she looks pretty and my inner perv thirteen year old is thinking about that short skirt she's wearing.


I see London, I see France, I see some really huge underpants.

 I normally am not a fan of splash pages repeating the cover, but this at least has some details that weren't on the cover.  I don't think Rita looks as nice here as she does on the cover, but this page provides better information and certainly makes more sense.

And it has some guys in the perfect position to perv on Rita.  It isn't just me.

Last issue I noticed that someone called Rita Elasti-WOMAN instead of Elasti-Girl, but it was in a situation where the speaker might have been mistaken.   At this point the characters very rarely use their super hero code names preferring to go by Rita, Larry, and Cliff.  Negative Man gets used a lot, but it always identifies Larry's radioactive energy form.  I might have missed some piece of dialog in the first issue that establishes Rita's code name, but we have it distinctly given as Elasti-Woman in this issue.  I know that changes to "girl" sometime in the next few issues, but I would have preferred they stuck with the original name.  

As you can see in the image below, Rita does stand out in a team of "freaks."  At least on a physical level.  With full control of her powers she can pass as not only normal, but fabulous at any time she wants to.  That's a whole can of gendered worms that I'm just going to mention and move on.  

Woman, you'll be a girl soon.

Shenanigans happen and eventually we go from a formal dinner to the scene below.  There's actually a pretty big jump in terms of both plot and page count that gets skipped.  It might be the longest stretch which either doesn't feature Rita or has her remain normal sized.

I know I don't usually go over the plot of what happens in the non-size portion of the story, but I'll make an exception now.  The Chief figures out that there's a spy on the team.  So he tells each of the three members a different lie about his origin.  The lie that makes it to the press reveals where the leak was coming from.  I don't know if this is a trope or not, but George RR Martin used something very similar in his Game of Thrones series a few decades later.

But enough of that.  Back to Rita in a steam shovel.

Welcome to Plot Contrivance Playhouse aka 60's comic books.

The page below sums up so much of what I love about the character.  Rita is shown as being both powerful and joyous in a way that is so 60's I could kiss it.  I can even forgive the comic the plot device leading off the page.

"A big job calls for a big girl."
Words that make any macrophiliac's heart flutter.

I've mentioned before how much the rest of the team looks like toys in comparison to giantess Rita.  You really see that in both of these panels.  I showed this one to my wife and she pointed out how much it looked like a forced perspective shot.  

Rita Farr, large and in charge.

And this one almost looks like she's digging a dollhouse out of the sand at the beach.  It makes me wonder if the artist used photo references of his wife interacting with toys to get Rita's size right.  whatever he did it worked wonderfully in my nerdy opinion.

Technically, Rita does shrink in this story.  She'd have to be small to fit into that ball, but we don't actually have any images of her as a tiny this go around.  Sorry SW fans.  I promise that you'll get some love in future issues.  

Oh, and those green guys are the baddies this go around.  I don't remember them either.

So this is where JJ Abrams got the idea.

Listen to your leader, Cliff and get the hell out of there.

I love the final image of Rita from this one.  I know I gush over shots like this where Rita is the focus of the shot and her teammates are just window dressing, but as long as this comic features shots like this one I'm going to love them and squeeze them and call them "George."

"Larry want a cracker.  Larry want a cracker."

Until next time Tall Believers!  Make mine Rita!

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