Monday, September 26, 2016

Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version Part Five

Here we are for another installment of everybody's favorite shrinking/growing super heroine Elasti-Girl/Rita Farr.  Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but I was out of state helping my mom move and found myself with no free time or reliable internet access.

Every week (or so) I'm going to go back to an old Doom Patrol story and pull out the parts that feature Rita being either really big or tiny.  And maybe a few images that strike my fancy.  I'm probably stretching the "fair use" provisions of copyright law as it is so I can't show you everything and be a good netizen.  That means that most installments won't show coherent plots since I'm going to be ditching most of that crap. 

We've reached My Greatest Adventures #84 and Rita's fifth adventure.  This issue marks the second cover in a row where Rita isn't featured grown or shrunk so we skip straight to the splash page.  A trend that I hope goes away real soon.  

General Immortus returns with another convoluted plot.  We didn't get to see too much of GI in his last go around, but he is front and center here.  I've taken to reading the Chief's dialog in Prof. Farnsworth's voice so I'm going to read the General's in Mr. Burns'.

Looking at the splash page I'm reminded of the comparisons that people have made between this series and the Fantastic Four.  Well mostly they compare this series to X-Men, but I think that they both owe a lot to Reed's team.  Negative Man is really giving me a Johnny Storm vibe in this image and lead covered Cliff is almost bulked up enough to be the Thing.  Rita breaks the mold by being large and in charge instead of invisible and incompetent.

Sorry, General, "old" is not a super power.

There are pages and pages of normal sized Rita after the splash.  Shenanigans happened.  Mostly with Cliff getting his new lead casing.  But it isn't long before Rita's using her powers to get things done after the boys have given up hope.

Anyone want to tell me that Rita ISN'T the leader of this team?

SW fans should enjoy the first part of this story as Rita stealths her way into the heart of the story.

This isn't as exciting as Rita stopping the gun last issue, but I continue to be impressed by Premiani's handling of Rita's size shifting.  His panels show more thought and activity than I'm used to seeing in 60's era comics not drawn by the big names of the time.

I've made the case that a full grown Rita is stronger than Cliff.  Here's more proof.  Rita's able to casually do things that Cliff can only dream of doing.  Also note the way that Rita doesn't get bogged down in angst -- she acknowledges that the situation is shitty, but she's already thinking of how she's going to win the war.

It is my duty as a size fetish blogger to point
out that the left propeller of that plane is getting quiet the look up Rita's dress.

I'm almost getting a Majel Barrett vibe off Rita in this one.
And the plane is totally covering her lady junk.  Insert "cockpit" joke."

This last panel (for us anyway) is a little weird.  She's shrinking down to normal size, but if I were to look at that last panel in isolation I'd swear that she was growing.

This one was a fun story, but it lacked something that we've seen in previous adventures.  The art is still up to snuff, but it doesn't have the same pizazz of other issues.

Until next time Tall Believers!  Make mine Rita!


  1. The hoary dawn of vintage comics is just baffling... yet somehow liberating. Today's superheroes are so well orchestrated, so put together, that the challenge is to come up with something interesting and plausible. Back then... it looked like any profile could be patched together, and then it was set running and treated seriously. It seems like a fun time.

    1. If the art were better, I'd post some more Mini-Midget comics. That series had some really bizarre, but fun moments.


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