Saturday, July 25, 2020

Story: Overwhelm Me A Little (Gentle, Male Growth, Sexual Situations, Brief Consensual Bondage)

Overwhelm Me A Little

copyright 2020 Taedis

“No one wants coffee at two in the afternoon unless they're a perv, weird, or a writer.” The orange coffee cup Mel slid on the table was almost comically oversized. “I speak from experience.”

“Good thing I'm all of the above.” Sara had to use both hands to lift the hot cup to her lips. 

“You think you're cute don't you?”

“I'm frigging adorable, babe.” 

The coffeehouse was empty except for the waitress and her customer buddy in the corner table.

“You're holding enough caffeine to make a grown man bounce off the walls for hours.” 

“What a waste. Bouncing off me would be way more satisfying.” Sara rolled her eyes when she said “way”.

“You need me to hose you down before Mr. Blind Date shows? I've got one that'll reach.”

“Here's hoping he does too.” Sara raised her cup with both hands towards Mel before taking her next sip. “Cheers.”


“It was either joke about his hose or you making me wet.”

“I love you to pieces girl, but that ain't happening,” Mel said. “Desperate, but hetero.”


“Is that a real word?”

“It is now. Told you I was a writer.”

“How long till he shows?” Mel asked.

“Any minute.”


“More than I've ever been in my entire life.”

“Thought so.” Mel put her hand on Sara's shoulder and looked her square in the eyes. “I'll be here in case things go south. Will it help if we go over the signals one more time?”

“If it's going bad I'll pull my earlobe.”

“And I'll call saying your uncle just got brought to the hospital.” Mel nodded. 

“If he's a psycho I'll rest two fingers on my chin until you call 911 on his ass.”

“Awesome. Need anything else before I crawl behind the counter and pretend I've never seen you before?”

“I'm good.”

“You're a lot better than good.” Mel flipped her hair when she spun around to return to the counter. “Don't let that go to your head.”



The man smiled when he asked her name. His teeth sparkled like compacted galaxies in the night sky that was his face. He was the handsomest man Sara had ever seen outside a picture.

“My friends call me Sara.”

“It's nice to meet you, Sara,” the man offered his hand. “I'm Jackie. Bev's told me a lot of good things about you.”

“You too.” Sara rose to shake his hand; her smile was wider than her face. “Sit. Please.”

“You're gonna have to be patient with me.” Jackie took the offered seat. “This is my first blind date. If I get this stupid look on my face or don't say anything for twenty minutes bop my nose and maybe I'll reboot.”

“Please. If anyone's gonna deer-in-the-headlights this thing, it's me.”

“Any suggestions about avoiding that trap?” Jackie asked.

“Exposition swap?”

“Bev told me you were a writer.”

“You know what words mean.” Sara looked up at him over the rim of her oversized cup. “I like that in a man.”

“What'd she tell you about me?”

That you look damn fine without a shirt, Sara thought, but said, “You're a grad student in physics. You play soccer, but you're the kinda guy who calls it football. There was a lab accident. You're a giant. Sometimes.”



“I told you there'd be no one here.”

Jackie stepped from cut grass to hot sand without slowing down. The breeze rippled the surface of the lake as it came in from the north making tiny waves that crested as high as Sara's toes before crashing down into the wet sand. 

The coffeeshop part of their first date had gone well enough both were comfortable with the beach part. Jackie was looking forward to the cool water. He'd promised Sara to be a giant for her for a little while. 

Sara couldn't think about anything else on the drive there.

There wasn't any place to change so they'd worn their suits under their date clothes. Sara went ahead to the beach leaving Jackie a couple hundred yards away in the car. They were only stripping down to swimsuits, but it'd be weird getting undressed with someone they'd just met.

Sara left everything but the bikini she was wearing on the blanket and walked the rest of the way to the lake. There was no one else in sight other than a duck and a couple confused gulls. They weren't going to steal her phone or fly off with her wallet. 

She'd barely gotten her feet wet by the time Jackie arrived wearing nothing but a pair of white trunks, a dazzling smile, and a sheen of sweat that looked like the sun itself had reached down and polished his dark brown skin until it glowed. 

“You don't mind if we cool off a little before I …” Jackie was standing over Sara before she realized he'd crossed the distance. 

“No. Sounds great. You need sunscreen?”

“Took care of it in the car. You?”

“I'm good.”


Jackie walked into the water until he was deep enough to float. Sara watched his muscles disappear under the lake. She'd only just met them, but she missed them already.

Think with your head, girl. Sara said to herself and waded in after her blind date.


“When the time comes,” Sara'd spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out the most delicate way to ask the big question without seeming like a total perv. “Are you gonna need a change of shorts?”

“When I get big?” 

“Yeah. It'd make sense if you grew, but your suit didn't. Or did they make you a pair of science shorts?”

“Not a problem,” Jackie laughed as he said it. “There's this … we're still working on a name, but you could think of it as an aura.”

“If you're saying you give off giant vibes, but don't actually grow I am going to be so disappointed. I'll find it in my heart to forgive you, but you'll have to endure sad puppy face until then.”

“How long'll that last?”

“Up to ten seconds.”


“That's the price you pay playing with my heart,” Sara said. “But seriously, you're not a new age giant? Inner growth is awesome, but when I sign up for giant man action I wanna get physical.”

Jackie smiled when he looked at her, but said nothing.

Sara watched him so intently she knew the second he'd stopped bobbing in the water, but it took her brain a moment to figure out what that meant. She lowered her face beneath the surface to see the rest of Jackie's body. His feet were touching bottom; Sara's weren't even close.

When she pulled her head up Jackie's shoulders were already above water. He'd been up to his chin when Sara dived. She paddled closer and reached out to him. Her hand and his neck looked normal by themselves; her fingers looked tiny against the backdrop of his chest.

Jackie's growth was a steady slow thing. Not as fast as Sara'd imagined, but quick enough she could see it with her own eyes; feel it under her fingers. Sara's hand slid down his neck to his chest. Or maybe Jackie slid up. Sara rested another hand on him while she could. The muscles felt taut and powerful, but she mostly wanted to feel his growth. Wanted to experience it with all her senses. If she hadn't just met him she'd've tried to taste his growth.

Sara let go when Jackie's trunks slid up to where she was touching. As much as she might want to this was still a first date. Somethings had to wait.

Jackie was knee deep in lake when he stepped out of it. He must've been a dozen feet tall when he reached the blanket. He took something from the bag, but Sara couldn't see what it was.

“I'm guessing you're not pulling out the sad puppy dog face.” Jackie turned to face Sara.

“Hell, no.”

“How big do you want me to get?”

“Would 60 feet be ok?” Sara bit her lip. 

“Yeah, there should be room enough for that. Just let me put some distance between me and the blanket.” Jackie started walking to the other side of the small beach.

“Does it hurt?” Sara asked. 

“It feels pretty great.”

“You're like … triple my size. How come you still sound normal?”

“Part of the aura I was telling you about. No matter how big I get my voice won't sound like thunder; yours won't sound like a hamster on helium.”

“Your science shorts have gotten bigger too,” Sara pointed out. “Is that the aura too?”

“Yes. Anything very close to me grows too. My clothes. The sunscreen that didn't wash off. Things I'm carrying.” Jackie held up Sara's bottle of suntan lotion, bigger than it'd ever been.

“You could end world hunger,” Sara said. “You could make a carrot a hundred feet tall. A donut the size of Detroit.”

“I wish.” Jackie shook his head. “Soon as something leaves my aura it goes back to normal. I'd demonstrate, but the only things I have are this lotion and my shorts. I'm gonna need both.”

“Good call.”

“I think this should be enough space,” Jackie said. “How fast do you want me to do this?”

“Take your time.”

Sara floated there staring up as Jackie slowly brought her earliest childhood fantasy to life. When she'd imagined this moment Sara wasn't sure how she'd react. With awe and wonder at the miracle she was witnessing or with earthier feelings.

Sara hadn't expected it to feel so normal. Yes, there was awe and lust, but also comfort.

“What now?” Even taking his time it only took Jackie a couple minutes to clear 60 feet. 

“Would you mind picking me up?” Sara's voice was so small she wasn't sure she heard it.

“Not at all. Mind if I reapply my sunscreen first? Most of it washed off and I pick up a lotta rays this big.”

“No. That's cool.”

Sara thought she was going to melt into the lake as she watched this man, this god slather then rub the thick lotion into his skin. Every muscle, every speck of him was magnified and highlighted. Even the defects, the cut he gave himself shaving that morning, the scar on his shoulder, only made the rest of him look better.He was magnificent. Sara'd thought Jackie was the most beautiful man she'd ever met when he was six feet. He was 10 times that size now and a thousand times more attractive. 

“I don't want to sound gross or anything.” Jackie looked sheep dog bashful. “But you could probably use some more sunscreen. And since I'm picking you up anyway … maybe I could …”

“You want to lotion me up?”

“That's not weird, is it?”

“It sounds lovely,” Sara purred. 

Jackie smiled shyly as he filled his left palm with the thick white lotion. He tossed the empty bottle towards the blanket. It was normal-sized by the time it landed. He knelt with one knee in the sand offering his right hand to her.

Sara put one tentative foot on Jackie's forefinger, but thought better of it. 

“You ok?” Jackie asked. Even bent over he towered over Sara.

“Yeah, it's just … I've got all this wet sand on my feet. If you invited me inside your apartment I'd feel super rude not wiping 'em off first. I don't know the etiquette for being invited onto someone's hand, but it has to be way stricter. I mean you use it for …”

Sara stopped talking when she thought about all the things a man in his 20s did with his right hand. She looked at the sand to keep him from seeing her blush and to keep from staring at the front of his swimsuit.

“I don't mind,” Jackie said. “A little sand's not gonna hurt me.”

“Ok. So funny thing.” Sara could feel herself start to babble, but she needed her brain to stop thinking pervy thoughts long enough for her to at least pretend she was normal. “My sophomore creative writing professor partnered the class up. We were supposed to write a page describing the other person. I don't know what the girl I was paired with was thinking, but she compared my skin to sand.”



“So I'm supposed to look down at you and go 'Hey, what's that bikini doing floating in the air like that? Is it haunted?'”

“I have no idea what she was thinking.”

“I'm thinking bikini ghost's got a pretty nice shape.” Jackie wasn't looking so shy now.

“Are you trying to make me blush?”

“You already were. I'm just giving you an excuse.”

“Emotional intelligence,” Sara smiled as she looked up at him. “I like that in my giants.”

“Are you going to stand there telling me how much you like me or are you going to step on?”

“Humor me and pass me a towel first.”

Their towel lay twenty feet away; Jackie didn't have to stretch to reach it. Sara's eyes played over his glistening skin as he picked it up. Even that slight motion seemed majestic. Powerful. This was a man who could literally destroy her without a second thought, but all she needed to see was the way he hooked the towel on his pinky before offering it to her. She'd only just met Jackie, but she knew he was meticulous, careful, and kind.

Sara took the towel, rested her hand on the tip of Jackie's pinky for support, and wiped sand off her foot. When she was satisfied the first was as clean as she could get it Sara dropped the towel on the ground, lowered the clean foot on it, and wiped the dirty one on it.

“Thank you,” Sara said letting go of Jackie. “I'm ready to walk all over you now.”

“As you wish.” And Jackie extended his hand.

Somehow Jackie's fingers felt both sturdier and softer than Sara expected. A slow burn male heat radiated off them into Sara's bare soles. She curled her toes around the soft ridges; had to force herself to accept they were his fingerprints. Maybe it was the heat, maybe the fantasy. At that moment Sara wanted Jackie to leave his thumb print on her back in red ink. She wanted his mark on her flesh. Wanted it tattooed into her skin. Permanent. Possessive.

This is still a first date, Sara told herself. Dial it down a notch, girl.

When Sara reached his palm she made a show of jumping straight a couple feet into the middle of his hand.

“Did you even feel that?” Sara asked.

“Of course I did. A little,” Jackie lied. “Why the jump?”

“I wanted to land on your life line.”

“My love line's gonna try to not take it personal.”

“It's a little early for that, don't you think?” Sara started tightrope walking the long firm line.

“You read palms?”

“No, but I think I'd be great at it with a little research.” Sara looked down at her feet as she stepped along his palm. “According to this I'm going to meet a tall dark stranger who's going to whisk me off my feet.”

“I thought you were supposed to tell my future.”

“Not the way I do it.”

“You ready for lotion?”

“Born ready.”

Jackie took his time rising to his full height. The ground under Sara's feet lurched a bit, but Jackie kept his hand steadier than she thought possible. Sara was able to stay on her feet the whole ride up.

“Wow, it's …” Sara let the words trail off.

“I know.” Jackie nodded. “I've been doing this for months and I'm still not used to seeing things like this. You should see it from a couple hundred feet up.”

“Let's save something for the second date.”

“So we're doing a second date?”

“I refuse to answer on the grounds it might make you smug and self satisfied. You want to make time with the haunted bikini you gotta stay humble.”

“I've just discovered the flaw in my super clever plan,” Jackie said after lifting Sara's hand level with the lotion hand. “If I use my left hand to apply lotion I'm going to spill the lotion. If I use my right I'm gonna drop you. Are you cool going ankle deep in a puddle of sunscreen?”

Right now I wanna slather myself in it and use your chest as a slip 'n slide, Sara thought, but answered “That's cool.”

Jackie offered a pinky for support after Sara stepped onto his other hand. Walking through the lotion felt like wading though a mud puddle only the ground under her was much slicker. Sara would've lost her balance without something firm to hold onto.

“Alright, I'm here.” Sara kept her legs apart and raised her arms in the air. “Paint me like your French girls, Jack.”

“How long have you been waiting to go Titanic on me?”

“Literally all my life.”

“Wasn't Kate Winslet naked when she said that?”

“That's third date stuff, buster.” Sara wagged a finger up at Jackie.

“I'm getting a third date.” Jackie nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Less smug more sensual giant massage.”

Jackie dipped the tip of his forefinger in the thick white lotion. Sara shivered when he touched it to the underside of her left hand. She hadn't fully adjusted to his touch when he started running the slick finger down her arm, along her torso, over her hip, and down her leg.

Sara curled her toes in the lotion puddle while Jackie did the same to her right side. 

“You ok?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah.” Sara nodded fast.

“You sure? You're breathing a little heavy.”

“It's a little intense. Good intense.”

“This is your fantasy right? Part of it.”


“Do you want to tell me about it? You don't have to. I'm just curious. And nosey.”

“It's complicated. Probably a little weird. A lot weird.”

“I don't think so,” Jackie said.


“I've got time for complicated if you want to share. I can put you down and become normal again if this is this is too intimidating.”

“It's not,” Sara closed her eyes. “I feel safer when you're like this.”

“I'm bigger than most dinosaurs and this isn't my max height. I could literally Godzilla my way through any city I wanted.”

“But you don't. You've got all this power. You could do anything you want, be anything you want. And you chose to be kind.”

“We barely met. You don't know me.”

“I know you. Maybe not all the history and details, but I know the important you. I wouldn't be breathing heavy in the palm of your hand if I didn't.”

“So you're looking for a protector?” Jackie lifted Sara's hair off her back with his dry middle finger and worked a thick line of lotion from the nape of her neck to where her skin disappeared under the bottom of her swimsuit. “Someone to watch over you?”

“Definitely. Sometimes. Maybe. Like I said it's complicated. I've been years trying to figure it out and I'm still struggling to put it in words.”

“And the sometimes you don't want a protector?” Jackie ran two fingers down the back of Sara's legs from the edge of her bikini bottom to the white puddle she was standing in. “What do you want then?”

“To be overwhelmed.” Sara opened her eyes and looked up into Jackie's thoughtful face.

“Sounds risky.”

“That's why kindness is so important.”

“Do you want me to do your front or do you want to?” Jackie asked.

“You do it.”

Jackie worked the line of sunscreen from Sara's right shoulder to her left. The bottom of his forefinger brushed her cleavage. The ridges of his fingerprints slid smooth and slow against her sensitized skin. Sara wanted Jackie's finger to roam over the parts of her body he was avoiding. To feel his powerful touch, his one finger, on her straining hidden flesh.

But the next line of sunscreen crossed the horizon of her belly between her swimsuit. When he brought the lotion up her legs he stopped at her thighs an angel's breath away from where she wanted him. It took all of her willpower not to thrust herself down on the pad of his frozen finger.

“Ok. You're all sunscreened up. What now?” Jackie took the finger away before Sara's will could crumble.

“Overwhelm me.” Sara kept her arms spread wide, but let them fall to her side.

“What happened to taking it slow?”

“This …” Sara gestured at the hand she was standing on, Jackie's chest in front of her, and his face above. “Everything's so intense; my head's all over the place.”

“Sounds like a good argument to pace ourselves. I'm thinking fifth date. Maybe sixth.”

“Yeah, you're right. That's the smart thing to do. But …”


“Maybe you could just overwhelm me a little.”

“You really want this, don't you?” Jackie pulled her closer to his face. 

“More than words.”

“I should say no.”


“I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but what did you have in mind?”

Sara told him.

“If we do this do you promise to tell me if it gets too much,” Jackie said. “Or I hurt you. Even a little.”

“I promise.”

“If I do this for you then you have to do something for me.”

“Is it butt stuff?” Sara made a face.

“It's not … no. That's … I don't even know how many dates that is.” Jackie took a second to collect himself. “When you're finished being overwhelmed I want us to just lay down, catch some sun, and talk about what happened.”

“That sounds good.”


“Do you think it'd be ok if I lay down on your chest? After we finish.”

“I don't know,” Jackie said. “I was aiming for some cool headed aftercare. I'm not sure you can get in that kinda headspace when we touch. And I'm big.”

“I'll feel safer. And … it's not a Fantasy fantasy, it's … this is gonna sound stupid but I write stories about stuff like this. And at the end the lady hero ends up laying on her man's chest feeling his heart beat under her. I think it'll help calm me down after …” Sara looked down at the puddle she was standing in and nodded at it.

“That sounds nice.” Jackie gave Sara a smile. “Can I read your stories sometime?” 

“I've never had the guts to share them with anyone.”

“That's not what I asked.”

“Of course you can. You're not just anyone.”


Jackie's instinct was to ask Sara if she was sure about this, but he'd already asked her that five times and her answer just got more emphatic. She was growing impatient. Jackie didn't know her that well yet, but it wasn't hard to tell that each delay gave her more time to come up with a more extreme fantasy. Imagine more things her new giant friend could do to her. So far she hadn't said anything about them, but it was only a matter of time before her will gave out.

“You like be ordered around, don't you?” It was barely a question. Jackie already knew the answer.

Sara nodded up at him from where she knelt in the lotion puddle.

“I want to see more of you.” Jackie spoke slowly. His breath fell warm and heavy on Sara's goosebump skin.

Sara wasn't sure she'd heard him right. They'd spent forever negotiating what he'd do to her, but they'd never said anything about nudity. It already felt like he was gazing through her. Looking past her with eyes that had grown so large they reached into spectrums her tiny body could only imagine. X-ray. Infra-red. The glint in the Invisible Man's eye.

The thought of it didn't bother Sara. Jackie could already see everything, what did a couple strips of fabric matter? She could be wearing Lancelot's armor and she'd still be just as exposed; feel just as inconsequential in his huge hand.

“No.” Jackie stopped her when Sara started pulling the straps of her top down. “You said you wanted to wait till our third date before the suits come off. I'm ordering you to honor that. If your bikini starts to come off while we're playing you are to immediately tell me. I'll give you time and privacy to fix it. We'll finish after you're decent. Do you understand?”

“No.” Sara let go of the straps and shook her head. “I don't know what else you want to see.”

“Put your hair up. I want to see your pretty back.”

“I don't have anything to tie it up with.” 

Jackie ran his free hand over his scalp through his thick hair. When he was done he placed his hand parallel to the one Sara knelt on, level with her chest, inches from touching her.

“Pick one,” Jackie said.

Sara didn't know what he was talking about until she took a closer look at the clean hand hovering in front of her. At first she didn't know where the thin black ropes that lined Jackie's palm had come from. It wasn't until she picked one up that she realized they were his own loose hairs. 

Sara managed to get out a soft “thank you” though she didn't know why she was thanking him. It just seemed right.

The hair she chose was one of the smaller ones. Barely longer than her arm, half as thick as her fingers. She wrapped it tight in both hands and gave it a firm snap to test the strength. She tried three times until she was positive she wasn't strong enough to break it.

He could tie me up in his own hair and there'd be nothing I could do about it. He could do anything to me and I'd be helpless to resist.

It took both hands to wrestle the wet mess into place. Sara didn't have the longest hair in the world, but when it came down it didn't want to go back up without a fight. A mirror would've helped, but all she had was half her reflection in Jackie's eyes. She hoped he liked the other half of her his eyes kept.

In the end Sara had to settle for having the hair up. She couldn't see it, but she knew it was still a mess. Only now it was a mess piled on top of her head instead of splayed out over her back.

“That's better,” Jackie said. 

His warm breath washed over Sara's front while his powerful finger traced a line down the newly exposed flesh. It was different this time. Without the lotion. More intimate. Sensual. 

“You like that, don't you?” Jackie asked.

“yes” Sara barely got the word out she was breathing so heavy.

“You like to be controlled.” It wasn't a question.


“Like now?”


“I think you're a very brave woman. Thank you for trusting me.” 

Jackie worked his finger up and down Sara's back. Was it her imagination or was he petting her? 

“Get on all fours.” 

Jackie's order was casual, but firm. There was no room for disobedience. Not in Sara's mind.

Sara let her hands sink wrist deep in the white puddle. Her breasts pointed straight down, her butt pushed out. Sara had a pretty good idea what she looked like bent over in that submissive position. She hoped Jackie liked what he saw. Her face stared down at the thick lotion, she couldn't see Jackie's expression.

“I would like to kiss you,” Jackie's face must have been right on top of her. Sara could feel his breath on every part of her not in the puddle. His head blotted out most of the sun. “Would you like that?”

“Very much.” Sara bit her lower lip. This was really happening.

“I will count to five,” Jackie said. “I will kiss you then unless you change your mind.”

Sara wasn't about to change her mind and they both knew it. Jackie teased her dragging the count on. Sara wanted to just scream “FIVE” and make him kiss her, but that wasn't her role. She may have been in control of the scene, but she wasn't in charge.

Their first kiss went from Sara's shoulder blades to the small of her back. Jackie's lips were strong, wet, and warm. Their touch was gentle and controlled like he was hugging her with his mouth. Everything went dark above Sara as Jackie bent his head down to reach her. He'd taken her sun and replaced it with the night sky of his face. Sara wanted to be even smaller. To have more of her hugged, by that powerful sky. To fall up into it and give in to the cosmic forces inside his mouth.

Jackie took his time pulling away. Sara couldn't help but look up at her retreating night sky rising up into the gaudy blue. 

“You wanted this,” Jackie told her. He sounded sad.

Then he closed his fist around her body and tightened his grasp until he was touching all of her. 

It didn't take long for the puddle Sara had been kneeling in to squelch over her like ice water over her burning skin. Sara closed her eyes for protection, but there wasn't anything for her to see anyway. This darkness was a prison not a her night sky. A trap she'd asked, even begged Jackie to put her in. Sara struggled to lift her pinned arms, but it was no use. She tried to kick her legs against the wall of flesh that had closed around her, but it got her nowhere. She fought against him with every muscle, every fluid ounce of adrenaline.

It didn't matter.

“Thank you,” Sara said.

“You're welcome.” The exchange felt surreal to Jackie. Surreal, but somehow natural.

“I'm not hurting you am I?”

“Shouldn't I be asking you that?” Jackie asked. Sara couldn't see his face, but she could hear the bemused look in his voice.

“You're perfect. It's just I'm putting up such a fight …”

“You are?”

The two words set off chain lightning from Sara's fantasy to her already aroused flesh. The implications swelled in her nipples, her clit. Engorged her labia. Quickened her pulse and breathing.

“You don't … you can't feel me?” 


Sara exploded, just a little, inside Jackie's closed fist.


It wasn't the only explosion Sara endured in Jackie's hand. Hands. The gentle giant played with her body over an hour before she finally begged off too exhausted to go on. If he noticed her reaction, Jackie didn't comment on it. Sara preferred to think the frequently mind blowing orgasms didn't even register on his scale. That he was so much stronger and bigger than she was it was impossible for him to tell she was climaxing on him.

That thought only made the experience more intense.

Jackie was already laying down when he opened his fist and let Sara out onto his chest. After all that, Sara was unsteady on her feet, blinded by the still intense sun. She crawled her way blindly up Jackie's chiseled abs, letting the tremors of his heartbeat lead her to her rest.

Once she reached Jackie's heart Sara collapsed on it and turned her face to the sun.

“For our second date I was thinking bowling,” Jackie said.

“You could ask me to go snipe hunting right now and I'd say yes.” Sara stretched her arms and legs as far as she could. “You make an awesome bed.”

“I've never had anyone tell me that before.” Jackie's words rumbled under Sara. “Thank you.”

“You didn't get bored did you?” Sara rolled over onto her belly and looked up at Jackie's hill-like chin. “I know what that means to me, but this isn't your thing.”

“Maybe it could be.”

“Care to expand on that?” 

“It's complicated.”

“I've got time for complicated.” Sara's breathing already matched Jackie's heartbeat.

“It felt … good. Better than I expected. When your friend told me about what you're into I was skeptical. I don't want to sound insulting, but I was kinda worried it'd feel like I was … doing things with a doll.”

“Trust me, if you called me a doll while we were …” Sara made a gesture with her hands. “I'd be proposing right now. That's not insulting that's in my small gal fantasy top three.”

“I gotta admit, it … was sexy for me too.”


“Yeah. It clicked for me when I kissed you. There was this … I want to say energy, but that's probably not right, going on between us. I had this gorgeous, sexy, brave, smart woman in the palm of my hands it was intense.”

“I get that.”

“Are you ok?”

“I am SO much better than ok. Even without that little dip into fantasy this was the best first date evah.”


“There's just one thing I feel bad about.”

“What's that?” Jackie's voice was filled with more concern than Sara thought could be packed into two words.

“You kissed me, but I haven't kissed you. That's not fair.”

“No, it isn't.”

“I want to kiss you.” Sara pulled herself up to all fours. “Would you like that?”

“I would.”

“I'm going to count to five. When I'm done I'm going to kiss you. Unless you change your mind.”

“I won't.”

Sara took her time walking from Jackie's chest to chin. She counted up slowly teasing him the way he'd teased her. Dragging out the distance. Walking the wrong way. Circling his nipples. She waited till she reached four before she pulled herself up his chin and leaned her face over his huge thirsty lips. She was already on tip toe her weight balanced on her belly on his chin. She whispered “five” before leaning all the way forward. Her face pressed into his lips, her feet left his chest.

Sara lay her cheek on his lips when she was finished.

“That was nice,” Jackie said. “But I'd like to try something.”

“Anything.” Sara meant it.

“I want to kiss you normal.”



“Ok,” Sara said. “Do you want me to move?”

“If you want. I can just shrink under you.”

“I'm fine where I am.”
Sara waited for Jackie to start shrinking, but it didn't happen. His hill-chin continued to press into her belly. His soft breathing fanned her face.

“Shit.” Jackie didn't sound happy.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing. I just didn't know this was going to happen. I've never done this with someone on me.”

“What happened?”
“You must've been inside my aura when I shrank. So you shrank.”

“How small am I?” Sara asked.

“Most people would be asking how to get big again.”

“Most people are boring,” Sara said. “Besides, I was listening when you explained everything. If I want to be big all I have to do is leave your aura. Right?”

“That's the way it works.”

“Ok, how small am I?”

“Five … six inches. I don't have a ruler.”

“I've got doll clothes this small. Remind me to bring them the next time we try this. Or we could stop by my place and pick them up now. My roommate should be at work at least another three hours.”

“Why don't we save that for the next date. I'll feel a lot more comfortable with you normal-sized. And there's that kiss you promised.”

“Spoil sport.” Sara stuck out her tongue at him. “How do you want to do this? Should I just climb down or would you rather airlift me out?”

“Climb down my left side. That looks clearest. Keep walking away from me until you start to grow. If you feel dizzy that's ok. It happened to me the first couple times.”

Jackie felt Sara slide down his neck and land on the sand beside him. Once he was sure she was safely down he tilted his head to see her walk away. She was still tiny when she left his line of sight.



“How far does your aura go?”

“A few inches. Maybe a foot. Why?”

“We may have a problem.”

Jackie pulled himself up to his knees and scanned the beach. When he didn't see a five foot seven woman in a bikini standing there he turned his attention to the ground around him.

“Sara?” Jackie called down.

“Over here.”

The voice came from several feet away. A spot Jackie knew Sara hadn't been a few seconds before. Then he looked down and saw a doll-sized woman wearing too much sunscreen and a haunted bikini frantically waving her hands up at him.

“Isn't this awesome!” Sara started running towards the beach blanket. “Hurry up, I want to see what it's like inside my own pocket. Then it's doll clothes time.”

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  1. What a lovely story. I'm writing my own version of a first date, so this hits a couple of those familiar tones in a very enchanting and size manner.

    My favorite part is their shared concern about the other one being protected by sunscreen. That is such an intimate detail, such a protective vibe to see in a first date. We should all be so lucky to meet someone so caring during a first encounter.

    The aura feature is so cool! I like it. It takes care of quite a bit of explanations without giving any. Very smart.

    Sara's exploration of Jackie's print was another lovely detail. Quite a romantic story. I wish them both well, for as long as they both shall live.


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