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Story: Tam's Amber

Tam's Amber

copyright 2018 Taedis
(Couple, Cuckold, Cock Worship)

Tam had taken me, as he always had, whole into his mouth, holding my entire naked body there on his tongue while his hands explored Carrie's exposed breasts and thighs. I could feel their little earthquake kisses radiate towards me from the other side of his lips, but he waited until he'd salivated a black sea for me to drown in before he opened those lips and pushed me into the waiting cave that was my wife's mouth.

They kissed me back and forth more than a dozen times. Each adding to my spit black sea. Until I'd lost track of whose mouth I was in; whose tongue stirred the tides washing over me.

It didn't take long for me to figure I was in Carrie when a hard dry cock slid between me and the tongue that batted me in their shared saliva. The angry shaft pushed past me dragging me closer to the center of her mouth; wedging me into a groove in her palette that would hold me in place until he was finished.

Hidden blood surged around me. Not mine. Tam's. Pulsing through the firehose veins that marbled his leviathan cock. This one vein intersected my tiny body at the ankle, went up my thigh, pressed into my own scale model penis, along my my chest, caressing my cheek as it left me. Blood that started Tam's erection rushed alongside me returning to his massive heart.

The vein rested there as Tam gave Carrie time to adapt to his girth. I felt it throb and flow along my desperate body. I'd been hard since Tam ordered me to strip. I was blushing erect as I stood there naked in front of my clothed wife and her lover; knowing I didn't measure up even before the Scots warlock shrank me and sentenced me to his mouth.

My cock throbbed in time to Tam's pulse. And when I breathed their was no air that wasn't her moans or his musk.

Without the spit I'd have been friction burned to the roof of Carrie's mouth when she finally started bobbing her head on Tam's shaft.

I once asked Tam if he could feel me when I was inside Carrie like that. He just looked at me with those pale blue eyes and said. “What do you think, little man?”

I was my normal size at the time.

I could feel Tam swelling below me. I could hear Carrie's hot breath getting more intense, but less of it reached me with Tam's member blocking most of the passage. A familiar heat welled up beneath me as the moist wall I was pinned against tremored against me.

It was over quickly, but it took forever.

When he pulled out I was swimming in a different sea. Its salt stung my eyes as its bleach stench bled into my nostrils and into my mouth. I promised myself a long time ago I'd never taste Tam. That promise died quick.

It tasted humbling.

I experienced unfamiliar light and gravity as Carrie spat out me and what Tam had left behind. She used her tongue to craft us into a ball before dangling us over her naked lap. The rope of slime connecting me to Carrie didn't break until we were almost on the ground.

The ground had pubic hair and smelled like Carrie.
“Looks like your little man's sleeping in the wet spot tonight.” Tam's accent fluctuated with his sobriety.

“You know I hate that cliché.” Carrie said. “And I'm not letting you off that easy.”

I wiped Tam off my face and blinked away the tears and the light. I craned my neck up and saw 
Carrie smiling down at me over the hills of her bare breasts, her glasses on to see me better. See her husband half drowned laying on her labia in a puddle another man made.

“He's lost his little stiffy.” Tam said somewhere outside my line of sight.

I hadn't even realized I'd gone flaccid until Tam mentioned it. Things had gotten so intense, so confusing inside Carrie's mouth I didn't know if I'd gone soft from terror or if I'd blown my little load into Tam's ocean of cum.

“Can we be sure he ever had one?” Carrie nudged me with her pinky. “Ever?”

Tam's cum kept her from seeing my blush. Or the stirring in my crotch.

“But enough about his shortcomings.” Carrie pressed me into her folds. “I do believe it's my turn for a little lip service.”

She pulled her closed legs into a mountain that towered above me then spread them into two peaks.

His billboard face drifted down to the base of her thighs where I waited snug in the recesses of her warm wet lips. I could smell echoes of Carrie's breath on his as an all too familiar tongue tentacled and traced its way from my toes to my hairline. Tam had to have tasted himself on me; I'm sure his cum outweighed me.

He pressed his open lips around Carrie's labia the groove under his nose pushed into the hood of her clit. He gave me one more slow long lick before pushing his face deep into the valley between Carrie's mountains.

Her smooth strong walls vibrated and hummed as he flicked his killer whale tongue between my face and her trembling pearl.

There were only lingering pockets of Tam's salt left; fewer with each pass of the God tongue. That wetness was replaced on my front with Tam's fresh spit and on my back by Carrie's groundswell arousal. Sweeter than Tam's, but no less pungent. Different. Not better.

Her walls hummed around me until they sang. A moan started deep inside her. Deeper than I or even Tam had ever reached. Gaining strength until it reached the cathedral of her lungs and exploded out her raw and aching throat.

Tam's tongue washed me in circles around her wet pulsing vulva until her cathedral went silent and her quaking valley fell still. He left me clutching her still erect clitoris. I lost sight of his face as he kissed his way up her stomach, between the nippled hills, to her distant unseen face. I was left abandoned, but not forgotten in a pool of Carrie's afterglow.

Tam's body Star Destroyered its way above me only stopping when his distant mouth reached the summit of my wife's body. His cock stared down at me cyclops eye.

“You know what you have to do.” Carrie's words echoed down hilltop breast and mountain legs to my little vulva valley.

The ground was wet, but footing wasn't a problem; my feet sank deep into her brown matted lawn.
I had to stretch to reach Tam's dangling unwinking eye. Even then he teased it out of reach by jerking his hips back.

“Please, Tam, I need this.” I begged. “I need you. I need Carrie. Just let me do this. Just lower your cock so I can.”

He was hard again by the time he finally gave into my pleas. Hard with a single salty tear in the center of that cyclops eye.

“Thank you.” I kissed away his tear. The thick salt felt good going down my trembling throat.
His reloaded balls lightly slowly bounced on the ground I stood as he let my kiss linger. He gave me time to explore the slit at the end of his cock. Let me bury my face in it, lap my tongue along its folds, the way he'd explored Carrie's folds.

Painted nails the size of semaphore flags dropped the unwrapped condom at my feet. The smell of latex and chemical lube barely noticeable over the musk of the lovers I stood between. I stepped into the center of the condom my feet resting in the reservoir tip. I pulled the outer rubber ring upwards likeI was stepping into a magician's vanishing sack.

When I'd stretched the ring above my head Carrie reached down and took it from my tiny hands. I was lifted up, cum and all, and held above her while Tam maneuvered the head through the narrow ring.

Tam's immense cock carved out a new bottom for me to plummet into pushing me down while Carrie worked the rest of the scumbag up his shaft. My legs fell out from under me folding me in half as Tam pushed and Carrie pulled. The tip of Tam's cock drooled on my chest. I felt its salt wetness rivulet under my chin as I kissed the purple meat that throbbed on me.

Carrie let go. Tam flipped her mountain legs upside down putting her on all fours on our bed. The vulva I'd walked on moments ago loomed above me getting closer as Tam kicked himself between her spread legs lining him and me up with her gently parted lips.

Her powerful walls wrapped themselves around me except for the parts being propelled by Tam's cock. My lifeline. My only way out of Carrie's depths. My only chance of returning to normal.

Another cyclops tear landed on my cheek. I gulped it down while I still could. Before they became a torrent I never could keep up with or consume. It tasted like salted honey on my tongue.

I always lost track of time after the first dozen thrusts. It was so restful there. Peaceful. Buried alive inside my avalanche wife; riding her lover's loaded cannon.

I'm sure it took Tam longer to get off. It always did when she took him in her mouth first, but it seemed like he'd only barely started when I felt the heat that signaled his imminent eruption.

Being there at that moment was like being in a head on collision you somehow know you're going to survive. You're plummeting along when you're suddenly suspended in safety. Only this isn't a bag that'll rip or tear, it's warm living liquid rushing all around you. Protecting you as it flows.

I waited there suspended in salt safety buried in a flesh avalanche as Tam's cock twitched the final sputter of his orgasm onto my chest. When it was over he pulled his guiding dick and me back into the light. Than I felt Tam's cock leave me.

Carrie stared at me through the latex and her lover's cum. She smiled at me before tossing the condom into the waste basket.

That was ok. Carrie's aim was good; Tam's cum cushioned my fall.

I stared out at the other trash. The used tissues. The stocking Tam ripped when he stripped Carrie. 
The empty crips wrapper. I looked at them all as I slid down into Tam's cooling puddle. I watched until Carrie turned off the lights and all I could do was sink into the salt.

Tam's cum would harden and crust over me. I imagined Carrie laying herself down in Tam's arms as the lovers cuddled into each other for the night leaving me alone with the trash. I reached down and grabbed my cock. My hand moved slowly in Tam's thick seed, but I was as hard as I ever got and Tam's cum made the finest lube.

I thought about the life they were living only a few feet from me, but a world away. I thought about all the things Tam had taken from me. My size. My control. How I was powerless to get out of the condom or the trash or even turn on a lamp to see his arms around Carrie. Or the smile on her sated face.

I stroked myself until I shot my own little load into Tam's. Like peeing in a swimming pool only there was an orgasm and I was stuck there till Tam or Carrie rescued me.

That was ok too. They'd let me out. Tomorrow morning. Afternoon. Evening. Whenever they got around to it. They'd chip me out of Tam's amber and maybe make me normal again.

But I hoped not.

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  1. This is quite beautifully written. My Big-Couples story was going to be about a goddess, her little giant, and a normal-sized man, even though I’m not into couples scenarios. And even though I’m not into them, this is one of my favorite stories from this contest. Beautifully done.

    I like that the little guy doesn’t know whose mouth he’s in at some point. Did you intentionally spelled the roof of her mouth as “palette” to give it a poetic ring? Speaking of imagery, I love “Hidden blood surged around me”. What a powerful line!

    Who is this Scots warlock, and does he do commissions?

    I also love the line “Tam’s body Star Destroyered its way above me”. That movie moment is tattooed into my mind forever, and it was quite lovely to transpose it into this moment, and see a male form become that huge mass.

    And that last line was/wasn’t a surprise. Wonderful work!


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