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Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version Part Four

First off I'd like to thank all the people who've told me how much they enjoy the images of Rita that I've been sharing.  It's good to know that this isn't just going out into the empty void.  This week's installment has even more great shots of Rita.

For those who haven't read the previous three installments of E-G TGPV let me recap the concept.  I'll just show you the pics of Rita growing, shrinking, plus the odd random image that I happen to like, and DC Comics won't sue me.  That will leave a lot of plot unexplained, but you didn't come here for plot, you came here for some growing/shrinking action.

We've reached the 83rd issue of My Greatest Adventure the comic that hosted the adventures of The Doom Patrol.  This is the first issue that didn't feature a size shifting Rita on the cover.  She's there, but she's normal sized.  Sort of freaking out in that way that people did on the covers of comic books back in the 60's.  It's not bad, but it's kind of ho hum after some of the more dynamic uses of Rita on previous covers.  The focus of this issue is technically Negative Man, but there is still plenty going on for the true star of the comic.

Our first image comes via the Chief's remote camera.  Remember, he's back at the base while the team is in the field.  He keeps tabs on them via a TV camera that's usually attached to Cliff's chest.

Rita isn't really giant sized, she's just on the big screen, but I'm including it because I can.

I'm not a giantess right now, but I do play one on TV.

The team is on the scene of what would be dubbed a terrorist act nowadays.  Some guy is pointing a regular gun at some gas line or fuel thingy that will blow up taking out a couple city blocks.  Not the sort of baddy that sells comics, but as a couple page set up to get the plot going it was pretty good.  Cliff goes up and says some BS story about his make believe wife enjoying a movie nearby and it would just be terrible if the movie got ruined for her by being blown up.  All to distract the gunman while Rita gets her super thread out and plays Tarzan of the Leprechauns.  

It says "conversation" in the above panel.  Rita has thread.
Therefore this is a conversation thread.

The last couple of issues have focused on Rita getting large and in charge.  There's nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to see her mixing it up and using her powers in a more subtle way.  There's something that I really appreciate about the sequence below.  Most of the shrinking super heroines of the sixties flew.  The Wasp had her wings and Shrinking Violet had her flying belt (later ring.)  Ant-Man and the Atom had to get by jumping around or playing cowboy with a flying ant while the ladies didn't have to sully their feet on the dirty ground.  Rita demonstrated that she was just as action oriented when she got small as she was as a giantess.

I think this fits in very well with her back story of being an actress who did all her own stunts.  It also makes for a visually stunning series of images.

I'd say this warrants some Indiana Jones music.

As a fetish blogger I'm legally obligated to say that Rita is totally cocked right now.
Don't blame me; I'm just following the law.

Suffice it to say, Rita wins.

A few issues back I pointed out the fact that you can read the Chief's dialog in the voice of Prof Farnsworth of Futurama and it works wonders for the character.  Here's a plan that couldn't possibly go wrong and a normal sized Rita.

This is going to sound stupid, but I just noticed that Larry and Rita are wearing
essentially the same uniform.  I MAY be paying a bit more attention to Rita than is healthy.

The answer to that question is "a hell of a lot less than what Rita can casually lift with one hand."  The implications are (at least for this old pervert) that Rita can just crush the toughest member of the team not wearing a green minidress with one hand.

So now it's Rita's turn to push her powers so she shrinks smaller than she's ever shrunk before.  Not the way I would have tested her powers, but it takes all kinds to make the world go round.  It does allow for this great page where we go from giant Rita down to itty bitty cutie Rita.  Again, kudos to the artist for doing some great work establishing Rita's various scales at the several heights she attains.

Rita is shown at five (arguably six) different sizes over six panels.
Hats off to you Bruno Premiani.

If you think this is impressive just wait until Rita
has a little pow wow with a general later.

She is just so jaunty.

The theme for this issue seems to be testing your limits and getting bailed out by your friends when it inevitably goes horribly wrong.  Rita gets plot deviced like Cliff and Larry (later on,) but it feels a little worse since it's Rita.  She hasn't had any problems growing or shrinking on command before.  Why does she suddenly need more time?  Other than because the script says she needs to.

So that happened.

It isn't long before shenanigans ensue and Rita has to go stomping through the city for reasons.  I've made the comment before that a minidress and a giant woman create some interesting possibilities.  Normally I wouldn't bring attention to such things, but this is a size fetish blog even if this post is only PG.  And when the shot is lined up like this ... 

There are some lucky, lucky men sitting on that roof.

This is one of the things that I liked about Silver Age comics.  In theory Rita could have called the TV station and spoken to the General.  Reasoned with him.  But no.  It's the 60's so she has to come stomping down 5th Avenue in a bright green minidress and go go boots so she can reach through a wall and talk to him woman to doll.

The only complaint that I have is that Rita seems to be wearing clear polish on her nails.  Probably a practical choice for a woman of action such as herself, but I feel that a little bit of color would have added a little something extra.  Granted, it could just be the colorist trying to make life easy on himself, but even so.

Her fingernails are bigger than his head.

One of the commenters I mentioned earlier(Sluggo on Giantess City) suggested that a live action Rita could be played by Anne Hathaway.  Although we both have concerns about the way the character would be handled given the way DC has been going for the darker and seamier side of their comics movies.  Those concerns aside, I think that Hathaway would be perfect casting for the part.  She's got the look, the acting chops, and, after seeing the following images side by side, I have no problem imagining Anne carrying a little general around in her giant hands.

When Rita was a little girl she just wanted a bucket of army men.

Sadly that's the last of size shifted Rita that we get this issue.  Still, for an issue that didn't focus on her and dealt with a threat that required a lot of techno wizardry, we do get some damn fine scenes of her kicking butt at multiple sizes.

For the record.  The threat in this one was Negative Man gone wild.  Rita won.

Until next time Tall Believers!  Make mine Rita!

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