Saturday, May 7, 2016

Story: Shrink Inc: Verbal Agreement

I was supposed to be working on the sixth part of Belittled on my trip back from SizeCon, but that didn't happen.  For those people waiting for the next installment of that series, I apologize.  I ended up having an idea for a new Shrink Inc story and had to get it down.  I promise that I'm getting back to Belittled ASAP.

This story deviates from my past work in a few ways.  The POV is from that of a shrunken man, but he is dominant in this piece.

For those keeping score -- Claire from the first SI novel makes a return to the series and Gail Gardner from SI 2 makes a Skype cameo.  You don't need to have read these books to enjoy this story.

(Warning: Contains sexual situations, strong language, elements of various kinks, and is definitely NSFW.  For mature readers only.)

Shrink Inc:
Verbal Agreement
copyright 2016 Taedis

“I've never met anyone who wanted to be shrunk who didn't have a … thing for size, Mr. Maddox.”
“I thought you people preferred the term 'resized.'” I replied.  “At least that's what your brochures say.”
“We do.  I just wanted to use a smaller word to make sure you understood what you were getting into.  If we accept your application your world will change totally and irrevocably.  Even those who have fantasized about this their entire lives pause before they sign on the dotted line.  Once you do sign you will stop being a person.  Your opinions will no longer matter.  You will be at the mercy of whoever purchases you.  And there's no way to return what your giving up.”

“But I can pick who buys me.”  I said.  It may have sounded like a question, but it wasn't.
“Yes.  Loosely speaking.”
I sat around a cheap wooden table in the conference room of one of the largest companies in the world.  It was obvious that Stovent didn't spend their money on décor; it was barely better than a Wal-Mart break room.  
My chair sat opposite some middle manager named Claire who had given us the tour, offered us coffee from the out of date Keurig, and flipped open her tablet to let her boss Skype with me.  Said boss, Gail Gardner, had a reputation as a shrewd business woman having come out of nowhere to become the day to day head of Richard Stovent's miracle company.
Sitting beside me was Bunny.  She wore a red dress so tight there wasn't room for anything underneath, a pair of fuck me pumps, and a titanium collar that cost me three quarters of a million dollars.  Bunny was what I called her.  If I ever knew her real name I'd forgotten it long ago.  Bunny wasn't the sort of girl you needed to talk to or get her name right.  
But Bunny was everything that I needed her to be.  Young, healthy, and hotter than a Nevada afternoon in August; she didn't ask the wrong questions and she was dumb enough and desperate enough to wear my collar.
Bunny was perfect.
“Do you mind telling us why you want to be resized?”  Claire asked.
Claire was the anti-Bunny.  I suppose she was pretty if you could overlook the frizzy hair and the pair of b cups buried under her corporate casual wear.  I wondered if she was asking for herself or if Gardner had coached her.
“No.” I said, bluntly.
The middle manager didn't like my answer, but I wasn't sure how open Gardner would be to my reasons for wanting to no longer be human.  I couldn't have been the first person who tried to use them to get out of an impossible situation.
“How small were you thinking of going?”  Gardner asked, her poker face not betraying anything.
“I was thinking maybe four inches.”  I said.  “Make me an even six feet.”
“There are cheaper forms of suicide, Mr. Maddox.”  Gardner said.  “I think I have a coupon for rat poison somewhere around here.”
I gave the screen a dirty look.
“I think what Ms Gardner means is that such a minor resizing won't meet our Minimum Safe Shrink.”  Claire said.  
“What's that?”  Bunny asked.  I hated when she talked to people, but I wanted to know the answer more than I wanted to punish her.  I could always use the collar later when we were alone.
“You see,” Claire began.  “When we resize someone we create an instability in their bodies.  Multiple instabilities actually.  The subject will seem just fine for a while.  Some subjects have lasted several months.  We think one might live a year.  But sooner or later they'll just … boom.”
Claire made an explosive gesture with both hands.
“So, if I shrink, I die?  Is that what you're telling me?”  I tried to sound calm, but if what she was saying was true then I was fucked beyond measure.
“If you only shrink a few inches, yes.”  Claire said.  “But the instabilities begin to cancel each other out the smaller you get.”
“Until you reach Minimum Safe Shrink.”  I concluded.
“Exactly.”  Gardner said from the tablet. “Which depends on the height you started at.”
“And how small would I have to get to avoid … 'boom?'”
“Thirteen inches.”  Claire answered quickly.  
“But for you it'll be five.” Gardner said.
“Why?” I asked.  The prospect of living the rest of my life a head taller than Barbie wasn't too thrilling to me; coming up to her hip was even less appealing.
“Because you think I'm stupid.  I hate that in a man who needs something from me.”
She said “needs” not “wants.”  How much did she know about my motives?
“I apologize.”  I tried to sound sincere hoping that it would cover the desperation I was feeling.  “Could you see your way to making it twelve inches.  An even foot.”
“I'll make it three.”  Gardner said.  Her eyes seemed to burn straight through the screen.
“But you said five.”
“That was before you made that very pathetic apology, Mr. Maddox.  Challenge me again and I'll knock that down to half an inch.  A third strike and I'll have Claire show you the door.
“I've done my due diligence and I know what you're running from.  What's got you so scared that you're willing to spend your life shrunken.  Now listen to me very carefully, Mr. Maddox.  I'm going to explain how things are going to be.  You can just say 'yes' now and spend the rest of your life as a three inch tall man.  You can beat your chest until your nipples start dribbling testosterone and spend it half an inch tall.  Or just say 'fuck it” and walk out the door.  I'm sure I'll find out what happens next on the nightly news.  So what's it going to be, Mr. Maddox, obedience, man boobs, or door number three?”
“Yes.”  I said and looked down.
“Good boy.”  I heard Gardner say through the Skype.
She had me by the balls and she knew it.  The fact that this was going to cost me a small fortune only poured salt on the wounds of my humiliation.  
“I assume that Bunny here will be acting as your owner designate?”  Claire asked.
“Yes.” I answered.  “I've already transferred everything over to her.”   
“Claire can walk you through the final paperwork and we can have you in a resizing chamber in less than an hour.”
“If I could just have some time alone with Bunny before that.”
“We know about the collar, Mr. Maddox.”  Gardner said.  “Our company miniaturized several of the components.  You can give Bunny her marching orders in front of us.”
“You're very well informed, Ms. Gardner.”  I did my best to keep my tone neutral.  
I wasn't happy with the way this interview had gone, but there was little that I could do about it now and still the chance that Gardner would turn me down.  Being three inches tall wasn't ideal, but it was at least a life that I could make comfortable with enough money and a woman who was incapable of disobedience.  
I wasn't happy that they knew about the collar, but it would be difficult to hide once I'd been reduced and dependent on my puppet's largess.
“Bunny, stand up and look me in the eye.” I ordered.
I watched as she hopped to her feet, her curves jiggling in the tight dress.  I'd spent most of last night and much of this morning enjoying those curves.  The last chance that I would ever have to be with a woman.  Unless I ordered Bunny to buy me a playmate.
“In a little while I'm going to be taken away and made a lot smaller.” I started.  “Like I explained to you last night. Tell me what's going to happen then.”
“You're going to have to stay here.”  Bunny said.  I could see the conflict on her face right now.  I'd trained her to look down when speaking to me, but my order kept her from doing that.  In the end the collar won out.  It always would.
“Until my survival training is finished and you can buy me with the money I gave you.”  I continued.  
“The fortune he gave you.” Claire corrected.  I didn't like being interrupted or being eavesdropped on, but I had to play nice until I got what I needed.
“Until you buy me you are my owner designate.” I said to Bunny.  “That means that you will have considerable say as to how that training takes place.  You will not allow them to put me in any embarrassing or humiliating situations.  None of that submissive shrunken man bullshit that they specialize in.  You will insist on being on my training team and will sleep in the same room where my habitat will be stored.  Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”  Bunny said, lowering her head slightly, but keeping eye contact.
“The clothing that I brought with me will have to be resized as well.  You'll see to that while I'm undergoing the procedure.  I don't want to be walking around here draped in a hanky.  I'll also need my phone, laptop, and accessories scaled down to be useful to me at three inches.  
“I'll need a place to stay when I return home.  Tell Genevieve to have a fully functional scale model of my penthouse made.  She can figure out how to get it done.  And I mean fully functional.  Toilets that flush.  Electrical sockets that work.  Flatscreen TV with digital cable and streaming.  And a gas stove.
“And finally.  Pretty soon I'm going to be wheeled out of here and shrunk.  You're going to have to 
sign even more papers and make decisions about my new life.  Once I sign the final contract I am no longer considered human.  You'll have the right to order things done to me; things that are normally illegal or unethical to do to a person.  Things like having my vocal cords cut.  You will not allow that.  You will also not wear ear plugs, have your own hearing desensitized in any way, or allow them to introduce helium into the air that I breathe.  Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good girl.  You can sit back down while I finish my business.”
I watched Bunny jiggle back into a sitting position.  Despite our sexual activities last night and this morning I could feel myself beginning to respond to her body.  I briefly debated taking her one last time, but decided against it.  I had known I was going to be shrunk well past the point where normal sexual relations become impossible and had said my goodbye to that aspect of my life.  That hadn't stopped me from trying to negotiate a human scale to my resizing, but I knew that it was unlikely to happen. 
“Bunny sure is loyal to you, Mr. Maddox.”  Claire said diplomatically.  I could see the confusion on her face over what she had just witnessed.  “I've never seen a resized candidate talk to anyone like that.”
“Loyalty has nothing to do with it, Claire.”  Gardner said.  “The collar she's wearing is capable of sending a small charge into either the pain or pleasure centers of Bunny's brain.  If Bunny is a good girl, she feels good; if Bunny is disobedient … let's just say that Bunny isn't likely to say 'no' more than once.”
“That's horrible.”  Claire looked at Bunny like she was a third world orphan and me like I was the bastard who murdered her parents.
“But legal.”  I continued.  “Bunny willingly allowed herself to be collared.  She's being very well compensated for acting as my guardian after I've been resized.”
“And there's voiceprint recognition to identify the orders of the man who made her wear it.”  Gardner went on.  “That's why Mr. Maddox gave those final orders; if Bunny can't hear or understand an order, she's under no obligation to obey it.  And it seems that Mr. Maddox is concerned that we might try to free Bunny from his control.  That was a very well thought set of marching orders you gave Bunny.  But you didn't mention anything about gags or other forms of physical restraint of your mouth.  We actually do have ball gags in your size, you know.  Well, the size you will be.”
“Bunny, don't allow them to gag me or in any way physically restrain my mouth.  If they do so you are to order them to remove the restraints.  The pain setting on your collar will increase by 1 for each minute that I am gagged.”  
I was speaking to Bunny, but looking Claire in the eyes.  I wanted her to know who would be suffering if they tried to get between me and Bunny.  I was sure that Gardner could tell her subordinate just how many pain settings there were. 
“That includes placing a control collar on me.”  I added.  I was glad that I had thought of that last one before I signed away my life.  Gardner obviously had access to the tech and seemed to dislike me enough to use it on me.  
“You're a very paranoid little man, Mr. Maddox.”  Gardner said.  “You haven't even been resized yet, but you're already thinking like a rat in a maze.  It's cute.  Do you have any other orders before we make you as small on the outside as you obviously are on the in?”
“Just give me the damn papers and let's get this over with.”
“Temper, temper, little guy.”  Gardner said through the Skype.  “You need us a hell of a lot more than we need you.  So play nice and we'll let you sign away your humanity and shrink you down to the mouse you really are.  If you understand just say 'yes, ma'am.'” 
“Yes, ma'am.”  
The words burned in my throat.  It was bad enough that I had to go through this humiliating ordeal of being shrunk and becoming the property of some mindless bimbo.  Having to humble myself to a woman who couldn't even bother to be in the same room as I was almost too much.  To have Bunny see me taken down a peg only made it worse.
But it was still better than the alternative.
“Good boy, Collin.”  Gardner wasn't even trying to hide the condescension anymore.  “Take him through the final paperwork, Claire and send him to resizing chamber 8 when he's done.  I'll be in touch later.  Bunny, it was nice meeting you.  Have a good day.”
Gardner's face disappeared from the screen to be replaced by the tablet's desktop.  Claire pushed a stack of papers in front of me and I began signing my life away.


I woke up with a headache.  I don't know if that was supposed to be normal, and wondered if it was some trick that Claire or Gardner had pulled while I was knocked out.
“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”  I said out loud.  My voice seemed normal as far as I could tell.
I slowly took in my surroundings as I pushed myself out of my drug induced slumber.  I didn't remember much after signing the last document.  A pair of techs led me to a room, stuck a needle in my arm, and then I woke up here.
I was on a bed.  Not the most amazing bed that ever existed, but a real mattress and box spring, not some pet bed or gel insole or whatever the pervs who got off on this thing usually slept on.  It was a real bed with real sheets rubbing against my nude body.
I blinked down the headache and looked around the room.  It was spartan, but it could have passed for most motel rooms.  There was a nightstand, small dresser, and closet.  I could see some of my suits hanging in the closet and a small TV rested on the dresser.  There was a door that led off to what I presumed was the bathroom and a pair of glass sliding doors that opened up onto a terrace.  That looked like the only way out of here unless the roof of this dollhouse came off.
I sat up on the side of the bed and took a few seconds to get my strength.  I staggered to the bathroom and was pleased to see a real toilet.  I wasn't sure what facilities that Stovent would have onsite and was worried that I'd be forced to use a litter box until pain drove Bunny to get me proper facilities.
I rested my weight on one arm on the wall behind the toilet and aimed with the other.  My bladder took several minutes to drain.  By the time the last few drops were hitting the water below, my headache had mostly faded.
I washed my hands and splashed some cold water into my face.  I took a good long look at myself in the mirror.  Nothing seemed out of place.  I carefully checked my throat to make certain that there was no signs of tampering, but I knew that was just paranoia on my part; I looked exactly the way I always looked.
In fact there was nothing that indicated that I had shrunk.  For all I knew they had tossed my drugged body into a van and dumped me in some motel in the middle of nowhere.  The only thing that was even remotely out of the ordinary was the lack of a front door to the main room and there were explanations for that.
I walked back into the main area and went to the closet.  The suits I had brought with me looked fine hanging there on real hangers instead of the built in ones you find at hotels.  My golf clubs were in the corner; I'd hoped to get some practice in while going through this training charade.  
I found underwear, shirts, and socks in the drawers and got myself dressed.  I didn't bother with a tie.  I found my shoes in a bag hanging from the door.  
I walked to the terrace and braced myself for what I was going to discover.  A part of me still thought that I would be looking out at a normal sized world; that I had been the victim of a very elaborate and expensive con.  The rest of me was more than a little frightened about the world of giantesses that I was about to step into.
And it really was stepping into a new world.  At that moment I could still think of myself as normal, think of the room that I was in as normal.  I'd had some thoughts about this really being a dollhouse, but that wasn't how I thought about it; it wouldn't really be a dollhouse until I'd stepped outside and proven it to myself.
I wish I'd had them resize a mini-bar cause I felt the need for some liquid courage right then.
I pulled the terrace door open and stepped outside.
It took me a moment to refocus and take in the world around me.  I saw large distant shapes in the distance which my brain initially misidentified as mountains, but I quickly and correctly identified as the walls and furniture of the training room that I'd be living in for the next several days.
The terrace was raised up.  Probably a few feet off the ground, but it was hard to say at my new height.  I looked down and gauged the distance at several stories.  Stories for me anyway.  My best guess was that I was standing about waist level to a normal sized person.
Then one of the mountains pulled itself away from its proper place and glided over to me.  To see something that large and powerful move with such quiet grace was hard for me to comprehend.  The mountain lowered itself to me and I looked into its face.  I stood there like a deer in the headlights trying to decipher who or what this was.  
“Give yourself a minute.”  the mountain said to me.  “There's a lot of me to take in and very little of you to do it with.”
That voice.  The strands of kinky hair, each at least twice as long as me, told me that I was in the presence of the middle manager Claire, but the face was wrong.  The sheer scale of what she had become, what I had become, terrified me more than I could have imagined.  I had to force my brain to see the face that I had seen across the conference table just a few hours ago.
“Bunny?” The two syllables were all I could get out.  I needed to know that she was nearby and would protect me in this strange and horrifying new world.  
“Ms Manea is right behind the enclosure you're in.” the mountain that was Claire said.  “I can have her walk around if you think you won't be too scared.  Nod if you think you'll be ok.”
I nodded.
“He's going to be really skittish at first, Barbara.”  Claire said to the air above me.  “Move very slowly or you might scare him too much.  There's only so much his tiny little brain can take right now.”
I should have been insulted by the way she was talking about me; treating me like some house pet up for adoption at a shelter, but I was feeling an intense surge of emotion pushing out from my body through my chest.  I'd never had a panic attack in my life, but I was having one now.  I should have said no and run back into the sanctuary of my dollhouse, but I have always been a very prideful man and I didn't want to show my weakness in front of anyone, let alone the puppet who I had set up to own me.
“Okay, little guy.”  Claire looked back at me.  Her voice was calm and soothing, like she was talking to a small child or frightened pet.  “I'm going to step away and let Ms. Manea walk over here.  She's going to be coming from that direction.”
Claire used her giant eyes to indicate my right and slowly backed away from me.  I was mesmerized by her sheer size and couldn't tear my eyes away from her until I caught a glimpse of a wall of red just entering into my peripheral vision.  It was the same red as the dress that Bunny had been wearing.  
She was easily as graceful as Claire, but nowhere near as silent.   Each time her foot came down on the floor I heard the sharp click of her high heels against the linoleum.  The thought that each of those heels was taller than I was sent a shiver down my spine, underscoring just how small I now was.
I stared directly at the wall of red that was moving in front of me.  I could make out the sleek muscles of her stomach.  I craned my head upwards and saw her navel, as big as my head, through the tight red dress that I had made her wear that day.
She took another step and her body blocked my view of the rest of the world.  I looked left and right unable to see beyond the hips that only a few hour ago I had casually held in my hands as I bent her over and plowed my cock into her.  I craned my head further up her body, feeling like a man who was standing at the base of a skyscraper trying to see the top floor.  I couldn't see beyond the bottoms of her breasts.  Breasts that were each bigger than my entire body.  I couldn't even see the collar that gave me complete control of the force of nature standing before me.
“Hello, sir.”  I heard Bunny say in that submissive tone she had.  It was hard to reconcile that tone coming forth from on high like an Old Testament god.
I just stood there numbly trying to form the words that would make her do what I wanted, but I was overwhelmed and didn't know what I wanted.
“He can't see your face from down there, Barbara.”  I heard Claire say from somewhere beyond the tower of flesh that I cowered under.
“Oh.”  Bunny sounded too innocent just then to be that large.  
She stepped back from the terrace.  I could feel the heat of her body pulling away from me and I could now see her face peeking out at me like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.  I watched as she bent down and got on her knees putting her face in front of me.  I could smell her warm sweet breath pass over me.  I had the same mental disconnect between the features I was familiar with and the scale I was seeing them at that I had experienced with Claire.  I don't know if having a more familiar face made things worse or better.
“You look so cute!”  Bunny said in a high pitched squeal.
I saw a flash of movement and the next thing I knew I felt something heavy and warm press onto my head and back.  I turned my head around and stared directly into the whirl of a fingerprint larger than my entire head.
Then everything went black and there was no fear.


I woke up laying on top of my bed still dressed in the clothing I had put on earlier.  I felt sick and scared.  This had been a huge mistake.  How could I live the rest of my life surrounded by people who could casually destroy me?  Was the alternative really worse than this reality?
“The quirk brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”  I said out loud; I needed to reassure myself that I was still in control despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  At least I still had my voice.
I sat there lost in my thoughts until I heard the phone ring.  It was such a normal sound; just the thing that I needed to hear after my first encounter with those giant women.  I pulled myself out of bed and followed the ringing to the chest of drawers on the other side of the room.
I picked it up.  It was my phone.  Same color, same case, even the same nick on the corner from where I'd dropped it last New Years.  It was the same phone, only smaller.
Just like me.
“Hello.”  I said into the receiver.
“Believe it or not, I've seen worse starts to a resized's life.”  I heard Claire answer.  “Fainting is pretty common, but at least you didn't wet yourself.”
“I didn't faint.”  I said reflexively.
“Of course you didn't.  I'm sorry about what happened, but it wasn't Barbara's fault.  There are protocols for the way we interact with resizeds; signs that we look out for, and she didn't have the training to see that you were freaking out as much as your were.  We've been giving her a crash course while you've been resting.  Considering what your body has been through, you probably needed the rest anyway.”
“I want to talk to Bunny.”
“I'll switch over to speaker phone.  Just give me a second.”
“I'd rather this be just between me and Bunny.”
“I don't really care what you'd rather do, Collin and neither does anyone else anymore.  I'm being nice because you've been through Hell, but you're not a person anymore and the sooner you come to grips with that fact, the easier things are going to be for you.
“And don't even try to order Barbara to tell us to go easy on you; getting you mentally acclimated to a life as a nonperson is a mandatory part of our training.  I'd feel real shitty if she was in constant pain because of your orders, but I have to do my job.  Trust me, you're getting off pretty light as it is.  Now here's Barbara.”
“I am so sorry, Sir.  I didn't mean to scare you like that.  You just looked so small and so cute that I just had to pet you.  Then you fainted and I thought you'd died and …”
“I'm ok now, Bunny.” I interrupted her.  “Have you followed out my orders?”
“Yes, Sir.  It's going to cost a ton, but your tiny little apartment will be ready by the time we get you out of here.”
“Good.”  I wasn't happy with her choice of adjectives, but I was glad to hear that I'd have a place to feel normal once we were out of this madhouse.  “I'm going to make another trip outside in a few minutes.  I'd like Bunny to be the only person in the room.  If that isn't a problem with you and your job, Claire.”
“That will be fine.” Claire said.  “The room is under constant monitoring.  If anything goes wrong or you're in trouble I can be in there in seconds.”
“Listen to me very carefully, Bunny.” I said.  “You see where the door to my room is facing?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“I want you to stand on that side of the room as close to the wall as you can get.  Move furniture if you can.  When I open my door I want to be able to see you, but I want you far enough away from me that I can see all of you.  Got it?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“After I hang up ask Claire to leave.  Then get into position and wait for me to come out.”
“Yes, Sir.”
I hung up.
I could hear the sounds of the two giant women talking outside, but couldn't make out exactly what they said.  There must have been some sound proofing done to this room within a room.  I'd have to make sure that it didn't interfere with me giving Bunny her orders.
I sat back down on the bed and waited.  I hated sitting on beds, but the only alternative was the dresser or the floor.  I'd have to make Bunny get me a chair for moments like this.  I wondered if it would be cheaper to make one to my scale or have Stovent resize a normal chair.  I could look into it later.
I thought about what I'd heard and experienced since waking up three inches tall.  Claire had referred to Bunny as both Barbara and Ms. Manea.  It was probably Bunny's real name, it was just disconcerting hearing her referred to like that.  And I didn't know if Claire was just being needlessly respectful to Bunny or if she was bonding with my giantess puppet during the times when I wasn't there to put a damper on things.
It was obvious that both Claire and her employer were more sympathetic to Bunny's situation than to mine.  I'm sure that years of shrinking people had left both women with a sense of power and certainty in their roles.  The shrunken man was supposed to worship and adore his newly minted giantess owner.  Allow himself to be put through all manner of humiliations and degradations to please her and satisfy whatever submissive urges led him to give up all of his power and humanity in the first place.  
Not that women didn't seek out the treatment to; there were several examples of high profile shrunken women.  The young woman who turned herself into a purse pet for that pop star is probably the best example I can think of, but Shrink Inc's advertising was definitely more focused on men becoming tiny and weak and being owned by their giantess mistresses.
The concept of a tiny man pulling the puppet strings of a giantess must have been very unnerving for people like Claire and Ms. Gardner.
I waited a half hour before I walked out.  I needed to reaffirm that I was in control and Bunny had no choice but to wait for me to step out.
I swung the door open and strode out onto the balcony.  Bunny stood on the other side of the room, her face downcast, her eyes raised up just enough to see my entrance.  It must have been hours since the last time I'd seen her; she'd changed out of the red dress into an equally form fitting black number.
She looked like a billboard rising up in the distance before me.  Beautiful and carnal backed up against the wall waiting for me.  I let my eyes take a slow stroll up the length of her legs, over the curve of her hips, past the fullness of her perfect breasts, up to her face.
“Look forward.  Look me in the eyes.”  I ordered and she obeyed.  
Our eyes met.
“My size doesn't matter.  No matter how much larger than me you are, or how small I become, I am the one making the rules.  I am the one with the power.  The real power.  My money and my intellect have trapped and tamed you as surely as any elephant in the zoo.  I am your master; you are my puppet.  Do you understand me, puppet?”
“Yes, Sir.”  Bunny said.  
Bunny looked at me uncertainly.
“Do it slow and sexy.”  I said.  “You are allowed to break eye contact.”
Bunny wasn't a stripper.  I don't think she even knew how to dance, but the collar she wore gave her the incentive she needed to try.  
She swayed her hips in an exaggerated fashion and kicked off one of the high heeled pumps she was wearing.  It clattered off somewhere beyond my line of sight.  She raised her hands above her head and stretched as far as she could go.  I watched her breasts strain against the tight dress and wondered what it might be like to walk in the valley of her cleavage.
The other shoe went flying in a different direction leaving her in stocking feet. She swayed again turning herself around until she was facing the wall.  She bent at the waist until her hands wrapped themselves around her left ankle.  The short skirt of her dress rose until I could see not only the tops of her sheer black stockings, but a wide swath of naked leg and thigh.
Bunny pulled her hands up her leg until she furled her skirt up giving me a tantalizing glimpse of what lay beneath.  Bunny wasn't wearing underwear; I never let Bunny wear underwear.
Bunny put her leg up on a table.  She was clumsy.  It took her several seconds to rest her foot flat against the wood.  That was ok, she had years to learn how to do it right.  She worked her fingers under the silk stockings and slowly slid them down her long leg.  She managed to switch over to the other leg much more gracefully.
The stockings joined the shoes.
Bunny turned to face the wall again.  Her hips were in almost constant motion gyrating back and forth to whatever music she was imagining.  She brought her hand up to the zip at the back of the dress and slowly pulled it all the way down to the bottom of her back.
What her striptease lacked in polish and skill, it made up for in raw sexuality.  I have never pretended that I chose Bunny for anything else other than her body and her sheer size only seemed to accentuate the curves that I had loved to handle.  The fact that she was a safe distance away prevented me from panicking in the same way I had the day before.  I could think of much worse ways to acclimate to a world of giantesses.  
She pulled the dress forward exposing more and more of her back.  She sensuously worked her arms out of the tight garment until she was topless facing away from me.  Only a small swath of fabric remained covering her hips and ass.
Bunny slowly turned towards me.  Her right arm raised to cover her full breasts, her left pushing down at the tiny bit of fabric around her hips.  I'd felt myself getting more and more aroused at the sight of her mammoth undulations, but I was rock hard at the sight of her coy display.
I reached down and pulled my cock out of my pants.
Bunny continued to tug the rest of the dress down.  She pivoted so that I didn't have a clear view of either her amazing ass or the pussy I had so often fucked.  With one final pull the dress came off completely leaving her nude before me.
I wet my hand with my own spit and began to jack off at the sight.  
She brought both hands to her chest and cupped her breasts in a way that was both lewd and chaste at the same time.  For all her nudity, her modesty was still being preserved by her hand bra.  
Bunny turned to the wall and placed her hands up and flat on it.  This gave me a full view of her magnificent ass, but hid her breasts from me.  I continued to stroke as I watched her ass bounce and jiggle before me.  She arched her back and gave me brief flashes of her shaved pussy.  
“Turn around and show me your tits.”  I ordered, my breathing starting to get heavy as I continued to jack off.
Bunny turned around slowly, her breasts coming into view in small incremental steps like twin moons waxing from nothing to full in the span of a few strokes of my cock.  I thought back to all the times I had played with those breasts; manipulated them with my hands or mouth.  Now even the nipples were larger than my head.  
“Get on your knees and crawl to me.”  I said.  “Put your head below me and look up at me.”
Bunny pulled herself along on the ground like some giant animal that I was ordering around.  The only thing that she was wearing was the titanium collar that made her my slave.  She could never take that off.  I was certain of that.
She moved herself into position beneath me.  I looked down into that huge dumb face of hers and continued to stroke.
“Open your mouth.”  I said.  
My voice was raspy and rough from my exertions, I wasn't even sure that she heard me until I saw her mouth open below me.  I looked down into the abyss that was her throat, past teeth larger than my fist, and a mouth that could swallow me whole.  
Her mouth was her life.  It brought her air and food and water.  But it was death for me; a chasm that would bring slow and horrifying death if I were to slip off the balcony that I stood on.  If I were to fall I wouldn't have time to order her to save me.  And I'm not sure if she would on her own accord.
I focused on that vision of death thinking about how many times Bunny had taken my cock down her sweet throat.  How only yesterday it was a source of pleasure for me and not the symbol of my mortality that it had become.  I focused on both worlds; the macro world of pleasure and the micro existence of constance threat.  I let the two intermingle in my head until the fear of that death wasn't enough to stop the pleasure that I was giving myself.
I felt my balls tighten and heat explode from my crotch as I shot my load into the void that was Bunny's throat.
I stood there for several minutes after I'd cum.  The orgasm was powerful.  Made more intense by the thoughts of death that danced more carnal thoughts.  I hadn't ordered Bunny to move or close her mouth so she just knelt there waiting for me to tell her what to do.  I'm not even sure if she knew that I'd cum in her throat.  It didn't matter.
I felt powerful then.  Perhaps more powerful than I'd ever felt before in my entire life.  Here was a creature possessed of so much raw power, so much greater strength than my own, and yet she was my slave.  I felt like a man who discovered a magic ring and had a genie to do his bidding.  I might have been three inches tall, but at that moment I felt omnipotent.  
I felt my body go through the final stages of post orgasm relaxation.  I suddenly felt the strong need to piss.  I aimed at Bunny's uvula and let go.
I zipped up and walked back into my room; I made Bunny stay there kneeling with her mouth open for another hour.


“The quirk brown fox jumped over the daisy log.”
Saying the simple sentence became the way I began each morning.  My voice was my whip, keeping Bunny in line; I liked to begin my day by cracking it.  Even if I was the only one who heard it in my tiny apartment.
It had been several days since Bunny stripped for me.  I'd been tempted to try something else, but Claire's schedule of mandatory survival training got in the way of my fun.  I did order Bunny to be nude whenever she was in the lab so I at least had some pleasant scenery whenever I had a few moments between running obstacle courses of real life hazards to a three inch tall man.  I suspected it was a load of bullshit, but Claire was insistent that I couldn't leave until I'd mastered certain basic skills.
I'd come to hate Claire.
I'd previously called her the anti-Bunny.  That was a more apt description than I had previously thought.  Where Bunny was gorgeous, dumb, submissive, and passive; Claire was plain, inquisitive, and very dominant.  I think she actually got off bossing tiny men around.  It wouldn't surprise me if she had one at home she used and abused.  A part of me hoped that she took out her day to day frustrations on this hypothetical little man.  I don't know how much she would have done without Bunny to shield me, but it was obvious that she wanted to do more with or to me.
Not that Claire wasn't cruel to me; there were simply limits to what I had Bunny allow her to do.  Not that Claire didn't do everything within her power to humiliate and degrade me.  Most of it was verbal.  There were limits to what she could do to me physically without my owner designate's permission, but there wasn't anything we could do about the condescending way she spoke to me or the ultra dominant mindset that she had.  I was a resized, not a person, and Claire knew a thousand ways to remind me of my reduced state.
“I count want to.”  I said.  I was out of breath and sweating profusely, leaning against a vacuum cleaner hose that was almost as tall as I was.  The point of what Claire was trying to make me do was lost on me.
“It's cute that you think I care, but I don't.”  Claire said.  “And you know who else doesn't give two shits about what you want – the cat that's coming after you in this scenario.  All she sees is a tasty treat who can't run or fight as well as the mice she usually hunts.  There's going to come a time when you aren't going to be able to hide behind Barbara no matter how you program her.  She'll be asleep, or in the bathroom, or in the hospital and you'll have to get your tiny ass out of trouble yourself or wind up as so much tender vittles.  Now do it again and don't embarrass yourself.”
I found myself getting more and more pissed at this annoying woman.  I wanted to tell her where to go and what she should have shoved up her ass on the way there, but I knew that wasn't going to do me any good.  So I channeled that anger and tried to negotiate my way around the vacuum cleaner hose in the way Claire insisted that I would have to.
Anger wasn't a good substitute for precision – I ended up falling on my ass.  I looked up and saw my drill sergeant staring down at me, grinning from ear to ear, those ropes of fuzz she called hair dangling down over her face.  She was loving this; I think my tiny struggles and failures were getting her wet.
“Do it over again, tender vittles.”  she said.
At that moment I wanted to kill Claire.  These exercises were repetitive and pointless and I just wanted them to stop.  I may have given up my money, power, and position to get out of the problems of my old life, but I had perfect control over the woman I gave those things to.  I would make her make me the most comfortable life possible.  I might only be three inches tall, but I would live like a king
But Claire still had authority over me.  At least until she deemed me fit to live on the outside world and Bunny could finalize my purchase.  Anyone else would have just rubber stamped my papers and sent me on my way after the federally mandated minimum, but Claire liked putting me through my paces; treating me like the animal she saw me as.
I was in a foul mood by the time the training was over.
As usual Claire and the tech who assisted her walked out chatting to each other, leaving Bunny and  me alone.  The training room housed my apartment; at my current height it looked like the inside of a gutted cathedral blown up to the size of a city block.  Claire had left me on the floor.
“Come odor here, Bunny!”  I snapped.  “NOW!”
Bunny walked over to where I stood on the floor, stopping two feet in front of me.  I'd gotten better at dealing with giantesses since my first day.  It was still unsettling to stand in front of Bunny like this.  She was so much stronger than I was, so much more powerful.  But I was smarter and had figured out a way to make her strength irrelevant.
I watched as this magnificent beast bent at the waist, got on her knees, and placed her forehead on the floor in front of me.  Her body dwarfed mine, but that didn't matter; not while she wore that collar.
And Bunny would always wear my collar; I'd made quiet certain of that.
It may have been petty of me, but I needed to feel powerful again after spending hours running around like a rat in a maze following Claire's arbitrary commands.  And I had Bunny there to put through her own paces.
I took a hold of Bunny's long blonde hair, taking as much of it into my hands as I could.  It felt like silk against my fingers and smelled of sweet exotic spices.  I walked up to her cheek and planted one foot on the rouged flesh.  I pulled myself up using her hair as my rope; Tom Thumb meets Rapunzel.  
I could feel her wince when I put my other foot on her face; the whole of my weight supported by a few strands of her hair.  I could feel her pain tremor under my feet, but she knew better then to move away or do anything that might dislodge me from my ascent of her body.
I climbed up the side of her face pausing only when I'd made it to the scalp.  I looked back over the several inches that I had climbed and smiled – I could see the footprints that I'd left behind on her face.  Rubber from my sneakers combined with ruined makeup marked the trail that I had blazed.  Bunny had the face of a covergirl and I had just used it for a climb.
Then I saw a tear as big as my fist roll down her face intersecting the rubber and ruined makeup.  It didn't make me feel good to make Bunny cry, but it did make me feel powerful.  And after another session with Claire I needed to feel in control more than I needed to feel good about myself.
I walked through Bunny's hair.  It was long, soft, and luxuriant.  It came up to my waist and felt so good on my bare legs that I wanted to strip off my t-shirt and shorts and roll around on her scalp until I fell asleep.  But I had more important things to do; better ways of showing Bunny exactly who was in charge in our relationship.
Bunny was still kneeling which caused her hair to fall forward.  I had to push against her hair to make my way off of her scalp and onto her neck.  It was a sweet neck.  Long and graceful.  I'd remembered planting kisses on that neck as we were both coming down from our love making.  Now I could feel the powerful muscles under my feet; feel the power that lay beneath the pretty skin.
I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and dragged them behind me as I walked from her neck to her shoulder and then to the middle of her back.  It wasn't easy.  The hairs were much longer than I was and felt like they weighed a ton in my little hands. 
I finally reached the middle of her back with two ropes of Bunny's hair.  I turned so that I was facing her head and ordered her to crawl back to my apartment.  I had to order her twice.  I'm not sure if she was too stunned to respond the first time or if she was having trouble hearing me.  I'd have to remember to order her to get her hearing checked when we got out of this dump.
I felt the ground lurch under me as Bunny began to move.  I used her hair to both support myself on her shifting body and to steer her on her way.  The collar gave me control of Bunny, but it was an abstract concept.  This was an altogether different form of control.  I could feel her move and change speeds based on how much I manipulated her reins.  The collar made her obey, but it didn't have the same rush of command that this did.  Most of the people who came through the same process that I had endured ended up as animals for the people who bought them.  Pets and playthings.  I had figured out a way to make my owner the animal; riding her like this only rubbed her nose in the reality of her situation.  
I took an extra turn around the training room before steering Bunny to my apartment.  She hesitated again when I ordered her to put me on the terrace.  Maybe she's just too dumb to understand anything more than simple words.
I made her wait while I went inside, showered and changed.  I picked at the meal that was waiting for me.  A miniaturized version of some nearby restaurant's dinner special.  Not the best, but better than what most resized people get to eat.
I kept her waiting for almost an hour before I walked back out onto the terrace dressed in slacks, a polo shirt, spiked golf shoes, and carrying my golf bag.  I hadn't had the chance to practice since I'd been shrunk; at first it was due to the mental stress of finding myself in a world of giants.  My fear was palpable in those first few days.  Even Bunny terrified me.  By the time I had started to acclimate Claire had me running my ass off and most days ended with me being too exhausted to bother.
But today I was going to make this work despite everything Claire had made me do.  
I stepped out onto the terrace to see Bunny kneeling there waiting for me.  I ordered her to pick me up and place me on the ground in front of her.  I spoke slowly and clearly and mimed to help her understand.  It always felt disorienting being picked up by her, or any other woman, but I didn't have the time or the energy to climb all the way down her body.
I may not have weighed much, but I made sure to put all of what I had into each step from the tip of her fingers to the palm of her hand.  Her flesh quivered with each step I took as the spikes in my golf cleats pressed down hard.  Sometimes I could feel a spike break the surface of her skin and I'd see a small smear of blood ooze up to the surface like oil in a bog.
Bunny was motivated to get me to the floor quickly and I didn't do anything to delay that.  I wanted to play with her and this petty sadism was only an appetizer for what was to come.  I walked off of her hand and gestured for her to lay down on the floor on her back.
I tossed my clubs on Bunny's ankle and climbed her foot until I was in a position to grab my bag.  I didn't bother standing.  The footing would be treacherous enough on Bunny's narrow ankles; I didn't want to risk her accidentally kicking me off if I dug in with my spikes.  I could stand once I got to firmer ground.
I slid my way up to her hip and ordered Bunny to lay still no matter what she felt.  I brought myself to my feet and could feel the spikes pressing into Bunny's skin beneath me.  Behind me was Bunny's pussy, shaved and exposed.  In front of me stood her breasts.  Even laying flat on her back with gravity working against them, they were taller than me.
I couldn't see Bunny's face.  It didn't matter; that wasn't the point of this little exercise.
I walked forward along Bunny's stomach until I reached her navel; a dip in her flesh big enough for me to put my head in.  Lucky for me Bunny was an innie; it made what I was about to do possible.
I took a retractable flagstick out of my golf bag and snapped it straight.  It felt immensely satisfying dealing with objects that were scaled to my current size.  I could almost imagine that I was my old self again and the past several days only a dream.
Then I looked down at the porthole sized navel at my feet and was brought back to the reality I would be dealing with for the rest of my life.
It didn't take me long to find a crease in Bunny's belly button large enough for me to secure my flag in.; our bodies aren't as smooth as we'd like to think they are and all of those tiny imperfections are magnified when you're my height.  
It took three attempts for me to pry the small folds of flesh far enough apart for me to lodge the flag in place and have it stand straight.  It didn't help that the ground that I was standing on rose and fell with each breath that Bunny took.
Then there was the issue of the smell.
For the most part, Bunny smelled wonderful.  She showered daily using scented body wash and shampoo, anointed herself with lotions, patted herself down with powders, and douched away the lingering remnants of the previous day's arousal.  Since I'd been shrunk I'd stood almost on Bunny's feet.  Hell, I'd climbed up her ankle to get where I was.  All I ever smelled was clean skin and a lingering hint of the perfumes in her lotions and powders.  
It was obvious that Bunny hadn't taken the same care of her belly button that she did with the rest of her body.  The small hole reeked of dried sweat and accumulated dirt.  An earthy rancid odor that lingered on my fingers long after I'd planted my flag.  Even the hand sanitizer that I kept in my golf bag wasn't enough to wash off the stink.  The thought that I'd be touching myself later that night with hands that smelled so disgusting made me sick.  I would have to order Bunny to clean herself more thoroughly.
Right then I was going to enjoy punishing her.
I headed north towards Bunny's twin peaks.  I couldn't see her face from where I stood; I doubted that she could see me, but I knew that she could feel every step I took; feel the small spikes pinprick her tender flesh as I walked all over her.
It was a short walk to the base of Bunny's left breast.  It stood there, half again as tall as me, even with the compacting effects of gravity.  I wanted to get to the nipple, but couldn't see it from that angle.
I pressed my hand into that soft flesh until I felt the firm core of silicone beneath; a present that I'd given myself shortly after I'd met Bunny.  The surgeon was a miracle worker – I could barely see the scar, even being that small and that close.  Bunny hadn't needed the augmentation.  She was already a very busty girl.  It just pleased me to mold her into the perfect fuck pillow.
I grabbed what I needed from my bag and began the climb.  There was an audible gasp the moment my spiked shoe made contact with sensitive breast flesh.  I could feel Bunny straining beneath me; willing herself to not give in to her instincts and throw me off the abused tit.  Bunny might be dumb, but even she wasn't stupid enough to do that.
The climb was awkward.  Like trying to get to the top of a grounded weather balloon filled with warm jello.  As soon as my weight came down on any part of the breast the offending hand or foot sank down becoming next to useless.  
I closed my eyes and tried to focus myself at the task at hand.  I rested my face on her body.  I breathed in the scent of her body.  The scent of her breast.  A smell that is distinct and different from any other part of the human body no matter what scientists say.  It's a smell that both comforts and arouses.  
I couldn't help but think back to all the times that I'd played with these breasts.  Back before they were some challenge on the obstacle course that used to be my lover.  I remembered all the times I stroked them, kissed them, sucked them into my eager mouth, and darted my tongue over the nipple until I felt it harden between my teeth.  Then I thought about the lovemaking that came after that foreplay.
I resolved to order Bunny to make me a tiny playmate after we got out of here.  There was no way that I was going to spend the rest of my life jerking off like some desperate teenager.  And the thought of doing anything sexual with this giantess repulsed me.  I needed a woman I could mount; not one I had to hike.
I finally made it to the summit, balancing on fat and a lump of silicone I'd spent $10,000 on.  I stood looking down at the nipple laying there like a dry baptismal font.  It was flaccid, a sure sign that Bunny wasn't getting off to being dominated by a toy sized man.
I did feel some regret at that.  A man, even a tiny one, wants to be able to arouse his partner.  Even if sex is out of the question.  But in the end I was the one paying for this; it was only my pleasure that mattered.  Bunny's, if she experienced any, was just a happy byproduct.
When I had my gear resized I had no idea that I would be turning Bunny into a makeshift golf range.  The practice cup that I cradled in my left hand as I climbed Mammary Mount was just something that I had planned to use in my tiny little apartment.  The idea of using Bunny is this sporting way came to me during one of Claire's interminable exercises.  There are some men who use their slaves as furniture; I would use mine as landscape.  
The practice cup rested perfectly on Bunny's limp nipple.  I shifted around on the giant breast to make sure that it wasn't going to fall off when I made my descent and was satisfied that it would stay put at least long enough for my game.
If I managed to hit a ball into the cup it would shoot up a flag.  Nothing too spectacular, but a nice visual to let you know you hit your mark.  It wasn't as satisfying as actually planting a flag on Bunny's tit, but I couldn't think of a way to do that with the equipment I had at hand; not without causing her serious harm.  My little spiked shoes were one thing, but actually driving a small pole into her was quiet another.  And I couldn't risk anything happening to her.  Maybe later, once I'd collared another slave, but for now too much depended on Bunny's good health to risk it over something as petty as this.
The trip back down was far easier than the ascent.  Her tit may have made a terrible climbing surface, but it was a perfect slide.  Almost a shorter version of the ones they use to deplane in an emergency situation.  Only instead of tarmac, my spiked shoes came down hard on Bunny's torso.  I could feel the spikes break the surface of her skin.  I stood up and walked to the other tit, watching a small trickle of blood ooze up from the wounds I'd left behind.
I placed my other practice cup on the other tit.  This time I turned around and looked at Bunny's face.  She was straining to see what I was doing both to her boobs and the parts of her body on the other side of her huge breasts.  I didn't think she could see the flag sticking out of her navel and I wasn't prepared to ruin the surprise for her.
It wasn't real gold.  It wasn't even a good practice course, but it would do for now.  I'd have Bunny make me a real one scaled to my size.  Something indoors so I didn't have to worry about mosquitoes the size of pigeons or squirrels as big as polar bears.
I made it off the second breast and strolled south until my feet were straddling either side of Bunny's sex.  Her legs were mostly closed, but I had a good overhead view of her clean shaven lips.  I ran my fingers along the small gap in her vulva, working my way up from the middle to the hood clitoral hood.  
The flesh was smooth, but oddly textured.  If I ignored the warmth and softness it almost felt like rough stone that had been worn down by years under moving water.  I felt more like a mountaineer exploring some unusual new fissure than a man feeling up his lover.
I rested my hand on the hood for a minute feeling a faint pulse of blood passing through the sensitive nub beneath.  I wondered what it would feel like to do this when she was excited; to feel her throb beneath me in ecstasy.  I won't lie, I found it intimidating to think that Bunny's flaccid clit was larger than my own erect cock.  I might have been the real power in this relationship, but it was a sobering thought.
I worked my fingers into the crease of Bunny's hood.  A small fold of flesh that required great strain from my reduced muscles.  It took me several seconds to find what I thought would be the perfect place.  I used my index finger to gauge the depth and couldn't feel the bottom.  That would be deep enough, I concluded.
Deep enough for me to have my fun without seriously injuring my giant puppet.
I kept her hood open with one hand while I fished out a golf tee with the other.  I put the tee in place and let the crease close around it.  The tee remained standing, straight enough for me to use it.  I placed a ball on it and watched to make sure that the tiny weight didn't shift the tee it was balanced on.
Both ball and tee remained in the perfect position.
I rifled through my clubs until I found the one that I wanted.  I tapped it gently on the flesh beneath me.  Just enough to let Bunny know that I was doing something near her pussy, but not enough to give her any clue as to what was going to happen next.
I took my stance over Bunny's clit standing to the right of her lips.  I decided to start with the cup on her left nipple and took aim.  I could barely see it from where I stood, but I liked the challenge.
I yelled “FORE!” and swung away.
The club hit the ball hard displacing the tee and hitting the tip of Bunny's clit.  The quick yelp of pain that came from the other side of the Mini Tetons was very satisfying.  The ground that I stood on shook violently at what must have been a sharp and sudden pain.
The ball overshot the hole, disappearing behind the tit hill I was aiming at.  I smiled as I imagined it hitting Bunny's stupid nose.  
I had 50 balls and didn't stop until I'd lost every one.


Another week passed since my golf game on Bunny.  I'd ordered Bunny to have more balls resized, but Claire told us that there was a back log for resizing and I'd have to wait at least another month for them.  
I knew she was lying.  I was good at picking up on other people's deceptions.  It was part of what made me the business man that I was.
I knew that the room that I was being trained in.  The one that housed my little apartment.  Was being constantly monitored and recorded.  I knew that my punishment session with Bunny had been filmed and preserved for posterity.  Claire had no doubt seen the tape and wasn't happy with the way I treated Bunny.
Like it was any of her business.
Claire stopped listening to me at that point.  No matter what I said she just made me go through my paces as she continued to play the part of master drill sergeant.  She made me crawl through pipes and navigate my way through simulated basements as she recorded my time with her stop watch.  
No matter how fast I did or how well I thought I performed, it was never good enough for that bitch.
Bunny's focus had deteriorated more and more with each passing day.  It was becoming harder and harder for me to communicate with her.  We finally reached a point where Claire got her something to put in her ear to help her “understand me better.”  Claire spouted off some techno babble that may have been something she made up on the spot.  
Whatever it was, it did the trick.  Bunny was now immediately focused on me and my orders, but I found the timing of her hearing issues to be more than a little suspicious.  I questioned her, but she told me that nothing had been done to either her hearing or my voice.  
Bunny couldn't lie to me, but I wouldn't put anything past Claire.  I'd have Bunny examined once we were out of here.
Not that there was any sign of us getting out any time soon.  I'd already hit the minimum federally required training time with no indication that Claire was going to release me into the real world.  
At night I lay in my comfortable bed stroking myself to thoughts of playing with Claire.  Not Claire as she was, but a Claire that had been resized.  Shrunk down small enough to fit in my fist.  Smaller than the cock that I was furiously pumping.
It was petty, but it was all I had to keep me going.


The sun finally dawned on my last day in that god damned training room.  Not that I'd seen the sun in the last few weeks.  I think that Claire had finally gotten tired of bossing me around.  Or maybe Gardner was putting pressure on her to move on to the next paying customer.  I certainly hadn't seen any marked improvement in my performance that would suddenly make me fit to leave.
I hated having my time wasted like that.
Claire carried me to the conference room where I'd signed my size away a few weeks earlier.  I'd rather it was Bunny doing the carrying, but Claire insisted that it was both company policy and federal law to do it this way.  Personally, I think she just wanted to remind me that she could crush me with her bare hands if she really wanted to.
Bunny marched beside Claire dressed in a light summer dress that showed generous portions of leg and cleavage.  We'd be leaving soon so I'd let her wear clothes; I'd warned her not to get used to the privilege.
I expected to see Gardner in the conference room, but it was empty.  Claire didn't make any effort to explain this slight.  I suppose it didn't matter.  I was going to be done with this place soon enough and if I never saw Claire or Gail Gardner again, I'd survive.
Claire placed me on the table and took her seat.  I told Bunny to remain standing.  Partly because I wanted to, partly to make sure that she was still obedient.  I was about to commit and I wanted to be sure that she was still under my control before I made my last official legal decision.
“Under federal law the resized and the owner designate must both agree to the formal sale of the resized to said designate.”  Claire started.  “If either party wishes to back out, this will be your last chance.  If either of you do back out, then Collin here will become the property of the Stovent Company to be sold or disposed of as we see fit.  Do you both understand that?”
“I do.”  Bunny said. 
I nodded.
“Do you, Barbara Manea, wish to complete your sale of this resized man?” Claire asked Bunny.  It sounded weird hearing her referred to by her real name.  I'd have to look into having it legally changed.
“To signify that you understand me I'm going to ask that you raise your right hand, Ms. Manea.”
Bunny started to raise her left hand, but caught herself and lifted her right.
“Excellent.”  Claire said.  “Collin, do you agree to be purchased by Ms. Manea?”
I told her that I did.
“To signify that you understand me I'm going to ask that you raise your right hand, Collin.  I have to advise you that this will be the last chance you have to back out of this.”
I raised my right hand.
“If you would be so kind as to sign and date this, Ms. Manea.”  Claire said, pushing a contract in front of Bunny.
Bunny signed; she now owned me.  The thought was galling, but it had to be this way if I wanted to escape the consequences of my former life.  And while I might be her property, she was my slave.
“Congratulations Ms. Manea.  You are now the proud owner of the resized formerly known as Collin Maddox.  End translation.”
I had no idea what she meant by that last part, but it didn't sound good.
“Now that we're finished with business, is there anything I can get you?  Coffee.  Soda.  Maybe something stronger.”  Claire was talking to Bunny.
“Needn't catheter ice brownstone, Vitamin!”  I ordered Bunny.  There was no way that I was going to sit around and listen to these two chat.  I had a new life to settle into and no time for this place.
Bunny didn't react.  I knew she heard me.  She looked down at me when I spoke to her, but there was no sign of obedience.  I saw the look of nervousness on her face wash away and she smiled broadly.
“I'll take a rum and coke please.”
“I'll have Daphne bring it in.”  Claire said.
“Vitamin!  Jumper header.  Collapse!”  I half yelled.  Bunny didn't even bother looking at me, she just waited for her drink to arrive.
“So, Barbara.”  Claire started.  “You're young, attractive, and suddenly amazingly rich.  What's the first thing you're going to do when you get home?”
“Get these damn implants out.”  Bunny said.  “My back hurts all the time and I can never get anyone to look me in the eyes.”
I walked over to the end of the table closest to Bunny and started yelling at her.  There was no way that she was going to get those implants taken out.  I don't care how much her back hurt or who was staring at her tits.
“We work with a number of top of the line plastic surgeons.”  Claire said, ignoring me.  “You'd be amazed at some of the things people want to do to their resizeds.  I could get you in contact with someone.”
“That would be great.”  Bunny said.  “I never got the name of the guy who did my boob job.”
“Maybe you could keep the old implants.  Use them as pet beds.  I bet they're really soft and they have your scent.  Pets are really receptive to smells.  Especially the smells of their owners.  My little guy can't sleep without a pair of my dirty socks or used underwear to curl up in.  It's really cute.”
I started jumping up and down on the table shouting at the top of my lungs for Bunny to take me the hell out of there.  Both women stopped talking and looked down at me.  I watched as Bunny walked over to the table that I was standing on.  I saw her put out her hand.  Good, she was finally following orders.
Bunny's hand slammed down hard on the table just inches from where I was standing.  The force of the blow almost deafened me; the sudden shock put me on my ass.  I lay there looking up at the woman I was supposed to be able to command with a word.  The thought that she was free to do whatever she wanted to me froze me to my core.
Bunny hadn't taken her hand off the table after she slammed it down.  She put her other hand down on the other side of me, penning me in, and leaned down until her face blotted out the rest of the world.
“People are talking.  Not you!”  Bunny hissed at me.  I felt drops of her spittle rain down on me as she spoke.  “No one gives two fucks about what you want or what you think.”
I just lay there stunned.  I had never heard Bunny talk like that to anyone before, let alone me.  
“I'm sorry about that, Claire.”  Bunny said, looking up at my tormentor.  Her voice sounded as chipper and sweet as I was used to hearing.  “He's kinda spoiled.”
“Don't worry about it.  I think you'll find that he's a lot more docile after you have him fixed.  A couple snips and he'll be the perfect little purse pet for you.”
“He always seemed to get cranky when he got horny.”  Bunny said.
“Testosterone poisoning.  I've seen it a hundred times.”
Fixed?  Were they actually just casually talking about castrating me over drinks?  
“Is that what makes him so dumb?”  Bunny asked.
“Could be, but I wouldn't expect him to get any smarter once he gets snipped; that damage has already been done.”
“He looks confused.”
“I bet he still hasn't figure it out.”  Claire said.  “Have you, little guy?”
“Clams.” I said, shaking my head.
“He still thinks that he's talking normal!”  Bunny squealed.  “That is so funny.”
“Would you like the honors of explaining it to him, or should I?”
“You do it.  You're better at talking.”
“We could just leave him in the dark.”  Claire suggested.  “Make him spend the rest of his life wondering how you outsmarted him, Barbara.”
“No!  I want to see the look on his dumb little face when he finds out.”
“Alright.”  Claire said to Bunny before turning her attention to me.  “I'm going to use small words so you understand me.  I know you thought you had this all covered; thought that you'd come up with every angle to cover your ass with that little slave collar you forced Barbara to wear.  All those very specific orders you gave her to keep from being where you are right now.  But there are a lot of things you didn't order her to do that were fair game.  Most of them would have been a lot easier for us than what we winded up doing to you, but sometimes you pass over the low hanging fruit for the really good grapes of wrath up on the top of the vine.
“We could have killed you.  It's not something that we've ever done, but it was on the table for you.  Lucky for you that Barbara is a lot better person than you were.  We also skipped sewing your lips shut permanently and a half dozen other more pedestrian options.”
“Taters.” I said and Claire smiled.
“Do you have any idea what you're even saying?  What you've been saying for the past weak?  Let me show you.”
Claire picked up the same pad that she'd used to Skype Gardner and tapped until video started playing.  She held the screen directly above me a foot away from me.
I watched Claire and Bunny enter the room and place me on the table.  Everything was exactly as I remembered it happening just minutes before except that every time I spoke random words came out instead of what I remember saying.
I lay there on the table trying to wrap my head around this as I watched past me spout line after line of meaningless garbage.  It had to be some sort of con.  Someone had gone in and dubbed over my real voice.  Only my lips in the video moved in synch with the nonsense I was saying.
“I see that look on your face.”  Claire said.  “I know you think this is a pile of bullshit.  Fine.  Go ahead and say something.  Order Barbara to punch my lights out or clog dance.  Go nuts.  Just don't assume that what you're saying is really what you're saying.”
In my head I thought “take off your clothes, Bunny and show me your tits.”  I focused on those words like they were the last chance I'd ever have at a semi-normal life, because they were.  I opened my mouth and tried to form them, but I felt my lips and tongue form different patterns and all that came out was nonsense.
“That collar you bought for Barbara is some pretty advanced tech … in some circles.”  Claire said.  “Carrot and stick all in one neat little voice activated package.  We've been working on something a little more advanced.  It's only in the testing phase right now.  Only the sort of thing that we could try on someone who isn't a person anymore.  Someone who got signed up to be a lab rat by the woman he was trying to fuck over.
“We reprogrammed you.  Made it so you can never say what you really think.  Given you a new vocabulary that you know nothing about.  It was a slow process.  A few words here, a verb chain there.  The more words you lost the faster the reprogramming went.  It would have been easier if we could have effected your perceptions of language at the same time.  Made it so you heard random words when people spoke to you, but there was a risk that you would have figured it out before Barbara was out of your power.  
“We had to delay you getting out of here until we were sure that you weren't going to order any one around anymore.  You almost caught on when Barbara was having trouble figuring out what you were saying a couple weeks back.  You were making sense about half the time at that point and she was having trouble figuring out your orders and you were getting suspicious.  That's when we gave her that earpiece.  It synched up with the changes we were programming into you and told her what you were saying.  I killed the translation after she bought you.
“I'd tell you about the tech, but it's pretty complex and we've already established that you're dumb as dirt.  You might be able to learn how to talk again.  So people could understand you.  If you tried hard enough, but it would take time and you'd have to say each word out loud.  Of course you might accidentally order Barbara to flush you down the toilet so you might want to think carefully before you experiment with that.”
I lay there letting this all sink in.  They'd somehow gotten inside my brain and changed me on a fundamental level.  Not only didn't my opinion matter in the real world anymore, but I had no way of expressing myself even if I wanted to.
“Pets don't wear suits.”  Bunny said, tapping her fingers on the table beside me.  Each finger was almost as tall as I was.
“I'd strip if I were you, little guy.”  Claire added.  “When your owner says 'jump' you should ask how high.  If you could that is.”
I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt with shaking fingers.  My heart was trying to climb up my throat.  I shouldn't be doing this.  I wasn't supposed to be the one obeying orders, being made to strip, fearful that any disobedience would be met with swift and sudden pain.  That's what I had Bunny for.
I slowly disrobed as the two women casually chatted about my future.
“Was there anything else you were considering doing to him?  Other than the castration.”  Claire asked.  “We could always give him his own set of breast implants.  Make him see what it's like to lug those things around every day.”
“Ah … with the brain stuff.”  Bunny said.  “Could you make it so he can't read?  He always used to make fun of me cause I don't read so good.”
“There's only one thing pets should use a newspaper for.  I'll set it up with our tech people.  It may take a week or two, but it won't be a problem.  Was there anything else?”
“I know I don't have to call him Mr Maddux anymore.  Or Collin.  I know that a lot of tinies get new names.  Pet names.  Can I give him a new name?”
“I thought you might like to do that so I took the liberty of making that part of his reprogramming.  All the words he knows that express any form of self identity have been replaced with a new word.  His new name.  If he tries to say 'me' or 'Collin' or anything else like that he'll automatically say his new name.  You can change it if you don't like it, but I think you will.”
“What's his new name?”
“Why don't you tell her, little boy?”  Claire said to me.  “Just say your name.”
I now stood there naked and shivering on the table.  I tried to cover my shame with my hands, but Claire batted them away with her giant fingers.  This was too much for me to handle.  I woke up this morning a king only to find myself demoted to illiterate neutered pet before lunch.  I wanted to take it all back, but it was too late for that.  
I thought about my name.  Collin.  Tried to focus on my identity.  Tried to make my will overcome whatever chemical or piece of electronics or hypnosis that had fucked up my ability to speak.  I needed to say one word right then.  Assert that I was still me despite all of the humiliations that I had or would soon be going through.  All I had to do was say my real name and I'd know that I was still human no matter what my size or circumstance said differently.  
If I failed then I had truly lost everything.
I opened my mouth and said my name, praying that it came out right even if it was the last thing I ever said correctly again in my life.

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