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Elasti-Girl The Good Parts Version Part One

I've had a thing for size pretty much as long as I can remember and it bloomed into a full blown fetish as time went on.  I've also had a fascination with comics books and superheroes that didn't become a fetish, but is in many ways just as powerful as my thing for giants and tinies.

One of the things that I've tried to do with this blog (aside from plug my smut career) is highlight where my two long time passions intersect.  I've posted scans of public domain adventures of Doll ManMinimidget, and one really bizarre Plastic Man story.  

When I ventured out of the public domain I tried experimenting with the way I showed the size elements of material that I couldn't legally show complete.  Some stories were easy to share incomplete without losing the fun size stuff.  And I've tried a fetishists "Good Parts" version where I went in and pulled out the pictures of the pretty girl and the tiny guy.

Lately I've been looking at the size comics of the 60's.  The Atom and Ant-Man are good, Shrinking Violet and Colossal Boy are criminally underused, and just about everybody else had at least one shrinking or growing storyline, but I have to say that hands down the Queen Of Sixties Size Fetish is Rita Farr, the original Elasti-Girl from the Doom Patrol.  She can shrink.  She can grow.  At one point she started stretching so she's got that going for her as well.  In an era where the female member of the super teams tended to be the weakest link Rita was the most powerful and versatile member of the team.  Sure X-Men did that over a decade later, but Rita didn't end up going Dark Elasti-Girl.

Just saying.

So I'm giving Rita the Good Parts treatment.  For the purposes of this series I'm going to be showing any image of Rita shrunken or grown and a few images of her that I think are just pretty.  This means that you won't be able to really follow the story, but I won't get sued by Warner Bros.  Which is something I'm looking forward to.  Right now I have access to scans from the 60's run of the team.  I don't know if I'll continue this with later series or not.  

The Doom Patrol has some similarities to the X-Men.  Some people say that the latter ripped off the former, but I think they were both riffing off the Fantastic Four.   Personally, I prefer the Doom Patrol stories from the 60's to their mutant counterparts, but I'm a bit biased.

This post will cover the Doom Patrol from My Greatest Adventure #80. Art courtesy of Bruno Pemican.

Without further bullshit I now present you with the very wonderful Rita Farr.

This is the first image of Rita from the cover of her debut story.  I cropped away most of the rest of the cover to focus on the true star of the comic.  It's a good picture.  She's attractive, but active.  There are a number of covers featuring her in her giantess mode, but this is a solid intro for the character.

I'm going to include some non-size stuff here to cover Rita's origin.  And hey, alligators.

If this was a Fantastic Four comic Ben would be
making a crack about stretch pants right about now.

I am legally required to make a dwarf star joke at this point.
I'm sorry, but my hands are tied.

I love the expression in this panel.
It's either the best reaction to seeing the final Hobbit movie
or the worst orgasm face ever.

Unable to work in movies any more because she can't control her powers of shenanigans Rita ends up being recruited for a band of freaks called the Doom Patrol.  Her very first heroic act is shrinking down and making a nuclear thermos bottle not work anymore.  In all seriousness she goes from movie diva to bomb squad trainee without batting an eye.

She just looks so darn jaunty growing out of that thermos.

That's some super-sized exposition there, Rita.

Here we see her kicking ass and taking names alongside teammates who pretty much come up to her boots.

I believe that this is a good time to bring up Rita's wardrobe choice.  I am fully behind the woman who can grow bigger than King Kong wearing a green version of a 60's era Star Fleet uniform (Rita's came first btw,) but there are some points when you just have to wonder if she wore some sort of cheerleader spanx short things under the minidress or if she was just very cool about her body and wasn't hung up on all that modesty bs.   

Rita demonstrating natural leadership abilities.

Larry, don't tell Rita when to use her powers.
Just enjoy the view, shut up, and await further orders.

Cliff could hide in those boots.  Just saying'.

Your puny panels cannot contain the mighty Rita!
So we've gotten to see Rita use brain and brawn.  How about showing off the stealth capabilities of a woman who can slow dance with Scott Carey.
Starring Cliff as the Trojan Robot.

And we are back to the image that started us off, the interior version of the cover image.
Spoiler warning.  Negative Man was released.
And the good guys win.

So that's the good parts version of the very first Elasti-Girl story.  For the record she defeated General Immortus in this one.

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