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Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version 9

For those of you just tuning in to E-GtGPV for the first time here's the deal.  I'm both a size fetishist and a huge fan of old comics.  In fact I'd say that my love of comics probably contributed to my thing for size.  Micronauts.  Ant-Man.  Atom.  Giganta.  You get the drill.

I'd been looking for something to share on Fetish Village that showcased both of these obsessions.  There are the public domain Doll Man and Minimidget adventures that I've posted (with all due thanks to the fine people who posted them online for me to find.)  

I got lucky and came across a run of the old Doom Patrol comics from the 60's and was really impressed by the artwork and the way they used the character of Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl.  The problem was that those comics were still protected under copyright so I couldn't just post the full issues without being a bad netizen.  But there is a fair use exception that allowed me to publish parts of the work.

I originally was just going to do a post about her best moments, but after skimming the first few issues I realized that there was much too much material for one post to cover.

So I decided to post every image from the 60's run of My Greatest Adventures/Doom Patrol that featured a size shifted Rita on an issue by issue basis.  Plus some other bits that amused me or looked like someone else might be interested in seeing.  You won't be able to keep up with the plot for most of these, but that's not really why you're here.

So part 8 was a bit of a let down from the levels of Rita excitement that I and the up to eight people who are reading this blog have come to expect and enjoy.  The creators had introduced a romance subplot in part 7 and Rita ended up with the short end of the plot stick over it in part 8.

Still, she did catch a passenger plane with her bare hands.  So even in a weak issue there were moments of awesome.

Things take a decided turn for the better for Rita this time around in issue 88.  It's an origin story for the Chief, but we won't be dwelling on that too much since most of that happens without Rita being on panel and this is a size fetish blog.

We start with a shrunken Rita captured and threatened on the cover while her also captured teammates look on helplessly.  There are  lot of tiny details that I really love about this cover.  The way that Larry's iron maiden is marked and colored to suggest the bandages that he normally wears is a very subtle way of telling the reader that it's him under all that crap.  Cliff's expression also speaks volumes. 

Maybe you ought to punch some air holes
in that jar, Baron.

We open up with a broader view of the scene from the cover which ditches the Baron directly menacing tiny Rita.  There is something about this splash page that reminds me of a Coleman Francis film.  Which is weird cause I really hate his movies, but kinda dig this page.

Night Train To Mundo Fine

I haven't gotten tired of Rita carrying her teammates around like dolls.  I'm almost certain that artist  Bruno Permiani must have used a model to get the size references right.  I can see him forcing his wife/girlfriend/woman who modeled for him to carry around these GI Joe dolls and pretend that they were real people.  And now I kinda want to do that with my own wife.

I am also required under federal law that I just made up to once more point out the fact that Rita is in a minidress and stepping over a building.  She also seems more than a trifle miffed at the rubbernecks perving up her dress and getting in her way.

Look!  Up in the sky.  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?
No, it's a giant lady carrying two superheroes around like Ken dolls.

Then we get this sweet sweet page almost certainly inspired by Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.  Only Rita is picking up four crooks instead of one cheating husband.

And we once again see giant Rita getting beaten by a villain who uses threats to innocents to force Rita to stand down.  It may sound corny, but that's the sort of thing that I expect out of my superheroes; the ability to put the well being of others firmly ahead of their own gain.  Having to make the tough choices against saving lives or putting the baddies in jail.

Consider this a small taste of what happens in the final issue of the series.

Let's take a closer look at that grab.

Let's give the boys a hand.

Remember.  This is the origin story of the Chief.  Also remember that I've been reading his dialog in the voice of Prof. Farnsworth from Futurama.  I'm not going to post much of said origin, but this caption is so bizarre that it screamed at me to be included.

This WTF moment is brought to you by Fetish Village.
Fetish Village, for all your WTF needs.

Not to belabor the comparison between this issue and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, but the sheriff in this issue reminds me a little of the one in that movie.  

And finally we see how Rita gets trapped and put in the jar.  Last issue I complained about how Rita was taken out too easily.  She pretty much just had someone pull a gun on her at normal size and she just gave up because the plot demanded it.  

Now this is how you take out a super hero without making your readers think less of them.  The villain clearly has done his homework and made a plan that made sense and was visually interesting.  Or maybe I'm just a sucker for a good trap.  In any event, I much prefer this plot device to the one used last issue.  If you're going to take my favorite heroine out of the fight you can at least do it with some style.

And there's Rita's "size step" again.
The next few images are a little dull in terms of shrink kink.  Just Rita being small in a jar while other  shit goes down.
Oh, yeah.  The Baron is really General Immortus.

It's almost like they were cleansing our size palates before bringing out the main course.  Rita grabbed a plane last issue.  This time around she pulls a train off the tracks and lifts it into the air like she was wrestling a boa constrictor with her bare hands.

There is nothing phallic going on here, folks.
Please return to your homes and await further information.

Okay, a pretty weak and tired boa constrictor.

We repeat.  This in no way symbolically
represents any portion of the male anatomy.

And then this happens.
Paging Dr. Freud.  Paging Dr. Freud.

Until next time tall believers.  Make mine Rita.

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