Monday, May 21, 2018

Story: You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone
copyright 2018 Taedis

(gentle, giantess, NSFW)

He was still with her when she woke from her good dream, smiling and gently snoring as he lay sleeping on her belly, wearing nothing but a shaft of early morning sunlight streaming through a window of bare branches in the forest they had spent the night in.

She marveled at his perfect body as he shifted in his sleep. The way his strong back and long muscular legs intersected in the hard curves of his sublime ass. The way his shoulders broadened out from that back forming an uppercase T that defined him as a man. Shoulders that were almost broad enough to stretch from her left nipple to the right.

She hoped his face would be as expressive in the daylight as it had been around the bonfire last night. He was half turned towards her belly so she couldn't see his face so clearly now. What she saw she liked. A night's growth of beard only added to his attractiveness.

She couldn't see his manhood either. No. His cock. After what they'd shared last night there was no point being polite. She couldn't see his cock, but she could feel it pressing into her belly, waking up before he did, bigger than her thumb.

I will call you Thumbel He Na. She thought, silly and giddy from too little sleep and barely enough sex. In a world of pinky men, Thumbel He Na is king.

She wanted to feel him inside her again while she was still small enough to feel him.

She kissed the center of his powerful back. She could taste the salt on his skin. Smell the musk that was still rising off his taut muscles. Trace their perfect tone with her lips. 

Her face was almost as wide as his torso. Her long black hair cascaded down on either side of him to curtain him from the coming day and give him the night she wished she could return to.

She wanted to taste him again. Take him in her mouth and feel the dichotomy of lotion soft skin over granite muscle. But she had other, more important uses for his body that bore a higher priority.

She felt him stir awake under her.

No. That wasn't right. Not under. Between. He was between her, completely enveloped by her face and her hair and her belly and her need. Touching nothing that wasn't her; being touched by nothing but her. The thought only added to the slickness between her thighs.

He was smiling up at her when she lifted her hair turned curtain forcing him back into the day.

She didn't bother talking. She just placed the corners of her hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him down her body until he was right where she wanted.

His long perfect legs barely touched the ground. Most of his weight was still supported by her flesh. She knew he'd find the leverage, somehow. He had last night.

His butterfly lips whisper kissed along her folds, sampling her wet heat, stoking both their passions until she reached the point where foreplay becomes torture.

She cupped his ass in the palm of one strong hand and pulled him into her. She didn't let go until he was thrusting his hips, leveraging himself on tip toe, pounding her until she could feel it.

She pulled her knees up to the sky as her toes began to curl from the sensations he was creating deep within her. Her thighs were dwarf trees on either side of the sweating struggling man. She resisted the urge to close her legs around him in fear of crushing his delicate strength.

He managed to hold out longer than she did. Barely. When he felt her tremor around him he responded in kind, exploding into her as her greater orgasm ripped his lesser one from his straining cock.

She was still breathing heavily when he crawled, spent, over her crotch, onto her belly, and rested face down in her soft breast.

She stroked his hair with two fingers as she watched his head rise and fall with the tide of her breath. She didn't want him to talk. She didn't want him to ruin this with words and reason.

“I think I can still hear them going at it.” After she'd recovered a bit and decided that talking was inevitable as sunrise. “This is my first college party.”

“Mine too.”

He propped his head in his hands digging his elbows into her breasts as he did. The gentle pressure felt different, but not uncomfortable.

“I can understand if you want to get back.”

“Do you want to go back?” He smiled up from her breast.

She shook her head “no” and watched as he jiggled along with her response.

“Then I'd rather stay here. If that's ok.”

“I'd like that.”

“I know last night you said no questions, but that was last night and I've got something I'm dying to ask you.”

Why am I a freak?Her worst, if wiser, self supplied. Out loud she only said “ok.”

“What's your name?”

The kiss she gave him was very long. Her lips covered all of his and extended out to his jaws.

“What was that for?” He asked, but not in a complain-y way.

“For not asking about my size. Everybody else does.”

“I'm not everybody.”

“You are such a little pickup artist, aren't you?”

“You haven't answered my question.”

“I'm Avery.”

“Hi, Avery, I'm Glenn.”

“Well thank you for a great night, Glenn. I had no idea I'd have this much fun tonight … last night … now.”

“Is this your way of telling me it's over?”

“It doesn't have to be.”

“I like the sound of that.”

He rolled over onto his back exposing more of his lean body to her thirsty eyes, resting his head on her pillow sized breast.

“It's like cloud gazing.” He said, looking up at her face. “Only prettier.”

Such a little pickup artist.”

She ran a finger from his ankle, up his leg, over his inner thigh, and rested her palm over his spent cock. She could still feel the heat of their lovemaking radiating out. 

Is good sex like radiation? Does it have a half-life? Will people be able to see my face and know I got fucked last night. And today. And … 

“I'm sorry, Glenn, but I think I like you.”

“That doesn't sound ominous at all.”

“I'll let you be the judge. Go ahead; ask me anything. You've got to be curious.”

“OK. How big are you?”

“Depends on where I am in my cycle. Most of the time I'm a solid b cup, but catch me at the right time and I border on a c.”

“I would have pegged you much higher up the alphabet.”

“You're probably screwing up band with cup size. Boys are always doing that.”

“I wasn't asking about your boobs.”

“Sorry. Sometimes I use giant lady humor as a defense mechanism.”

“That's ok.”

“I'm not really sure how big I am. Every month I go to this office to get measured. They tell me a number that's always bigger than the month before. And it will always be bigger. Until I finally get to my full height.”

“Any idea how big that is?”

“Bigger than I want to think about right now.” She placed the finger of her other hand on his cheek and rubbed it gently.

“Fair enough.” He kissed her finger. “Why are you growing?”

“I inherited my size from my great grand aunt.”


“She passed away a few months ago. Her will stipulates that I'll get her full height when I turn 21. Right now I'm getting several inches a month in trust. After a while it'll be feet. Then yards. It's scaled.”

“Ok, so … But why …” He stumbled forming the perfect question finally settling on the one he could get out.


“She was a science hero back in the 40s. Founding member of the Science Sorority out of Detroit. She got her size in a lab accident after the war. I have no idea how she passed it on to me like that. Only she understood the science. And maybe some of her mad scientist boyfriends.”

“That's a lot to process.”

“Take your time. If you want to run screaming at this point, I understand.”

“Do your clothes grow too?”


“Do you ever grow so fast you just bust right out of them?”

“Is the thought of me Hulking out of my Victoria's Secrets turning you on?” She was smiling so wide she almost laughed.

“They make Victoria's Secret in your size?”

“You wish, you little perv. The estate gives me a monthly clothing allowance to keep me decent, but it's pretty basic stuff. Jeans. T-shirts. Undies. Boring.”

“There's nothing about you that's boring.”

“That's sweet, but I suspect ulterior motives.”

“Whatever for?”

“Remember, Glenn, I've got you under my thumb.” She tapped her thumb down onto his stiffening cock. It wasn't quite as big yet, but she had time. “Or should I say I have my finger on the pulse of the situation? It certainly is throbbing down there.”

“That? That's just a perfectly natural boyfriend reaction.”

“So you're my boyfriend now?”

He stretched out on her body extending his feet to the coast of her pubic hair and raising his arms back behind his head before placing his hands behind his head.


“Somebody's awfully cocky.”

“I'll grow on you.”

“It sounds like someone's confused.”

“You did say you liked me.”

“Yes, but that doesn't make you my boyfriend. There are forms to be filled out. Tests. You're trying to breeze through the entire vetting process.”

“Tell me, does this 'vetting process' have anything to do with certain parts of my anatomy? Parts that you are examining even as I speak?”

“How observant of you. You'll do smashing on the road test.”

“Before you take me out for another spin I've got one more question.”


“Are those my pants up there?”

“Up where?”

“In the tree.”

“That tree?” She did her best to sound as coy as possible.

“Yes. In the branches.”

“Those branches?”


“Oh yes, now that you mention it, those areyour pants. They looked very good on you, by the way. I 
absolutely love what they do to your butt. Really put each cheek on display.”

“How'd they get up there? That must be thirty feet up.”

“Easily. I had to stand on my very tip toes to get them up there.”

“Why'd you do that?”



“It's not every day that a woman like me meets a boy she likes. A boy who might, just might, make a thoroughly adequate boyfriend. Some day.”

She flipped him over until they were belly to belly. She could feel his cock pressing into her again, not as firmly as before. This time when she put her hands on his shoulders she pulled him forward over the hills of her breasts, along her neck, and past her chin.

She opened her mouth and let his cock dangle past her lips, flicking her tongue over the tip, before lifting him up and out. He struggled in her hands to put it back, but all his muscles were only ornamentation to her.

“Sure he says he's cool going off into the scary woods alone with her, but there's always a chance he's going to change his mind and run away. So what can she do to keep him from running?”
He started to answer, only to be stopped by a tongue gliding over him from knee to chin.

“If she's smart she makes it so he can't run away. She gets insurance.”
She lowered him back; this time she kept him trappeduntil she could feel his cock blossom inside her.

“I think you're ready to be vetted now.” She said, and put him where he belonged.

(This story originally appeared as part of GentleApril 2018.  For more great size content follow the link.)


  1. I've gotta say, Taedis, your entries in GentleApril--but THIS one in particular--have made me a huge fan. Not as big as the ladies we made up, maybe, but sizable. Some of the best prose I've found in our niche.

    1. Thank you very much, Njord. For all the terrible things some of my giantesses do, I think I'm a romantic at heart and the gentle(r) stories give me a chance to express that.

      I very much liked Salty and I'm a bit embarrassed to say I haven't come across your work before. Something I'll have to remedy. I have a bad habit of submerging myself in projects then only reading familiar authors when I take the time to pull my head out of the sands. That's one of the major benefits of the SizeRiot contests, exposing ourselves to new voices.

    2. I thought Blogspot would tell me when I got a reply! Ugh, been most of a month. Anyway, there's unfortunately not much writing for you to come across: an unfinished Giantess Club sequel story (yep, really, and uncontinued for almost three years) and snippet of a future story on Giantess City. More recently, I've been slowly writing (mostly) size feitsh-related audio scripts for the subreddit r/GoneWildAudio. Salty, at least, has rekindled my urge to write this stuff on the side, so hopefully I'll fill out more of a bibliography before long.
      What would you say are some of your stories more along the lines of this one? Not that I don't ever look at size content that isn't gentle, but I do appreciate your romantic side.

    3. I also thought I'd set up notifications, but I guess not. And I somehow missed this in Blogger until I was checking something else.

      I have some other short stories that are definitely gentle, but this is one of the few that involves sexual content. You might want to check out Duty Calls which is gentle, but is rated a soft PG (for language.)

      For my longer form smut with romance you might like to check out Worshipping Claire. There's a love story there alongside the kinky sex, dominant/submissive power games, and the sequence of events striving to keep our 5'6" giantess and shrunken man apart. If you only looked at gentle I wouldn't recommend it, but it has a happy ending.

      Again. Sorry about missing this.

  2. This was very sweet. The dialogue was plausible and engaging, and I found the backstory accessible. Exposition is very difficult under a tight word limit, but I didn't have any nagging questions, so that was well done. I read it from the Size Riot page, so I didn't see the image until I came here to comment, but her smile is very close to what I imagined. The characters are both kids, but there's a whiff of A Midsummer's Night Dream about them. [Wistful sigh]


    1. Thanks, Olo. I'm glad you liked it. My first (never see the light of day) stories were written as plays. I liked getting back to something a bit more dialog heavy than my usual prose style. I've had some thoughts about a size shifted Tempest before; now I'm thinking how size could become a part of AMND.


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